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  1. The prefectures of Japan feature a lot of simple but elegant flag designs typically with stylized versions of a letter or word in Japanese (the name or first letter/syllable of the prefecture). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Japanese_flags#Prefectural_flags
  2. Put an expansion team in Detroit! Interesting use of non-plural nicknames.
  3. Homer pick as a Pistons fan: 30 for 30 about the Bad Boy Pistons More objective pick: 30 for 30 Pony Excess about SMU paying players and the ensuing death penalty
  4. What about them?Galaxy sort of works because LA is large and diverse and the centre of the pop culture world. Houston Dynamo is one of those European style names that doesn't really work. The Chicago Fire have always had a weird identity. The branding revolves around firefighting, which you would think a team named "Fire" would want to avoid. The Fire nickname dates back to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.^Exactly, in that way the Chicago Fire is similar to the Texas Rangers and Colorado Rockies.
  5. Of the 50 states I'd go with New Mexico and of current country flags, it's a toss up between Iran and the UK.
  6. Thanks mate, I appreciate Were you planning on doing redesigns for other teams with currently tacky logos?
  7. Great redesign, much better than the actual current logo and uniforms.
  8. The plain green flag posted earlier was the flag of Libya until the relatively recent revolution during the Arab Spring took place. Here is my favorite flag: East Germany (1949-1990) The hammer represents the working class, the compass represents the intelligentsia, and the rye around the two represents farmers. Black, red, and gold are in horizontal stripes just like the flag of West Germany (same flag as the current reunified Germany) from the flag of the Weimar Republic.
  9. Pretty awesome, I would wear that Red Wings one in the top row. The other Red Wings one has too much black.
  10. I'd say not at all, a lot of the best franchises in sports don't have particularly intimidating names- Packers, Yankees, Cardinals, Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, Canadians, Red Wings, Maple Leafs. I personally am more of a fan of teams with names related to location, work, or something else non-generic. Also, a lot of newer teams try using intimidating nicknames to seem legitimate (possibly)- Panthers, Jaguars, Grizzlies, Predators, Hurricanes, etc.
  11. Baltimore almost got an NFL team in 1993 which would have meant that the original Browns would have either not moved or moved to a different city. Here's a list: http://mentalfloss.com/article/29462/11-expansion-teams-just-missed-cut
  12. Personally I don't like how it sounds, if they're going with the mafia connection- I'd rather go with a name like the Dons or the Godfathers.This team I was referring to (Calgary) is not mafia connected. Gotcha, I figured you were talking about the New Jersey Hitmen of the XFL and USPHL.
  13. Uniforms 1. Put the Bucs back in their previous uniforms. 2. Bring back the Tennessee Oilers. 3. Put most of the rest of the NFL back into the uniforms they had back in 1996. 4. Put pride stickers back on Michigan's helmets. 5. Put all other college football teams back in the uniforms they had back in 1998. Other 1. Implement college-style overtime in the NFL. 2. Make all championship trophies new every year like the Lombardi Trophy.
  14. I really didn't want to step into this argument, but after reading this post I have to as a former Browns fan. I was a Browns fan from age 6 to age 23. After they left Cleveland for Baltimore and the colors and history remained in Cleveland I felt a little better about the situation. Then four years passed and the team finally took the field again, and I will be the first one to admit that this new team in 1999 was NOT the Cleveland Browns. Sure they looked the same, and the records were still there, but the atmosphere did not scream Browns to me. In fact, fast-forward to 2014 and I say to this day, that my Cleveland Browns have won two Super Bowls since 1996 and they happened to be called the Ravens. Looking back, I wish the Browns never kept the name and colors because it is a curse of the historic legacy the original team set. Therefore, when I talk about the Browns, I always call them the New Browns because this franchise could not hold a candle to the original team. What you said makes perfect sense. So what team are you a fan of now?
  15. Definitely going to check that out at some point in time when it's finished. However, I did prefer back at South Bend since it was less than 2 hours from my house.
  16. Huge improvement, great new pirate logo. The last one looked like a ghost.
  17. No clue if this in unpopular or not, but I think the Houston Oilers looked much better than both the Titans and the Texans.
  18. Here's an article from back in March on the subject: http://www.si.com/nfl/audibles/2014/03/05/cleveland-browns-new-uniforms
  19. Personally I don't like how it sounds, if they're going with the mafia connection- I'd rather go with a name like the Dons or the Godfathers.
  20. I always thought of Saskatchewan as "Packers Canada," myself, but given that three (is it still three?) of the nine teams are publicly owned or municipally controlled in some fashion, the Esks could make that claim. I always found the CFL's ownership fascinating. A third of the league municipally/publicly owned, a third owned by two guys who have so much money that their teams are basically expensive toys, and a third in the big markets that get new owners every X number of years (well, Montreal and Toronto historically; Ottawa's fate will play itself out) because they realize that being in one of the "big three" markets is actually a financial curse rather than a blessing. I see Edmonton as Packers Canada because of three reasons: 1. Green and Gold 2. Publicly Owned 3. Historically Great Franchise I agree, and as an American, this is why I support the Eskimos.
  21. This does make sense, I also can't think of other non-plural names that end in a fricative sibilant.
  22. I like the league, but the uniforms are mostly pretty bad except for British Columbia.
  23. I am a supporter of this team and I think this crest redesign is a terrible idea. It looks like it came straight out of a video game. The two tones of claret are horrifying, I don't care how rarely it will be displayed. However, I think it did do one thing well- get rid of the castle. If it was up to me, I would get rid of any gold in the crest and make it just claret and blue. Something similar to the '60s crest posted by Gothamite I think would be ideal.