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  1. Seahawks are the only team that can pull it off imo. Any other team with any other colors seems garish and stupid, but for the Seahawks it just seems right. I personally wish they would get rid of every other pant color and just wear blue with the blue, white, grey, and neon green jerseys
  2. These were the St Paul Saints (minor league), they will be playing as the St Paul Colored Gophers (negro league) the twins ave worn St Paul Colored Gophers uniforms before
  3. Trust me, it could be worse... Eastern Washington has a red turf called "the inferno", which looks even worse considering their stadium is like a high school stadium
  4. I gotta say it's not as bad as I had thought it would be. If the logo must be on the front, it's done as tastefully as possible here with the swoosh matching team colors. Has exceeded my extremely low expectations
  5. Michael Pineda is wearing the Twins gold home cap on the road vs the Yankees today
  6. New York Mets have yet to wear either of their alternates this season
  7. Montana will be getting a new home uniform, that is if they keep their 3-year rotation schedule they have with Nike
  8. I live in Montana, and when I wear the navy blue Twins TC cap, I often get asked "where did you get that Cincinnati Reds hat?"
  9. Im gonna guess these will never see the field, because the Cleveland one has the block C with a red bill, and the Giants one has a white New Era logo instead of an orange one
  10. On a separate note, I don't believe the Cleveland Indians have worn anything this season other than Navy/Navy/Grey
  11. 4, actually: Standard black Black-to-red gradient Teal outline Snake head
  12. Twins have Matte batting helmets with raised logos
  13. Does anyone notice that the Yankees helmet sticker just doesn't look right this postseason? The end of the "N" on the left looks like it got put on wrong
  14. Twins wore their red hat with their standard home whites tonight, and it looked really sharp
  15. Mariners are wearing their navy blue jerseys at home today... anyone know why these jerseys have a completely different number font from the rest of the set?