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  1. It's weird watching AFC Wimbledon and non-league side Sutton United play an FA Cup match on Fox Sports 1. Also these past Arsenal games have been weird but oddly brilliant. Giroud is a beast.
  2. Either you are wgeddes (former member on the forums who got banned) or just plained ripped it off, but this bears a rather striking resemblance to his Arsenal redesign... His work:
  3. Baciccio looks a little too cartoonish, I feel like smoothing out the silhouette would make it just as easy to see as a sailor.
  4. Interesting idea. Cool way to add the turkey, but it looks like the feathers are coming out of his head. I'd have the feathers coming out from back/shoulder area to make it more realistic.
  5. Those Argentina kits are stunning.
  6. When you're a Middle Eastern airline, you invest in soccer clubs. It's what you do.
  7. That green kit is a beauty. I might have to get myself one.
  8. I've always loved the Croatia kits because the checkers were beautiful, but the wavy effect is a bit too much.
  9. Molde FK from Norway released their kits:
  10. Madrid home kit leaked. I love how Adidas has moved the stripes to the sides this years, since it makes kits like these look way cleaner. Also Shandong Luneng Taishan's home kit was released.
  11. The Sixers logo looks a little empty inside the roundel IMO, maybe make the stars bigger since they're quite small?
  12. I wish they used the old 90s Spurs colors on the stripes to give it more color, then I'd like it more.
  13. Also, Juve's home kit has been leaked. Personally, I love the style they've always used where it's white with black stripes, so I don't like this one as much.
  14. EDIT: Nvm, posted already in a different thread.
  15. That would be a great Lingerie Football League name.
  16. England's Euro 2016 kit has been leaked Pretty plain and I don't like the light blue, pretty bad kit IMO.
  17. I really like the concept, but I feel that the jersey stripes are too thin and thickened a bit, since it feels a little empty.
  18. I agree with the Stalin look with the general and the colors, but overall it's still a nice look. I'd model the general off a memorable American general, like George Washington, Grant, Eisenhower, Patton, etc.
  19. The new layout is interesting and is gonna take a long time, but I like it! Also, I'm assuming no more signatures?
  20. I feel the feathers on the A are a nice touch, but they are quite small
  21. Why is the away wordmark curved on the logo sheet but straight on the jersey?
  22. as in using one shade of baby blue, or replacing the dark blue stripe with a light blue stripe to match the home jersey? thanks everyone, and yea i wanted to do something different instead of the boring old block font. ill post hamilton I would replace the dark blue with light blue on the home jersey
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