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  1. I like the simplicity of your main white and blue Cowboys uniforms. I too, never liked the mismatching colors that they have. I have always liked the blue-gray shade that their pants and helmets used to be and the shade of blue kind of between royal blue and navy blue that they used to have. It gave the Cowboys a unique look. I'd love to see your concept rendered in those colors.
  2. I like what you've done with the Jets, I just hate that "puke" shade of green. If the Jets went with your concept (Namath era striping, white helmet with the '90s logo), but just changed the shade of green to the '90s shade (darker than kelly green, but not as dull as that puke shade, they'd be perfect IMO.
  3. Although I wouldn't want the Islanders to change their current uniforms, in a vacuum, if they'd lose the front number and the phantom shoulder yoke on these, I always thought that this uniform set wasn't bad looking.