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  1. @TimWutz @DynastyTradesHQ @DynastyWarZone @dynastytrading @Dynasty1Podcast @MyFantasyLeague And still have Henry for the future

  2. @Mikebrandan @DynastyWarZone @dynastytrading @DynastyTradesHQ @Dynasty1Podcast @MyFantasyLeague Top 5 upside??? I've heard it all, lol!

  3. @PhillyFan_eh @DynastyWarZone @dynastytrading @DynastyTradesHQ @Dynasty1Podcast @MyFantasyLeague Yup, and I got RoJ… https://t.co/4Yr3lCT3Lr

  4. 12 team dynasty, PPR. Which side do you want? @DynastyWarZone @dynastytrading @DynastyTradesHQ @Dynasty1Podcast @MyFantasyLeague

  5. @DeweyHaveTo All of them, lol

  6. 1st fantasy rookie draft of the year starts at noon today! Yes, it takes place BEFORE the NFL rookie draft! Follow… https://t.co/cWwwYCeZP5

  7. 12 team dynasty needs one KNOWLEDGEABLE, ACTIVE, VETERAN owner! PPR, $50 fee thru leaguesafe. SERIOUS owners only,… https://t.co/HdsAj4TRQp

  8. @DFF_sjonathan02 @MyFantasyLeague Hey there, team being replaced is Clifton Park. However, this was bad timing on m… https://t.co/yEvKBSdCZE

  9. Which side do you prefer? 14 team dynasty @MyFantasyLeague @DynastyWarZone @dynastytrading @DynastyTradesHQ @Dynasty1Podcast

  10. @Mark_in_Mi Gotta be freakin' kidding me...

  11. 14 team dynasty, rebuilding. Which side would you rather have? @DynastyWarZone @dynastytrading @DynastyTradesHQ… https://t.co/HlqmTJx7Dv

  12. @Cigs247 @DynastyTradesHQ @MyFantasyLeague @DynastyWarZone @Dynasty1Podcast @dynastytrading Riding him into the gro… https://t.co/cNFkNNAdqo

  13. Check out my beautiful fantasy league! Dynasty done right! If u need your brand new @MyFantasyLeague page to look s… https://t.co/ll2IliyIte

  14. PPR dynasty, 14 teams. Which side do you prefer? @DynastyWarZone @DynastyTradesHQ @Dynasty1Podcast @MyFantasyLeague @dynastytrading

  15. @Mark_in_Mi @Coinflip22 @MyFantasyLeague Wow, looks great Mark!