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  1. At this point, any Nike kit that isn't lazily slapped on the template and actually has a unique design to it (besides Monaco), I'm fine with. I like it.
  2. I don't care how lazy the design is, I still love it. I love Bremen's shade of green and I gotta have this. Sure it's lazy and the sponsor like for the past few seasons is a bit ugly, but still love it.
  3. If they've made the Preds that much simpler, then by those standards the Red Wings are gonna have a plain red jersey and Adidas will claim, "AH WELL ITS SIMPLE AND CHIC AND UNIQUE AND DID I SAY IT WAS SIMPLE"
  4. As much as I dislike the laziness of Puma and not a huge fan of the raglan sleeves, I love the collar. Much better kit for Arsenal than last season.
  5. Guess LeoVegas is the new 888Sport where they'll sponsor half the goddamn league then.
  6. I could see France giving him an offer if they don't win the World Cup next year with Deschamps. Their team is fully loaded this year, anything other than winning it would be disappointing IMO. All in all, I'm sad to see such a disappointing game for Buffon, but good win for Real.
  7. Sampdoria 17/18: A bit odd for them to put the badge on the sleeve, but I still love the kit, even if it is bizarre.
  8. Inter 17/18: It's such a shame how we can't have one Milan derby where both teams look nice. What a disappointing jersey by Inter.
  9. how does kappa even manage to keep pumping ugly ass kits year by year. this shirt looks like a training shirt.
  10. The home kit is decent except for the ugly sponsor, but those other two kits...sheesh.
  11. Well, at least something might go well for us this year...
  12. His face just says it all for me. Meh.
  13. Well, now we know how the second leg of Juve-Barca is gonna go... (And I don't want to say a word about Arsenal-Palace yesterday.)
  14. Sheesh, I'm still not a fan of overusing this template. But, the white accents are a pretty clean touch.
  15. You still understand what he's saying, and he wants actual criticism on the logo instead of just saying "eh, its okay", so why not just give it?
  16. Okay really? You understand what he's saying, and he was asking why you thought it was "eh, it's ok", don't be a tool about it. Overall, it's a nice logo, however, I feel like you could use a different font for the H and the K. While the mountains are pretty sharp, the H and the K are pretty flat IMO.
  17. How the hell is it hate? I know you got some stuff on another topic, but if you really think of it as hate, just brush it off and forget about it. Just accept the criticism or "hate" and just keep working.
  18. It looks waaaayy better in a real life photo IMO, but now it's giving me a Portugal Euro 2016 vibe.
  19. It's almost like you didn't even try, slapping on a font and calling it a "logo", making really basic and only one uniforms, and no story and explanation really at all. I'd recommend not being lazy and actually putting effort into the concepts, because they're certainly lacking.
  20. Ah, the only thing thats screams Rome and Italy is the Arial font. Not to mention, the english spelling of Rome as well.
  21. Sheesh, that's an ugly crest. What's up with the random red section in the corner and the pudgy bear-lioness?
  22. I'd recommend not taking the lion straight out of the Chelsea crest then put it in yours and rather you do your own work, thanks.
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