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  1. Not sure how to link it but looks like Calgary got a new helmet design. It’s on Bo Levi’s Instagram
  2. I like them. They’re clean. I assume the whites will look like the colour rush
  3. Bold prediction: SB LVII logo will be exactly the same but with Cactus instead of Palm Trees
  4. Bucs endzone doesn’t look too bad. The spacing is actually pretty good
  5. Oilers need to promote the RR to roads, and bring back the royals at home
  6. I wonder if we will see the new Stampeders Set and Red Ottawa Alternate Jersey this year. I also wonder if Covid put the league wide rebrand + the Alouettes third jersey on the back burner.
  7. I could be wrong but I almost guarantee the chiefs will be red unless it’s vs the Bucs
  8. What I would like to see Promote the Reverse Retros to the Roads Bring back the Royals as Homes Have an Orange Alt
  9. To be fair the Rams would look nice in the Super Bowl with Blue over Yellow
  10. Will be interesting to see if Alabama wears White in Miami
  11. I wouldn't consider these gigantic but maybe it's just because I've seen it my whole life. It still is not the end of the world like some people make it out to be
  12. You can add adds to CFL jerseys. They are not sold with them
  13. Ad patches aren’t that bad. It’s not going to be full blown soccer. They’re ok in the NBA. CFL has had adds for years and it looks fine. They retail jerseys aren’t going to be sold with ads
  14. Could’ve used more yellow. Hopefully Sask uses the same design. Loved how green was the main colour. Helped differentiate the templates
  15. Seahawks going Green/Navy. Should’ve gone mono-green. Navy and Black is going to clash
  16. Argos posted this: I know teams were going to get new uniforms next year. Looking like it might still be a possibility
  17. Cardinals posted wallpapers with black jerseys today. Might be getting a black vs grey matchup in the desert
  18. Not saying it’ll happen but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cardinals wore black
  19. Every team should follow the Ottawa route: Washington RedGolds, Edmonton GreenGolds, etc..
  20. Was looking forward to seeing Kelowna’s uniforms for what would’ve been the opening game of the memorial cup tonight.
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