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  1. The 1991 Detroit Lions was the first and only Lions team ever to win a playoff game. They had losing records each of the seven season previous (1984-90) and went 5-11 the next year (1992). The 2002 Buccaneers were the only Bucs team ever to win 2 playoff games. The 2005 White Sox was the first White Sox team to win a postseason series since their 1917 World Series squad.
  2. Washington Musketeers. I don't know how to design a logo on the computer, but I'd put up a head wearing a feathered cap in a circle and have two dark blue feathers with silver stems attached to the side of the circle. Kind of a blue and silver. Basically a blue and silver 18th-century take on the current Redskins logo.
  3. Second one is better on all counts, but I personally would get rid of the quotation marks around the motto.
  4. The Birmingham Vulcans of the World Football League from the mid-'70s had an amazing team name.
  5. Super Bowl XXXIV was the last season of the blue and yellow Rams and the first season of the Titans. Also, the Broncos played the Rams in 1997 which was the first year for the non-orange crush modern Bronco uniforms and the third-to-last season for the old blue and yellow Rams, but I was unable to find a picture of it.
  6. Michigan football, late '80s/early '90s (with pride stickers) Packers, late '80s/early '90s Tigers, this particular uniform from the '70s and '80s Michigan basketball, current Pistons, late '80s/early '90s Red Wings, current
  7. Changing one's allegiance is a completely different thing from supporting several teams in the same sport at the same time.
  8. Not sure if there is already a thread on this, but I'm a young guy and I see that a lot of posters on here are relatively recent sports fans. Because of that and the amount of documentaries, highlights, etc. that we have access to from the past now, I wanted to start a thread on what players you wished you had seen most, but played before you started watching sports. Here are some of mine: Larry Bird Bo Jackson Steve Yzerman Eric Dickerson Deion Sanders Joe Montana Julius Erving Bart Starr Bill Laimbeer Jack Lambert Vladimir Konstantinov Ray Nitschke Dick Butkus
  9. College football- Brady Quinn, Jeff Samardzija NFL- Peyton Manning*, Reggie Wayne*, Ray Lewis, Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, Jerry Rice, Richard Sherman NBA- Larry Bird (too young to ever watch him, but all the highlights I've ever watched make me wish I did) *Colts are my 2nd favorite team
  10. Bucs, Seahawks, Dolphins, Chargers, Bills, and the overly shiny helmets of Notre Dame.
  11. We need some Huskies, Aggies, Cougars, Rebels, and Musketeers in pro sports.
  12. I have a list, here are some of my top picks: http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100727164706/logopedia/images/7/7f/Amoco_logo.svg Amoco, 1970-2002 http://www.hersheys.com/assets/images/dot_com/Hershey-Logo-Share.jpg Hershey's http://btr.ua/images/stories/tuning/Dodge_ram.png Dodge Ram http://www.latkowski.net/David/Travels/Sign.jpg Sinclair http://www.foodaroo.com/pixsRestaurant/97/9772feb19fb71273e54bo.jpg Mother Bear's Pizza
  13. Not sure if this has been brought up already, but I think the Denver Nuggets are the only team that uses their color combo.
  14. No, fortunately for me none of my teams have ever done any re-brands in recent history that I have too much of a problem with.
  15. Favorite 1936- Green Bay Packers, Detroit Red Wings 1989- Michigan basketball, Detroit Pistons 1997- Michigan football, Green Bay Packers (calendar year), Detroit Red Wings Most hated 2001- New England Patriots, LA Lakers 2002- Ohio State football, LA Lakers
  16. All sound like legitimate reasons to me, I'm also a fan of the idea of 2nd favorite teams.
  17. 1. I like white facemasks. 2. I hate pinstripes on all uniforms, including the Yankees. 3. Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion, but I think the current Chargers uniforms are atrocious. 4. I don't think the Browns have a bad uniform, and am actually a fan of their uniforms before their 2006 gray facemask redesign.
  18. Arizona- Larry Fitzgerald Atlanta- Deion Sanders Baltimore- Ray Lewis Buffalo- Jim Kelly (Marv Levy) Carolina- Steve Smith Chicago- Dick Butkus (Mike Ditka) Cincinnati- Boomer Esiason Cleveland- Jim Brown Dallas- Roger Staubach (Tom Landry) Denver- John Elway Detroit- Barry Sanders Green Bay- Brett Favre (Vince Lombardi) Houston- Andre Johnson Indianapolis- Peyton Manning Jacksonville- Maurice Jones-Drew Kansas City- Len Dawson (Hank Stram) Miami- Dan Marino (Don Shula) Minnesota- Fran Tarkenton (Bud Grant) New England- Tom Brady (Bill Belichick) New Orleans- Drew Brees NY Giants- Lawrence Taylor NY Jets- Joe Namath Oakland- Ken Stabler (Al Davis) Philadelphia- Chuck Bednarik Pittsburgh- Jack Lambert (Chuck Noll) St. Louis- Kurt Warner San Diego- Dan Fouts San Francisco- Jerry Rice Seattle- Steve Largent Tampa Bay- Warren Sapp Tennessee- Warren Moon Washington- Art Monk (Joe Gibbs) Included in parentheses are non-players who may be candidates to be the face of the franchise
  19. Michigan FB: 9.4, when the away jerseys didn't have the piping and other frills I'd give it a 10.0 Packers: 8.6 Tigers: 2.5 Michigan BB: 8.0 Pistons: 8.7, Bad Boys era one I'd give a 9.7 Red Wings: 10.0
  20. I gotta say that if we are talking about the name change, I would be for a name that has nothing even remotely to do with natives or the old name. Just keep the colors, a kind of Oilers-Titans transformation.