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  1. I really like the card logo with the uniform, looks sharp! All the logos look so good, it'll be hard to pick the winner!
  2. They look good and classic! But...it feels....I don't know...empty? There the arrow on the side but there's no reference to a Native heritage anywhere else. Maybe some Azteca-style striping somewhere? Good, but needs more...rate 8/10
  3. (I'll give ratings to be more clear on the C&C) Bulls - I think the script could use some enlarging but everything else looks solid. 8/10 Pacers - Awesome! Love the pattern. The only think I'd nitpick at is the the pattern isn't incredibly visible on the dark jersey. I'd say a definite 9/10.
  4. Excellent job! A lot of thought and effort went into these and it shows!
  5. I'm excited for another basketball redesign. There have been many great NBA redesigns and it's going to be interesting to see what you invent. The Bucks looks really good! The font is a bit different though...try the Columbus Blue Jackets alternate font (you'll find it on the website)... TWolf
  6. I love how every name is so different and unique but still true to the area. Great job!
  7. It all looks great! Glad to see the Dutch in the tourney (hope they at least win a game) [if it's not too much trouble, could you send me the .png image of the template?]
  8. Forgive me for asking, but can a kind sir direct me to where this template is found? Excited for '81!!
  9. I think it's a very unique concept. I've never seen anything like it before...aaaaand I actually love it! Most of these are just simple changes but look very nice!
  10. I started to get into logo making a whike ago, but I've stayed off the boards with it while I improve the craft. What often happens to me is I lose interest in something very fast. I'm not proud of it, but I'd like to say that this is the BEST thread I have ever seen on these boards. You take your time, present it well, and its all amazing. Congratulations Sparky, this is an incredible thread. TWolf
  11. It's got a great potential but it needs some refining. It currently looks too much like an illustration me. It needs to be more like a logo. Update that in any way you can (outlines, etc.) TWolf
  12. I'd agree but that's also on California's flag (the bear design)...
  13. It all looks amazing, especially Georgia Tech. It would give a new meaning to "home game intimidation"!
  14. Can't wait for 1961!! Looks awesome!
  15. It looks too much like an illustration to me right now. Maybe make it more logo-y...I'm not sure but its a good start...
  16. It looks amazing! Excited for the Green Bay Bullfrogs!
  17. They're on the site as well. Just go to the team, find the jersey, click on it (open the page of the jersey), right click the image, and open in new tab Here's the Kings: http://content.sportslogos.net/logos/1/14/full/4332_los_angeles_kings-special_event-2014.png Thanks! I didn't know that...
  18. Does anyone have the Stadium Series template from LAST year
  19. Does anyone have the Stadium Series templates from last year? Not this year... (The Rangers, Ducks, Kings, Islanders, Devils, Penguins, and Blackhawks) thanks!
  20. The Saints set looks VERY GOOD. A couple things to change; The NEW ORLEANS text on the black uniform looks a bit too spaced apart, maybe make it closer together... Actually, instead of having New Orleans, make it NOLA... Add a BIT more gold on the white jersey, in any way you can really... Other than that, they look fantastic! Excited for more! TWolf
  21. I'd agree with the masses, tone down the LV, but other than that, it could make a good primary!
  22. It's an interesting colour scheme, and I couldn't figure out whether I liked it or not...but I do! It fits the name and I love the plaid-sleeved alternate. Excited for the rest!
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