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  1. Dont mean to be picky, but the Twins Wikipedia page still has their cream throwback listed, but not their blue home alternate with the gold trim. also their powder blue will not be paired with the red hat. It will be paired with the blue current road hat with no red bill
  2. I see what you're trying to say, but the two really have no relation
  3. I just hope they keep the colors/uniform design. Obviously remove the logos/wordmark, but other than that don't change a damn thing. I think Washington has a really beautiful color scheme and uniform set, and it would be a shame if the entire branding changed
  4. If teams insist on doing gradients, can they at least realize the only way to do it tastefully is to gradient between shades, not different colors. these are the perfect way to do gradient numbers. I love the yellow on blue
  5. Why did we have to watch years of these monstrosities if they didn't even end up switching to blue and white
  6. Those are the only jersey wearers that should be mocked
  7. The chrome helmet has actually worked pretty well for them. Half of the combos shown in the promo images have never been worn, and imo that uni set looks way better actually on the field
  8. My two cents: (Subject to change after official reveal) I'm not against custom number fonts, and I believe some are superior to others. I really like how these numbers match the wordmarks. Really feels cohesive. They aren't bad by any means. They do definitely seem a little on the larger side, but I don't see anything bad about that. I really like the cohesiveness this entire set has. Everything can mix and match (or so it appears). Should get some nice combos. I really like the idea of having a red, black, and white jersey. Not entirely sold on the side panels though. Interesting that it appears they're keeping the throwbacks. So they will have 4 jerseys? Without what appears to be a color rush? Interesting I really dig the matte helmet. It looks like it'll fit right in with the look they're going for. Big fan of the grey face mask Now, the gradient... While in theory I feel like I should hate everything about this, I am intrigued as to how this actually looks on the field. The photos do not make it seem as bad as the term "gradient jersey" would make it seem. The change from red to black seems much more gentle than the shift from black to gold on the jags helmet was (which was my biggest complaint of that helmet). I am going to withhold judgement on those until I see them in action/better photos. at the very least, I think the white and black jerseys seem very clean from the back. Can't wait to see the entire uniform
  9. According to the vikings Instagram, it appears they will be wearing all-purple, but not color rush, at the Saints. So home jersey and road pants. Not sure if this means saints are wearing their color rush or just their plain whites at home
  10. Seahawks are the only team that can pull it off imo. Any other team with any other colors seems garish and stupid, but for the Seahawks it just seems right. I personally wish they would get rid of every other pant color and just wear blue with the blue, white, grey, and neon green jerseys
  11. These were the St Paul Saints (minor league), they will be playing as the St Paul Colored Gophers (negro league) the twins ave worn St Paul Colored Gophers uniforms before
  12. Trust me, it could be worse... Eastern Washington has a red turf called "the inferno", which looks even worse considering their stadium is like a high school stadium
  13. I gotta say it's not as bad as I had thought it would be. If the logo must be on the front, it's done as tastefully as possible here with the swoosh matching team colors. Has exceeded my extremely low expectations
  14. Michael Pineda is wearing the Twins gold home cap on the road vs the Yankees today
  15. New York Mets have yet to wear either of their alternates this season