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  1. Ha! Looks like the Michelin (sp?) (I think it's Michelin) tire company mascot. I think it needs a hat and lightning bolts in his hand! Awesome concept though. Like a Greek storm god ghost from ghostbusters.
  2. am i the only one who finds the simple right to left mascot better because it's not done as much? Such a simple thing on that eagle logo but I think it makes a huge impact. Also, the rounded features of the text inside and sharp corners on the outside of the text is a unique touch.
  3. Great work. Knowing Ags they will love one with Ol Sarge!
  4. this is epic. to be more innovative. you use/wear the traditional wahoo smile on games after wins. OK, maybe not that but I don't see any reason not to use both logos substantially. Love the secondary logo and sleeve patch. I want to put Cleveland on a bat drinking a mugged brew like the Cardinals logo with the birds. I don't like the C on the home jersey but that's personal taste as I typically don't like the upper right chest placement style. I think Cleveland is one of the few cities that should have their teams put Cleveland on all their jerseys, even home. They really embrace their teams as representation. a white jersey with cleveland written across would sell like crazy in that city. well done! thanks for sharing.
  5. Dolphins is my favorite. I like the different angle for the mascot. I guess we're used to left to right and the dolphin is straight/right to left. ren69, I had to google Harlingen, TX. No wonder I didn't know where that was! Now THAT's south texas. stay safe my friend.
  6. Apologies for being the FNG. You guys are awesome and wanting to join to ask if anyone wanted to try my old team? Paris Junior College (Paris, TX). I know the coach and would certainly send it to him. Paris Junior College (PJC) Mascot: Dragons Colors: Green and Gold. Green has been more of a pine green in the past but a darker green has been used. They have also used black as an accent color (but I don't personally like that) They use the current UAB Blazer logo for their dragon which drives me nuts. I've always wanted them to have a clean green and gold Oakland Athletics type look. A mascot logo (like the elephant) but playing logo like the A. I like the current P but think it could probably be improved for a cleaner look. You could always skip the mascot and use the Paris, Texas Eiffel Tower w/Cowboy hat for the logo! From a marketing perspective I think the whole "Paris" thing sells better than "Dragons". Yea, and Eiffel Tower logo would be sweet. Thanks for sharing the work you guys do, fun to check out. If anyone is up for the challenge: Old school Logo. Newer Baseball Team Logo Tower: See more here :