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  1. Alright yeah I like this. It's off-putting at first but so much less boring than the previous one. But this caught me all the way off guard at first.
  2. Alright now that I'm settling in, it's not too bad...I just don't like the fact that it's segmented.
  3. I've never loved a feature more than this one.
  4. I just grabbed a random image off Google from some 30 team playoff video.
  5. Is it me or did the NBA revert their change of the conference logos? Main source of evidence is 2K19 and 2K20. As a lot of people know, the 2K Sports team reuses logo assets from each game to game. Then, before 2K19 released, the NBA revealed their new standardized conference logos. They were subsequently updated in game. If you look behind the brackets, you can see the new logos. However, in 2K20... Look very closely behind the bracket once again, and you can see they've been reverted to the 1994 logos. Since 2K is known for reusing assets from the previous game I don't understand why they wouldn't carry over the new logos unless the league decided to revert back to them. Also not helping the case is I can't find any instance of the new logos on the NBA's website.
  6. Do you have a full size version of the "NFL CHAMPIONSHIP" logo?
  7. Should've also mentioned that I'd like them a lot more if they wore white socks. Or even experiment a little with yellow/gold socks?
  8. I can see it already. I just know they'll wear it at least twice next season.
  9. This right here. The only time a monochrome set looks bad is when it's head to toe one color. Sure, it's most likely worse than the team's usual getup, but some people here act like monochrome is the spawn of satan. Other than that, I can't think of a single valid reason why monochrome is bad, at least in regulation.