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  1. Awesome ideas! Would love to see what you have in mind for sweaters
  2. My only nitpick is not with the designed themselves, but with the names. Some are nit immediately obvious, but that’s also what Google is for!
  3. Seattle be like: “hold my pumpkin spice Frappuccino”
  4. This is great! And I just went back and reviewed your hand drawn series, which is also top notch. For Elk Grove, as a current resident I know that club soccer is a BIG deal here. You can check out their style here: https://elkgrovesoccer.com They go with navy and orange, and basically at any large park on Saturdays you’ll see boys and girls of all ages wearing navy, orange, or white kits. I think for your CSL a natural fit would be the senior to these juniors we see on Saturdays around here, like what is done with lots of pro teams internationally. hope this helps inspire you further! Great work!
  5. Cool! ‘Tis the season! I wonder if there are other Halloween-ish movie inspired opportunities! Maybe the Hocus pocus witches? Or the gryffindors? Lol idk
  6. The use of white makes me forget about the silver. Good work!
  7. It *almost looks like a map of the continental USA in the background!
  8. Either just, or detach the "mane" from the back of the current ear. Not see if that's what it's intended to be, but I can envision if you take that yellow line off the back of the ear it looking pretty spot on
  9. Im liking the changes you've been making, and your receptiveness to feeback. Wondering how it'd look to lengthen the ears just a bit more. Overall great work!
  10. Thank you for the added context. I consider myself fair person, and it seems that in spite of the vitriol mod actions were fair as well.
  11. I've lurked on these boards for years, commented occasionally. I usually have to really want to say it if I'm going to comment. Now, i don't check out all the forums, so I can't speak to these claims. The only thing I know is that up to this point Sparkys online behavior has been the most professional out of anyone. He replies to every comment. Shows talent and dedication. Practices self-restraint. It's obvious he's motivated by more than just "likes", as many posters are. So, for him to use such language to me means that what's going on on other forums must be pretty egregious. It would be completely out of character if it otherwise, aside from the possibility that Sparky is going through some IRL stuff. Then again, who isn't right now? So, at the risk of getting backlash from naysayers, I'd implore the Sparky haters to go find another axe to grind. Attacking the class of these boards will only degrade their quality. Sparky, I wish there was someone who could get you in front of NHL Seattle. You deserve to be noticed, get paid, and to have a legacy such as an iconic sports logo. You've put in the work, have gone through the refining process. Kudos, sir.
  12. Like the idea, but it seems to pull too much from the rockets' visual history
  13. Is there any reason why the Patriots still need silver in their palette? General question, not personal...
  14. Cincy=cincinatti bearcats cardinals=mizzou tigers blue jays=varsity blues and imho: brewers=Marquette phillies=upenn yankees=Columbia otherrwise agreed
  15. That second dbacks alt is $$$. I'd be curious what it'd look like if you incorporated some of the charcoal business ASU (and the dbacks for that matter) has been doing in recent years. Not sure if it would add or subtract. Great work!
  16. I think I'd go with Tech to represent the Braves in stead of UGA. Wouldn't be very hard to apply their color scheme. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clean,_Old-Fashioned_Hate
  17. Keeping with my Disney idea, maybe in the rounded you could put a simplified silouhette of the Magic Kingdom castle, with fireworks/stars. There could be a prominent firework that juts across the front with a basketball at the front. Or there could be a basketball that doubles as the ground the castle sits on. Or, in a shocking move, you could even omit a basketball
  18. Bring em on! I for one am enjoying your creative process. Some easy potential crossovers: oakland A's/cal bears az diamondbacks/asu sun devils mn twins/ min golden gophers Seattle mariners/ UW huskies Keep up the good work!
  19. Pretty good! If you can find a way with your chosen palette to make both the M and the marlin show up, that would be great, and you'd be outdoing the big club. Keep it up!
  20. I like this idea! For Texas, the color alt literally looks as if it could belong to the university's team....is that the effect you're going for? It can tricky to try to thread te needle of regional belongedness while maintaining a unique identity. For the angels, it'd be nice to see them in colors from Orange County, just to see. While the moniker is Los Angeles, many Angelinos and many from the OC might take issue with USC being combined with the Angels. The cultures and fanbases are indeed different. For the Rangers, I wonder if incorporating an extra logo in their set might help, like the Texas flag on the sleeve, for example. Great work, and I look forward to seeing more!
  21. Cool idea for a first draft...I'd like to see how you might be able to mold and refine it. One nitpick might be that Orlando is not on the ocean, so oceany iconography might not quite fit. Though they do have tons of lakes fwiw
  22. Try incorporating Disney somehow. This is why they're called the magic in the first place, right? I think they're not iconic because they have shied away from their roots