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  1. Love all of them but maybe make the clippers flags the same color as the shorts and the hornets alt looks great. Love the striping!Which software are you using?
  2. These all look great-especially the canes. Which software are u using?
  3. I am in love with this whole thread!!! Which app or software are u using?
  4. A. The vertical stripes on A look modern compared to the diagonal stripes on B and C
  5. Really like the gray. Looks better than their current unis
  6. I really like the mountain except for the Colorado lettering. It looks a little old-fashioned. Great job though!
  7. I love the suns and bucks sets. The nets set is good, but it looks a bit weird. Great job so far, cant wait to see more
  8. I actually like the navy instead of the black, but, like rickyISking, I think this design is lackin, but the start is great!
  9. Group F: Nigeria Argentina Bosnia and Herzegovina Iran Group G: Portugal Germany Ghana USA Group H: South Korea Russia Algeria Belgium Group C: Greece Japan Ivory Coast Columbia Great job on all of these concepts!!!!!
  10. I really like the crest, but I'm not really feeling the star on the back of the jersey or the clash jersey. You have a great start though.
  11. Group A: Brazil Croatia Mexico Cameroon Group B: Netherlands Australia Spain Chile Group D: Italy Uruguay Costa Rica England Group E: Ecuador Honduras France Switzerland These are all great!!!!