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  1. I don't see why everyone hates the black. Who cares if it's BFBS, it doesn't look bad.
  2. I should’ve probably also mentioned that it CAN make a uniform bad, but it doesn’t automatically do so.
  3. People get way too uppity over ad patches. They don’t instantly make a uniform terrible.
  4. I started out like you did, then saw how nice traditional uniforms could look. The difference between me and the rest of this board is that I like both styles and I don't hate anything remotely modern.
  5. If you look at the graphics they use when they head to commercial break, you can see they're pretty different and kinda heavy on grays and shiny elements. I'm gonna go ahead and say that's what their next package looks like next season.
  6. ...If it's not today, then it'll be the beginning of next year.
  7. YES. We're finally going back to where we need to be.
  8. Really wish they kept the same font. Lowercase is beyond overused today.
  9. Why are all ASG uniforms black and white these days?
  10. Welcome to the boards. Monochrome is evil spawn of Satan.
  11. I hate Fox’s flat scoreboard. The only thing I like about it is the abundance of team colors. Other than that, it’s bland and has no identity whatsoever. It’s also absolutely atrocious on the eyes when a green/purple team is playing since the scoreboard has no borders. I’m not saying the one they had before is any good, but this one is definitely worse. If FOX is gonna do something modern, then modernize the 2000s banners (preferably the 2006-2009 one). And yeah, the Bears’ main problem is that their Navy is barely a blue at all. Wasn’t this way with Reebok.