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  1. However, the Vegas gold Rams uniforms are actually good despite not tying into the helmet, and these new ones are far from it.
  2. This is an unsalvageable disaster.
  3. I'm gonna say it. I much prefer the busy uniforms of the 2000s, with piping, side panels, yokes, and all, over a lot of the "too simple" uniforms. I'd rather there be too much than not enough, like the current Jaguars.
  4. Was that the new Rams helmet right there? The curve being a lot less tight makes me think it is.
  5. Navy blue always looks unsaturated on the retail jerseys.
  6. ...Oh brother. Tell me, what was stopping them from doing this with the last set, which had 4 pants (including two white pants with different colored stripes) and 4 jerseys, just like the new set? They haven't shown me any evidence that they'd do this.
  7. The plain brown uniform was probably done because they didn't want an alt at all.
  8. Is the site shifting up and down for anyone else? Anytime I look at a thread and stop scrolling, the screen starts shifting up and down for about 15 seconds.
  9. Give the Wizards a couple years.
  10. I don't know about everyone else, but I've only seen Atlanta abbreviated as ATL. It's not some trendy local thing, it's what people use to abbreviate the city almost everywhere.
  11. I think the biggest problem with the Rams logo is that they forgot they were making a logo for a sports team. I feel like they were too concerned with adding symbols and "nike-speak" material instead of designing a quality mark. The logo just doesn't look like it belongs to a sports team, especially an NFL team.
  12. I'll say it now: While I like the new Chargers logo, I think the old bolt had a better shape, and the double blue made the powder blue pop a lot more. Without the navy in the logo, it feels...empty.