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  1. I don't know why, but the fit of the Packers monochromes just looks off. Like they look like they don't fit the players right. They're tight in some places and loose in others. I don't know how to describe it
  2. I feel like I should hate these, but for some reason I don't
  3. When they don't go monochrome, their uniforms really aren't that bad. They're not exceptional, but they're decent
  4. I honestly wonder if the helmets would have looked any better with a more gradual gradient than how it's more like a hard line changing between the black and gold. I don't think they would've looked good, but I think they would have looked better
  5. It reads " Florida" on the home jerseys and "Panthers" on the road jerseys. Basically the opposite of what it says on the front of the jersey. I think it's pretty smart
  6. I'd say they became almost perfect in 2012 when they switched from two sets of grey pants to just the one set with the grey between the stripes
  7. I'm honestly perfectly fine with the way Ohio State does alternates. 1 game a year they mix it up, every other game is their classic look. I enjoy teams mixing it up every once in a while while still having a solid, consistent identity
  8. Is the Suns' arena not suitable for hockey, or am I missing why they can't play downtown for a few seasons?
  9. We've now reached the point on this sub where people are saying "I liked the old ads more"
  10. "A look into how Twins starters pick their unis" This article was basically written for nerds like us
  11. I included the blues just because they could theoretically still pull them out of the closet. Same with including the golds for Baltimore, and the whites for Green Bay
  12. Would it have killed them to at least get ones with the same striping pattern as the silver ones?
  13. Here's what I got from Gridiron Uniform Database for pants Arizona - 4 Atlanta - 4 Baltimore - 5 Buffalo - 4 Carolina - 4 Chicago - 3 Cincinnati - 3 Cleveland - 4 Dallas - 3 Denver - 4 Detroit - 5 Green Bay - 3 Houston - 3 Indianapolis - 3 Jacksonville - 3 Kansas City - 2 Las Vegas - 3 LA Chargers - 4 La Rams - 3 Miami - 4 Minnesota - 3 New England - 1 New Orleans - 4 NY Giants - 4 NY Jets - 3 Philadelphia - 3 Pittsburgh - 2 Seattle - 4 San Francisco - 2 Tampa Bay - 3 Tennessee - 3 Washington - 4 Baltimore and Detroit are tied for the most at 5 New England has the least with 1
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