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  1. I don't know about the jerseys, but I can't get enough of that CBS intro montage in the video!
  2. I guess I'm one of the few who can tolerate the Canucks "Flying V" uniform. I like it in blue and green. Johnny Canuck looks a little cramped inside the V, though. I'd move him to each sleeve and put the player's number inside the V. Sounds crazy, I know, but so is the uniform. The NHL probably wouldn't allow no TV numbers, though.
  3. Good update, but I really wish they would stop putting D-BACKS on their jerseys - it looks so amateurish. Why can't they just put the A on the left chest of the home jerseys? (the road ones are fine as-is)
  4. I've always wondered those gray rainbow uniforms for the Astros would look like on the field.
  5. I really like that Sharks set (and they have hem stripes - what a crazy idea...)
  6. Hate the orca logo. They're not the Vancouver Orcas, Whales, Killer Whales, etc. I can't understand why they insist on keeping it. That being said, I like the updated stick in rink logo (wish it was the primary). I don't like it on the white jerseys, though. It kind of gets lost (maybe reverse it's colors on the white jersey?). I like that they kept the look of the home and road jerseys intact. I like the idea of the third jersey (going back to their originals), but I'm afraid the green stripes are going to get lost on the blue jersey without a white stripe between the two green stripes. Overall, just getting rid of the VANCOUVER wordmark makes these unis an improvement, but they could have been better.
  7. Really like those Arizona Diamondbacks unis! Get those on the field now!
  8. Nice series so far. I really like the Astros gray rainbow guts road uni - I always thought that would have been a good look when they wore them.
  9. On the Bills concept, I like the charging buffalo logo on the helmet without the "bolt" or the "stripe" or whatever they call it. That thing always bothered me. This looks much better. I wonder what that logo would look like with some thin blue trim on it?
  10. Just awful. I saw highlights of one of the games in which they wore these. You can't even see the numbers on the back. Did anyone do any testing to see if the numbers are legible at the rink and on TV before they green lighted these things. You see that on high school and small college teams. Their Maple Wings uniforms are plain enough. It works for Original 6 teams like the Leafs and Wings, but not for a newer teams like Tampa. They could own the black/royal blue color scheme they started with.
  11. I like it. It reminds me of the Ottawa Senators 1992 uniform, which I thought was a good looking uniform (especially the black one).
  12. Why in God's name would the Lakers put black side panels on their purple uniforms???!!! It looks horrible enough, but even more so when you consider that there are no black side panels on the white or gold uniforms. The whites and golds look great - the purples could have, too. Here's hoping that they wear the whites and gold most of the time.