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  1. Thank you for the feedback and thank you for your service.
  2. Will there be a one off competition for the three that tied to break the tie?
  3. My Clemson Tigers played NC State this week and I feel that the NCSU brand is a bit bland, so I decided to put together an alternate concept. Love to hear what you guys think.
  4. aeargle

    Cleveland Browns

    Brown pants on the away uni are gorgeous.
  5. I see the soccer argument, but it doesn't seem any more soccer-like to me than:
  6. It's there for me and it looks great! I really like the red & powder blue together.
  7. Concept Update: Little simpler, more legible, IMO.
  8. I love Clemson's. Similar to the current, but upgraded. As an alum, I approve.
  9. Similar to what I said before, I do think the N with the * is a bit boring. As far as the concept, after viewing your Midshipmen logo (seen here) - I felt that the anchor needed to be more prominent in their branding, as it's a major symbol for the Navy and included in the Marine logo. I was sketching out an anchor one day and saw the A & V creating it. I tend to have an eye for that type stuff, it's the execution that throws me off. (Another example of this - seeing that an eagle could create an 'S' in negative space before actually drawing it out) After seeing some of the feedback, I think i'm going to rework it a little and post the product here soon. Here it is... Thank you aeargle, for letting me use your logo/secondary logo/vertical wordmark/etc. Insignia meanings : One diagonal : Freshman Two diagonals : Sophomore One horizontal : Junior Two parallel : Senior Players with stars on their badges would be the captains.... I like it. Very simple, very strong, very Navy.