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  1. You stole the number font from Univ. of Central Florida. Also, maybe instead of the red lines, just make the patterns on the sleeves, pant sides, and helmet all plaid. I don't hate the concept though. It's well done and well thought out. It's nice to see stuff like that on here
  2. I love the incorporation of the state flag. The state flag has a lot of yellow in it (along with the red, blue, and old gold you already have), but I feel like if you can add some yellow, then it will really pop. Also, maybe some shadowing somewhere to make it look less flat
  3. I get the backstory, but i don't think the team should be "Harrisburg City."The team plays in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and the team name is the "City Islanders," because they play on an island called "City Island" in the middle of the Susquehanna River adjacent to the city of Harrisburg, and City Island is sacred to Harrisburg sports. Also, Hershey's is a local business but the City Islanders' main sponsor is Capital Blue Cross. I absolutely love the concept though. Great colors, and that Pennsylvania keystone is epic, especially when used for a sports team in the capital city. Nice work.
  4. I think you need a black helmet. Maybe try to add some similar elements of this BC Lions alt CFL uniform...
  5. I'm not too into this logo. The arrow head looks like a fish and the "K" looks like a dude who just got his legs beaten with a baseball bat and he's crawling away. I like the color scheme and the concept of the reboot though
  6. I like how you just use white, blue, and gray. The Jackets' uniforms have too much color and too much going on. This is a very solid alternate that's pleasant to the eye and stylish on the ice. Well done! the only critique: maybe make the chest logo a little bigger
  7. Dat alternate tho. DAAAAAMN. Super fresh
  8. WOW. One of the best concepts on this site. If the Brewers ever do a retro rebrand or alternate or something, THAT logo would be perfect. Incredibly well done. Mad props to you
  9. The bird logo looks a bit seagull-ish kinda. Doesn't look like a phoenix bird really. I love the alternate logo idea tho, just put some more definition on the bird to make it look more like a phoenix, and you should use the logo more often- possibly in the alternate uniform
  10. I'm guessing its a reference to Cornelius Vanderbilt, the founder of the university
  11. The only thing i like is the incorporation of the nautical flags
  12. I personally LOVE the alternate. It's a great bold and cartoon-y alternate jersey to wear a few times a year. The NBA announced that the NBA logo will now be on the back of every teams jersey, just above the name, so take the "C" logo out and put it on the front
  13. Why are there eight stars? Just want to know if thats just what looks good or if there's meaning behind it. Sorry, seven stars. But still
  14. I like the color scheme (fits with the mascot), i like how its a local sponsor, and the uniforms designs are great. I would suggest adding more white to the first two kits and changing the god awful logo. the paw is fine to have, but the state of florida looks so out of place and the ball you have there is a volleyball, not a soccer ball. Even further, the whole logo looks like a gun: something Tampa wants to get away from being known for Also, think of a better and more intimidating dog-themed team name. Mutts doesn't sound professional