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  1. I really miss the 2008-2011 World Series logos where they went all in on the "Fall Classic" motif. Every logo in that era was autumnal colored and had leaves in the logo. Great fonts, and not any terrible looks. Kinda wish they would go back to it
  2. A WS logo with Atlas holding up a baseball globe could be a cool concept ngl. Don't know if it would actually work, but it sounds cool
  3. Only thing I don't love about that quakes kit is the stupid sponsor logo
  4. I wish they would just modernize the 80s-90s world series logo and stick with it
  5. Can they just commit to the royal already? Having two different versions of the exact same uniform is not a good look
  6. Idk why but a fitted trucker hat really weirds me out
  7. Idk why the giants keep doing unnecessary minor changes to their gorgeous set. This and the black headspoon piping on the road uniforms are just changes for change sake that they really did not need to do. Plus they got rid of the gorgeous road alternate jersey (which should be the primary road). Only positive change they've made recently is the alternate orange jersey
  8. There is nothing inherently bad about that logo, there is just nothing good about it. The bengal head is considerably better
  9. Maybe I'm biased, but the Vikings uniforms are a perfect example of what great things Nike can do to make a modern uniform without making them look like trash
  10. The new jags set is a perfect example of perfectly acceptable, but bland. The set looks nice. There's nothing inherently wrong with it. It's just got nothing exciting. It's literally one color with a different color number and tiny details on the sleeves and pants.
  11. Also, how much do you think we will see of the Nationals script white jersey this year? We never saw the real version last year, just the gold-tinged championship version
  12. I really love road uniforms that also put an emphasis on white See: Phillies, White Sox, Yankees, Reds, Royals, Blue Jays
  13. Honestly sounds like something out of Moneyball
  14. If it was their actual ballpark they did this in, I'd be a lot more upset. I can kind of give them a pass if its their spring training complex
  15. I think some teams could pull it off, same way I think some teams should have vests They're not for every team, but definitely some should do it