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  1. 2 hours ago, upperV03 said:



    While it's not traditional by any means, I do love this kit for some odd reason. The striping near the sponsor is confusing, but it's neat and better than boring flat vertical stripes.


    20 hours ago, KINGCHANCELLOR said:

    CLEVELAND UNIVERSITY (Cleveland, OH): No Sacrifice, No Victory. These were the last words of Coach Paulie Allen in 1964 when he suffered a heart attack in the National Championship game. Coach Allen was carted off the field and the Miners rallied behind the apparent death of their beloved coach. Coach Allen lived and Miners won their only National Championship in school history. The '64 game has really defined Cleveland in a way. They've always been underdogs who rise up when the time is needed. That hasn't been apparent in the last couple of years but with a shiny new Top 10 recruiting class in 2017, maybe the miners will have something celebrate at the end of the new year.



    Just a nitpick, but can you make your own logo as opposed to taking a piece of the Nugget's alternate logo? It's just pretty lazy

    Image result for denver nuggets logo png

  3. There's a lot of factors for lacrosse in order for it make it big IMO.


    For starters, it's still a preppy white kid sport. I've played for years now, and I've played with the typical preppy douchebag who wears too much Patagonia and Vineyard Vines, has the flow, goes to some super duper preppy private school, and will buy his way straight through life because of his family's extreme wealth. And the sad thing is, that can apply to a lot of the lacrosse community. In order for it to grow, equipment needs to somehow be less expensive, as the sport itself is crazy expensive, and needs help reaching out to communities unfamiliar with lacrosse, not the Long Island-Pennsylvania-Baltimore areas. 


    Also, lacrosse itself is a hard sport to get any TV time. Obviously because it's still a less popular sport than others, but it's also harder to watch on TV. If you made someone sit down and watch lacrosse for the first time without them knowing anything, they'd have a rough time knowing where the ball is and how the sport goes. When you understand it, lacrosse can be a high intense, fun game to watch, but it's hard to make it marketable due to how small it is still. The MLL is barely competitive and pays its players very little (We're talking 10-20-30k here), the teams practice only usually once a week, nothing about it is serious. The NLL is even less well-paying, and although I actually prefer watching it to the MLL, you can barely find games to watch. College lacrosse is the only thing the sport's got going for them.


    As I've mentioned, lacrosse needs to try and grow out and expand. It's doing a relatively good job at doing that, it's starting to sprout on the West Coast, Colorado, and Texas, Utah is getting an NCAA program, so it's improving, but there still needs to be a lot more work to it. US Lacrosse and other organizations really need to endorse the sport to farther out areas as opposed to just keep on feeding it to the same dominant areas.


    It also doesn't help that every few years or so there is some big scandal that breaks involving some lacrosse team. The Duke lacrosse team rape scandal left a huge mark on the sport even if they weren't found guilty, the UVA player found who murdered his girlfriend also didn't help, and other smaller scandals that leave local imprints. It leaves a strong douche-y reputation on the sport.


    (As you can tell, I'm very passionate about this lol)

  4. 6 hours ago, vicfurth said:

    Didn't get to watch Spurs today. not please with the results, especially when you look at match facts. 


    I wonder if they need to start looking at a new keeper. Lloris is really good but is due for a brain fart now and again. Sigh. 

    I also don't think it helps that Spurs are playing at Wembley this season as well, as we already know their form when they play there. They should adjust to that, however.


    Meanwhile, Arsenal was embarrassed, although I will admit Jesé scored a nice debut goal...



    But in all seriousness, the game was pretty bad for Arsenal except for the short instances where Arsenal could actually get a shot off and score. Lacazette scoring within two minutes of his debut ain't too shabby, either. And Vardy was absolutely amazing this game.

  6. I'm sorry, but most all of these logos and jerseys are really lazily done. The USA jersey is just a font with a number below it, the Canada "logo" is just a maple leaf, Brazil's is also quite lazy, Sweden's is just the three crowns, and South Korea's is just an S and a K. I would strongly recommend switching over to a design software like Inkscape or Illustrator and spend some more time on these.

  7. I'm sorry, and I know you spent some time on these, but they are pretty rough and not great. It's a mixture of sloppiness, blatantly putting logos and wordmarks on everything, and overall just bad designs for a football uniform. What I would suggest is getting more comfortable with MS Paint, which is what I assume you're using, and taking notes on real life uniforms and applying that to your designs.

  8. On 8/5/2017 at 11:31 PM, topcityhockey said:

    Holy logo theft Batman. 24 teams in the picture of logos and I think only 1 doesn't have any stolen elements.


    Supposedly it has existed since 1993.


    I love how the Charleston Titans are literally two Spartan helmets put together to make the letter T. Now THAT'S design ingenuity.


    But that Iowa logo lol...

  9. 17 hours ago, DiePerske said:

    Can't wait until he visits and PSG spent all that money for nothing.


    Sanctions against PSG would also be fantastic, anything to destroy that club. 



    Side note, Bastia was forcibly relegated to National 1 and has lost professional status. Glad to see a stain on french football removed from the professional ranks. 

    Yeah, why were they? I've been trying to look why but all the articles are in French. But it is nice to see such a racist and messed up fanbase go far down the ranks.

  10. 3 hours ago, upperV03 said:

    Orlando Pirates home and away shirts:


    I'm surprised to see this retro-inspired template being used for actual match kits since it'll be a part of Adidas' leisurewear line next year for some of their premier clubs.

    I really wish Adidas would go with that template as a potential template retro-inspired third kit for bigger clubs like Bayern MunichImage result for bayern munich 1990s

  11. Looking at Germany's B team and the crazy amount of talent they have to boast in their national team and B team, it's gotta be World Cup or bust for them again, just like France. Both teams got so much talent, and also Portugal, Spain, Chile, Brazil, and Chile as well as crazy strong. It's gonna be such a fun World Cup next year if these teams stay like this.

  12. 33 minutes ago, mattb6 said:

    West Brom and Swansea are fighting to see who can be the most irrelevant and worst looking team in the PL, it seems. 


    Really like Milan's look for the season, and I also like Wolfsburg's, I'm just hoping the green on the front is more pronounced than on the mockup. 

    Sadly it'll probably be that shade of green, since Wolfsburg is so inconsistent with the color green for the past few seasons.

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