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  1. BC's whites will look real sharp with the orange pants
  2. This might just be me hoping but I think these are just mockups so that the Argos can start selling jerseys. The article on here said that there would be striping on the jerseys and if you look closely there is no name box around Franklin. I'd wait until a league wide reveal to confirm the official jerseys
  3. This was expected since New Era took over in September. Was not enough time to do a league wide redesign. New designs will most likely be revealed next offseason. Montreal got to redesign this year as they were already in the process months before the New Era take over.
  4. Could I please get a: Sask Riders Edmonton Oilers Arizona Cardinals
  5. Sask Riders #14, Edmonton Oilers Alt, Arizona Cardinals #11, Regina Pats Blue (WHL), Team Canada Hockey (Black)
  6. Leave the Atlantic team till last. They are announcing a name on the 23rd. Once they do you should make a concept for that team name.
  7. Egypt Australia Sweden Columbia France Switzerland Senegal
  8. The Riders green helmet is.... ?
  9. If you are still doing these could I get a Saskatchewan Roughriders paired with the Regina Pats (WHL)