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  1. Steelers, Pirates, and Pens are black and yellow just like the flag of the city of Pittsburgh.
  2. You've made a great logo sir, one of the best I've seen on here. What did the HS's logo look like before their redesign?
  3. On this thread and in real conversations with people I've known, a lot of people see the Jazz as an exception to the other non-plural names they don't like. Is it the sound of the word? What is it about the Jazz?
  4. College football- 1997- reasons mentioned by PianoKnight above and for Charles Woodson's Heisman NFL- 1996- Favre leads Packers to victory in SB XXXI, '96 Packers were one of the few teams in NFL history to score the most points and allow the fewest points in the league MLB- 1984- The Bless You Boys NHL- 1996/97- Red Wings' 1st Stanley Cup since the Dead Wings era, had the Vladinator on the team before Richard Gnida ruined everything
  5. Miami Vice is as solid a name as the Colorado Rockies, Texas Rangers, or the Chicago Fire.
  6. If this is the kind of thing where we're supposed to post our own brands, here's mine: The yellow and red is the flag of the state in India my parents come from (Karnataka). AA are my initials and incidentally the initials for Ann Arbor. AC is for Allen County which is where I've lived since I was 2 years old. And the 1992 in Roman numerals is for the year I was born. The brown part is because my skin is brown and the brown and gray is the color combination of Hershey's. If this isn't the kind of thread where we're supposed to post our own brands, then I am under a misapprehension.
  7. Didn't they win the first SB in the original ones and the next year change to win #2 against my falcons? =( No, they beat my Packers in SB 32 in the first season with the new uniforms.
  8. FWIW all 10 of the Lingerie Football League's teams are singular team names: Charm, Steam, Crush, Heart, Breeze, Bliss, Chill, Sin, Temptation, and Mist.
  9. Jamie "Landshark" Langridge 2007 RPS Champion, and no one can ever ever take it away from him ever!!!
  10. In the interest of not making my post too long, I limited myself only to football teams. Most successful: 1995-96 Eagles- I'm mixed on this- on the one hand the Eagles previous uniforms were amazing, definitely all-time greats. But on the other hand, I am a HUGE fan of their current uniforms, I think they're the 2nd best in the league (2nd to Indianapolis) 1996-97 Bucs- going from the creamsicles to the uniforms they eventually won a Super Bowl in was a great decision Least successful: 1977-78 Jets- leaving the old uniforms to the green helmets with the J jet was a terrible idea, going back to the old ones 20 years later was a great decision 1996-97 Broncos- leaving the Orange Crush uniforms for the new ones was terrible, don't care that they won 2 SBs in it- that is unrelated to how good or bad the uniform looks 1998-99 Oilers/Titans- the rebrand does make sense given the fact that Texas is associated with oil and Tennessee is not, but the uniforms themselves took several steps backward when the Tennessee Oilers became the Tennessee Titans 2001-02 Seattle Seahawks- IMHO the 1983-2001 Seahawks uniforms were the greatest uniforms in NFL history, getting away from those was a terrible decision 2004-05 Arizona Cardinals- should have never "modernized" these uniforms and tried to make the logo look mean, took away that great old logo and took away the simplicity of the uniform 2005-06 Vikings- again, should not have tried to "modernize" the uniforms with the piping and the logo above the name plate- keep it simple! 2006-07 Chargers- definitely should not have gotten away from the midnight blue helmets and uniforms they used from 1992 to 2006, one of the greatest in history 2011 Notre Dame- new helmets are too shiny, I get that the helmets are now supposed to be reminiscent of the actual Golden Dome, but it's really gotten away from the simplicity of Notre Dame's traditional uniforms because of the gaudiness 2013-14 Bucs- the new uniforms are atrocious
  11. Most of your AFL and AF2 teams have unique nicknames (Gladiators, Barnstormers, Soul, Power, SaberCats, Kiss, Talons, Firebirds, Pioneers, Blizzard, Steamwheelers, Horsemen, Dusters, Yard Dawgz, Twisters, Battle Wings, Dorados, Burn, Fever).
  12. NASCAR and golf. I actually like cricket because I'm Indian-American, my parents came to the US from India and my dad instilled in me a love for the game.
  13. Maulers just screams minor league I was thinking along the lines of the Pittsburgh Maulers.
  14. I was wondering what people's thoughts were on the singular or non-plural team nicknames out there in the sports world- like, dislike, if they seem to fit in some cases but not others.
  15. Maybe I'm young, but I would put Yzerman as the Red Wings face instead of Gordie Howe. With all due respect to Gordie Howe, of course.
  16. For the packers you are forgetting Bart Starr Yeah, I wanted to get someone from each of the three great eras (Lambeau era, Lombardi era, and the Favre-Rodgers era), and I went with Ray Nitschke instead of Starr to have some defensive representation.
  17. See, I'd be happier if none of the NFL jerseys had wordmarks. Especially when they're as tiny as the ones NFL teams use. All they do is add visual clutter. I agree with this guy.
  18. Maulers is a great name in my book, especially for a place also starting with M.
  19. Brew Crew- prefer the current look Pitt- prefer the old blue and yellow look Rams- much prefer the old blue and yellow look, one of the best uniforms in NFL history
  20. Michigan football- 2008 went 3-92-6 against the Big Tenpoint differential of -8.7 PPGlost 5 games by 2 TDs or morePackers- 2005 went 4-12ALMOST lost to the Lions at home (would have been the first time since 1991)Tigers- 2003 went 43-119not much more needs to be said about thatMichigan basketball- 2007-08 (10-22) Pistons- 2009-10 (27-55) Red Wings- made the playoffs every season I've followed them so I didn't feel justified putting them on this list
  21. Michigan football: Bo Schembechler Tom Harmon* Desmond Howard Charles Woodson Packers: Curly Lambeau Vince Lombardi Ray Nitschke Brett Favre *would consider replacing Tom Harmon with Braylon Edwards because Harmon is from so long ago that few people are actually familiar with him
  22. Dynasties. Dynastic teams getting beaten in big games is one of the greatest things in all of sports, plus it unites several different unrelated fan bases in hatred of the dynastic team.
  23. Yeah, it was a pretty off the cuff plan with no forethought.
  24. NBA with American and National conferences instead of Eastern and Western American Basketball Conference North Milwaukee Bucks Montreal Expos (expansion franchise) New York Knicks Spirits of St. Louis (expansion franchise) South Houston Rockets New Orleans Pelicans Oklahoma City Thunder San Antonio Spurs East Boston Celtics Cleveland Cavaliers Memphis Panthers (Grizzlies renamed) Miami Heat West Denver Nuggets Golden State Warriors Los Angeles Lakers Phoenix Suns National Basketball Conference North Chicago Bulls Detroit Pistons Indiana Pacers Minnesota Timberwolves South Atlanta Hawks Charlotte Hornets (finally finished the rebrand) Dallas Mavericks Orlando Magic East Brooklyn Nets Philadelphia 76ers Toronto Raptors Washington Wizards West Portland Trailblazers Seattle Super Sonics (Sacramento Kings relocated) Utah Jazz Vancouver Grizzlies (Los Angeles Clippers relocated)
  25. Does anyone besides the Browns use brown and orange?