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  1. Every team should follow the Ottawa route: Washington RedGolds, Edmonton GreenGolds, etc..
  2. Was looking forward to seeing Kelowna’s uniforms for what would’ve been the opening game of the memorial cup tonight.
  3. Homes are decent they just need a block font. The aways are brutal
  4. I heard that they were planning on releasing them two weeks after the logo but COVID had other plans. They wanted to do something at the stadium but they obviously can't do that now.
  5. I'm assuming Blue/White, and Mono-White will be the Battle of LA Combo Also it would be nice to designate the Mono-Navy for night games
  6. “Calgary is going to have the first new jersey design for the 2020 season. Then the rest will be rolled out across the league, new jersey designs in 2021” - Randy Ambrosie
  7. Im thinking they'll add a background on the down and distance by September. Would not be surprised if there was one next Saturday for XFL
  8. Houston’s getting new turf
  9. Broncos in SB50 Broncos in XLVIII Steelers in XLV Saints in XLIV Steelers in XLIII Steelers in XL
  10. Hoping the Niners go with standard logo with gold team box, and Chiefs go red. That way the team boxes and EZs contrast each other
  11. It’s too bad the sun was shining on the chiefs word mark EDIT: We got red paint in Chiefs EZ. At this point it’s hard to tell if it’s the background or word mark I do not know how to add a photo on mobile
  12. The chiefs would probably use the throwback font if they’re granted a yellow end zone
  13. Chief going with yellow throwback end zones. Arrowhead Stadium posted on their twitter. https://twitter.com/arrowheadevents/status/1215312662759989250