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  1. Why? The Leafs aren't going to unveil their jerseys for a while, let alone during a completely unrelated tournament that has nothing to do with the Maple Leafs (I know it's in Toronto)....
  2. I really like your Sixers logo. The Knicks has a good idea, but needs some better execution. -the wordmark could be bigger and bolder, but not that much bigger -I like the apple but the basketball stitching looks like it's either beat up (with stitches) or scrunched up Other than these, the logo is original and new. Very nice.
  3. This is actually a really cool idea. Having one person create a simple team, with logos, wordmarks, and uniforms. Not a full scale rebrand, just the basics. Then someone else "evolves it" to their liking and get a string of those happenings. Eventually you could end up with a fully new concept, through a string of people. That'd be interesting to see the evolution.
  4. I may have missed this, but what's the Red Wings "fancy" Winter Classic font?
  5. I may have just missed it, but where are my messages? I may be just having a brain shutdown but I can't find them.... I sorta like the new layout...it'll take time to get used to! And I never really loved signatures...they cluttered up the comments sometimes. NVM I found the messages, just couldn't see it lol...
  6. Or something like this...blue pants might work....
  7. I think I asked this on page one, which was a while ago. Now that an expansion is in order, maybe the Can Am series you were suggesting can come into play.... I'd say; Philadelphia Denver Milwaukee New Orleans If you choose to add Canadian teams; Toronto Montreal Vancouver I've really enjoyed this series, beginning to end. Great work, DSaline!
  8. So as most of you know.... -Panthers wil be going with red and deep gold with a small amount of blue -Panthers will have a Habs-like chest stripe -Panthers will have a logo that is similar to their Airborne crest logo -Leafs will get a new logo -Leafs will get new uniforms -Leafs will have up to 7 throwbacks
  9. Yeah I realize that's it's not accurate or 100% correct but I just thought it would be interesting to see how they all added up. Most teams had over 250-300 votes. I also know some people would rate them based on if they like the team or not. Example, most Leaf fans hate Bruins or Habs stuff because we're rivals.
  10. I think Colorado and Carolina should be lower and Philly a bit higher but yours is agreeable...The Habs should be higher, too...
  11. I honestly don't know how Arizona and Florida are above #20... Yeah I agree...
  12. Inspired by @pittsburghsports16's thread of showing the best and worst logos of all major sports teams in North America, I decided to do something similar with the home and alternate uniforms of the NHL. These are all user ratings (no bias or anything) as of December 16, 2015 at approximately 2:00 ET (ratings change to I'm making this clear). In this thread is the list of all the current home and alternate jerseys put in order. (Mods if there is already a thread for this that I missed, please let me know, because I don't want to be creating extra threads that don't need to exist...) Without further ado... HOME UNIFORMS 1. St. Louis 8.1 2. Chicago 7.4 3. Montreal 7.1 4. Dallas 7.1 5. Nashville 7.1 6. New Jersey 7.0 7. Edmonton 6.9 8. Detroit 6.9 9. Winnipeg 6.7 10. Florida 6.6 11. Boston 6.5 12. Arizona 6.4 13. Buffalo 6.4 14. Toronto 6.4 15. Anaheim 6.3 16. NY Islanders 6.3 17. Vancouver 6.1 18. NY Rangers 6.0 19. Columbus 5.9 20. Philadelphia 5.8 21. LA Kings 5.7 22. San Jose 5.7 23. Washington 5.6 24. Minnesota 5.6 25. Tampa Bay 5.4 26. Pittsburgh 4.9 27. Calgary 4.9 28. Ottawa 4.8 29. Colorado 4.7 30. Carolina 4.6 Alternate jersey list is coming soon, so have at it. Surprises? Expected?
  13. My honest predictions...not necessarily what I want, but will probably happen... Patriots - Navy Jets - Green Bills - Red Dolphins - Aqua Bears - Orange Packers - Green Vikings - Purple Lions - Blue Bengals - Orange Steelers - Black Browns - Brown Ravens - Purple Colts - Blue Texans - Red Jaguars - Puke Gold:( Titans - Smurf Blue Broncos - Royal Blue (throwback?) Kansas City - Red Chargers - Powder Blue Raiders - White or Black Redskins - Maroon Eagles - Green Cowboys - White Giants - Blue? (this one could go a couple ways) Carolina - Blue Buccaneers - Red Saints - Gold Falcons - Black Seahawks - Grey or White Rams - Gold 49ers - Red Cardinals - Black or White
  14. The home and away are absolutely fantastic. The alternate is good, as well. I think the logo should be a tad lower, though.
  15. I'm really liking the look! The pants, though tan, work surprisingly well with the jerseys. Excellent work!
  16. Really looking forward to the development of this series. Excellent work, D!
  17. Jays for the win

  18. Detroits Winter Classic font....where can I find it?
  19. Does anyone have the Calgary Stampeders font in here? I couldn't find it...
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