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  1. The only bad part of Ohio is Toledo, which is near Michigan. And Detroit, well it's Detroit.

  2. No clue if this in unpopular or not, but I think the Houston Oilers looked much better than both the Titans and the Texans.
  3. For the packers you are forgetting Bart Starr Yeah, I wanted to get someone from each of the three great eras (Lambeau era, Lombardi era, and the Favre-Rodgers era), and I went with Ray Nitschke instead of Starr to have some defensive representation.
  4. See, I'd be happier if none of the NFL jerseys had wordmarks. Especially when they're as tiny as the ones NFL teams use. All they do is add visual clutter. I agree with this guy.
  5. Michigan football: Bo Schembechler Tom Harmon* Desmond Howard Charles Woodson Packers: Curly Lambeau Vince Lombardi Ray Nitschke Brett Favre *would consider replacing Tom Harmon with Braylon Edwards because Harmon is from so long ago that few people are actually familiar with him
  6. Yeah, it was a pretty off the cuff plan with no forethought.
  7. NBA with American and National conferences instead of Eastern and Western American Basketball Conference North Milwaukee Bucks Montreal Expos (expansion franchise) New York Knicks Spirits of St. Louis (expansion franchise) South Houston Rockets New Orleans Pelicans Oklahoma City Thunder San Antonio Spurs East Boston Celtics Cleveland Cavaliers Memphis Panthers (Grizzlies renamed) Miami Heat West Denver Nuggets Golden State Warriors Los Angeles Lakers Phoenix Suns National Basketball Conference North Chicago Bulls Detroit Pistons Indiana Pacers Minnesota Timberwolves South Atlanta Hawks Charlotte Hornets (finally finished the rebrand) Dallas Mavericks Orlando Magic East Brooklyn Nets Philadelphia 76ers Toronto Raptors Washington Wizards West Portland Trailblazers Seattle Super Sonics (Sacramento Kings relocated) Utah Jazz Vancouver Grizzlies (Los Angeles Clippers relocated)
  8. Super Bowl XXXIV was the last season of the blue and yellow Rams and the first season of the Titans. Also, the Broncos played the Rams in 1997 which was the first year for the non-orange crush modern Bronco uniforms and the third-to-last season for the old blue and yellow Rams, but I was unable to find a picture of it.
  9. 1. I like white facemasks. 2. I hate pinstripes on all uniforms, including the Yankees. 3. Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion, but I think the current Chargers uniforms are atrocious. 4. I don't think the Browns have a bad uniform, and am actually a fan of their uniforms before their 2006 gray facemask redesign.
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