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  1. If they mess with the classics like the Canadiens or the Leafs or Red Wings, imma flip.
  2. Perfect but thicken the stripes and lighten up the cream on the vintage jersey to make a subtle cream, not a yellowy cream.
  3. Possibly my favourite! Love the colours, it matches Florida well!
  4. Agreed.I third (?) that.
  5. Houston, definitely. I would like to see the NASA-influenced identity, given all the space stuff that goes on there. Great work so far!! Edit: The plural of Pike is Pike, not Pikes, just saying.
  6. By the way, the slanted arm stripes for the Double Blue look fantastic!
  7. Numbers 2 and 5 look stellar! I can't decide between the two! Also, I would recommend decreasing the slant the Jets word mark is on, it looks too forced. Keep it slanted, but not THAT slanted. Excellent work, Philly!
  8. Maybe make the numbers on the blue uniform gold for consistency? Yeah Milwaukee is hyping me up! Also I'd vote for option 2
  9. I'm really liking the Griffins!!! Love the purple! May I suggest Calvin College in Michigan? They use one that kinda looks like the London Knights and it's not actually that bad but it needs an upgrade!
  10. Awesome work so far. I would change the black to blue, and render the beast in blue as well. When I hear Beast, I associate it with X-Men and I personally think it would look awesome in blue.I agree with the blue. My cousins live there and there is a lot of water and nautical sights and boats in the area. But the X-men Beast theme? Seems a bit minor leagueish to me. Blue would work but not Beast. Do you get what I'm saying? (Hope I'm not too confusing)
  11. Bump. Still an unanswered question here, guys! I'm not sure where I heard it but I've heard rumours about them being unveiled sometime in July but that's all I know. It could be wrong, too.
  12. Everything looks good but I agree with rsaline, the Opening Day uniform needs more gold.
  13. Charlotte - It looks good but that volt/green stripe looks out of place. I know it's part of the colour scheme and all but it doesn't look right there. LOVE the honeycomb pattern though! Rate 8/10 Chicago update - it looks better, and more classic! 9/10 New York - Very clean, I really like how balanced the colours are. Rate 9.5/10 San Fran update - I really like that striping, and the pattern. Sharp! Rate 10/10
  14. I really like the card logo with the uniform, looks sharp! All the logos look so good, it'll be hard to pick the winner!
  15. They look good and classic! But...it feels....I don't know...empty? There the arrow on the side but there's no reference to a Native heritage anywhere else. Maybe some Azteca-style striping somewhere? Good, but needs more...rate 8/10
  16. (I'll give ratings to be more clear on the C&C) Bulls - I think the script could use some enlarging but everything else looks solid. 8/10 Pacers - Awesome! Love the pattern. The only think I'd nitpick at is the the pattern isn't incredibly visible on the dark jersey. I'd say a definite 9/10.
  17. Excellent job! A lot of thought and effort went into these and it shows!
  18. I'm excited for another basketball redesign. There have been many great NBA redesigns and it's going to be interesting to see what you invent. The Bucks looks really good! The font is a bit different though...try the Columbus Blue Jackets alternate font (you'll find it on the website)... TWolf
  19. I love how every name is so different and unique but still true to the area. Great job!
  20. It all looks great! Glad to see the Dutch in the tourney (hope they at least win a game) [if it's not too much trouble, could you send me the .png image of the template?]
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