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  1. There’s something poetic about you choosing the a’s color palette for the giants here…long history of SF either stealing from or pushing out OAK…
  2. Great job! Btw, fun that you choose Konstatin Batygin as the famous Morgan Hill person...we totally went to middle school together haha.
  3. Great ideas! It could even be making the numbers black (could even try with no yellow outline), or some black stitching around the wrist area on the sleeve. Honestly I don’t think it needs to be a lot.
  4. Great start! It might help, if you intend black to be a main color in the scheme, to also include little nods on the rest of the sweater, such as in the striping on on the sleeves some other way. Thanks for letting us enjoy your work!
  5. Great concepts! I especially liked the Novas. For Nashville I’m having hard time distinguishing the “N” when it’s navy-on-navy. Maybe lean into nick’s comment and make yellow primary? This may also just be my bias, as I’m not a fan of what the angels and Rays do in their alternate jerseys. Anyhoo, great work!
  6. I like it! I wonder how it’d look for the fauxback to put V. G. K. In the shield, either straight or diagonally. Might allow for a bigger font and better readability. Good work again!
  7. I know this crazy, but maybe trying to infuse some green might help? Maybe get it to an aqua shade?
  8. I like the idea of the Lightning, though the light blue evokes more “ice” for me than lightning. Perhaps a fitting design wrinkle as they are an ice hockey team...? Great work on the series so far!
  9. I believe “delantero” is also the Spanish word for the soccer forward position...!
  10. That primary logo is adapted from arena football right?
  11. We’re out there, you’re not alone. The majority of nfl concepts on this board do this exact same thing! Maybe we should all sign a petition haha...
  12. Calcio looks great! I like the idea of the pink too! as for Carmel, you could also do something like “Rancho Carmel FC” given the lots of ranches in Carmel Valley. You could of course do something golf-inspired! Or a quail to pay homage to Quail Lodge. Or something to do with Big Sur or the Bixby Bridge! Another idea for yuba city could be to incorporate the nearby Sutter Buttes—-literally a mountain in the middle of the Central Valley, quite unique! Agriculturally, the area is also known for nuts, cherries, blueberries
  13. Others to consider: gilroy—-rival to Morgan Hill. Known for their Garlic Festival. Also there was a shooting a couple years ago that made national news. also has. Gilroy Gardens Watsonville—strawberries. Very large farm worker population. Palo Alto- Stanford, has the big particle accelerator/collider. Could go the “isotopes” route. San Jose 2–could go with any one of the mini valleys that comprises the big city—Almaden, evergreen, coyote, etc santa clara—has a mission, catholic university, also large amusement park, Levi’s stadium carmel—richies...its right next to 17 mile dr, lone cypress, pebble beach. I think Lone Cypress FC is a great name and the tree would make a great base for a crest. Santa Maria—steak! Maybe name it after the Hitching Post antioch—something about the delta, ships, or wind. Tons of wind there, and windmills nearby. Though you already have a windmill concept Yuba City—twins (w/ Marysville) woodland—tomatoes! roseville—trains folsom—lots of cyclists here, also unexpectedly there’s a small zoo
  14. Great start! As for ideas, I grew up in Morgan hill...they have the Orchard Valley Toros FC that you could borrow: http://www.ovysl.org this is named after El Toro, the prominent hill at the west end of town. There’s also El Toro Brewing Co. to support the toro idea. but don’t stop there! Morgan Hill is also the only place in the world that grows a beautiful rock known as Poppy Jasperhttps://www.google.com/amp/s/www.barlowsgems.net/amp/morgan-hill-poppy-jasper/ also, the first high school in town were the Live Oak Acorns. We had the slogan “go nuts!”, and an anthropomorphized acorn holding a lightning bolt. Pretty boss if you ask me! https://thewaterproject.org/community/profile/live-oak-high-school
  15. My bad, it looked like three! It’s actually two upon closer look
  16. Funny that in a team that is “Nevada”, the vast majority of the home jersey is actually California. Not a knock, more an interesting irony befitting the two states’ relationship, perhaps? Or, maybe an homage to the CSL itself? great work as always!!
  17. Like the idea, and good job on the execution! The three outlines to me feels a little stuck in the 90s/2000s, though I recognize this many outlines still does exist with some teams. I would play around with number of outlines, widths of outlines, or even (gulp) shadowing to see if you could evoke something a little more modern. I’d also look into the shade of teal...I actually quite like the blueish teal they currently have as opposed to the greenish teal in your render. thanks for your creativity! Good work!
  18. Awesome ideas! Would love to see what you have in mind for sweaters
  19. My only nitpick is not with the designed themselves, but with the names. Some are nit immediately obvious, but that’s also what Google is for!
  20. Seattle be like: “hold my pumpkin spice Frappuccino”
  21. This is great! And I just went back and reviewed your hand drawn series, which is also top notch. For Elk Grove, as a current resident I know that club soccer is a BIG deal here. You can check out their style here: https://elkgrovesoccer.com They go with navy and orange, and basically at any large park on Saturdays you’ll see boys and girls of all ages wearing navy, orange, or white kits. I think for your CSL a natural fit would be the senior to these juniors we see on Saturdays around here, like what is done with lots of pro teams internationally. hope this helps inspire you further! Great work!
  22. Cool! ‘Tis the season! I wonder if there are other Halloween-ish movie inspired opportunities! Maybe the Hocus pocus witches? Or the gryffindors? Lol idk
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