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  1. The idea, with the Old English font, was that it would really only be used in wordmark applications where it's big enough to be read (except for the main/helmet logo, of course). The primary font is actually the one on the bottom of the wordmark, Mudhead Serif. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. I'm sure some of you have seen a couple posts in this forum about the GSL (Gridiron Uniform Database Simulation League). I submitted a franchise to the league for the upcoming 2021 season and I've decided to share the design here in further detail. GSL - Louisville Lightning Colors LIGHTNING ROYAL: RGB - 0, 81, 153 CREAM: RGB - 255, 206, 147 STORM NAVY: RGB - 0, 51, 96 Primary Logo The primary mark for the team is a simple, old English L, with a lightning bolt behind it. I took inspiration from the Louisville Cardinals' use of the same old English L and put a twist on it. Secondary Logos The first alternate logo is a simple roundel with a lightning bolt breaking up the traditional circle. The second alternate is also a roundel, but is more akin to a shield. The stars and the Fleur-de-lis are taken from the former flag of the City of Louisville. Initially I had both of these logos combined, but it ended up being too busy, so I split them. Wordmark A combination of Old English MT on the top and Mudhead Serif. Home Uniforms: The primary home jerseys are Lightning Royal, with Northwestern stripes on the shoulders. Inside the largest stripe is a royal lightning bolt to differentiate these stripes from others like it. Inside the collar is the phrase "LOUISVILLE UNITED" and a lightning bolt on the collar. There are three pants options: Cream, White, and Royal, with the Royal pants having a different striping pattern to avoid the cream color coming in contact with white. Away Uniforms: White jerseys are similar to Royal jerseys with the same pants options. For the all white combination, a blue helmet with the striping pattern seen on the blue pants is introduced. Cream Alternate Jerseys: The cream jersey is slightly different from the others, with all striping on the jersey being blue except for the lightning bolts within the stripes and the collar. For these jerseys the alternate blue helmet is used. Storm Navy Alternate Uniform This design is a personal throwback to an earlier version of this team design. Similar to the Royal-White home combination except all royal is replaced with navy. Style Guide As I've put the design together I've put every logo variation, uniform, etc. together into a style guide, similar to the logo slicks used by NFL/NBA/etc. teams. That's the entire design set for the upcoming season. I may add other combinations or new jerseys/pants in the coming seasons, but this is what I have for now. Any feedback is appreciated, and you can find the link to my team page here:
  3. I feel like Portland would have the best court in basketball if they did alternating colors in the paint, or something similar to the rest of the apron.
  4. ...Monday Night Football, Week 1 of last season. They had to change the indicator from yellow to white at halftime.
  5. The font is Industry:
  6. Also, I've been thinking of ways to tone down FOX's overdone TD animation, so I whipped up one real quick just now. Instead of a giant pop-up from the bottom of the screen, the scoreboard stays mostly intact. One team box slides over, expands, and replaces the other, and the score number rotates in, like ESPN used to do a while back.
  7. Got bored so I decided to come back to this. Here's a WIP: Getting the correct angles for the 3D logos was a pain. Still not exactly correct but I can fix that.
  8. Vikings in color rush against the Cowboys later this season. Would've rather them wear the regular all purple but this is alright.
  9. -Cardinals all-red -Jets all-green w/ White socks -Panthers all-black w/ blue socks In my personal opinion these are all better than what these teams usually wear with their normal home jerseys. The color coordination for the Jets and Cardinals in particular works better in those looks than they do with white pants (may have something to do with the fact that those two sets aren't exactly good). Monochrome isn't my preferred look at all but I struggle to see how this could be considered unprofessional.
  10. I was wondering exactly what they were trying to do with this field art, until I remembered what took place the day before.
  11. If the no helmet rule disappears next season then I'll be expecting a navy helmet.
  12. I wish I could see what some of y'all see in monochrome that makes people hate it so much. Because I still don't get it.
  13. I'm sure not many of you remember, but before the 2019 season the Titans came out and said they thickened the numbers on the alternate blue uniforms to make them more visible. EDIT: Someone already linked to it.
  14. I don't know if it's the cameras or what, but the Cards uniforms look decent this year. I seriously don't know why.