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  1. I'll say this though: CBS tried their hardest to make flat design work in sports, and it's great. the gradient gives it the minimum amount of personality, and the outline actually makes it pop out and doesn't make the graphic bleed into the turf.
  2. I'm sorry but Fox's is terrible. Flat design doesn't work in on screen graphics. Especially when there's no outline on the bug.
  3. Currently working on a little update for the fox bug. Will post soon.
  4. If I had a way to animate it, I would. But I don't know how to animate either.
  5. The Down/Distance infobox is supposed to indicate which team has possession, just like CBS's current score banner.
  6. I got another one, this time for the NFL on FOX. This time I based the scorebug off the shape of the FOX NFL logo. It's similar to the 2014-2016 iteration except longer, features team logos, and of course is a different shape. D&D text color changes on 4th down to red. Also note the arrow at the bottom, which is a possession/flag/challenge indicator. Currently purple for the Vikings. Arrow at the bottom turns red and infobox indicates that Detroit is the team calling the challenge. Indicator arrow is solid yellow before announcing the flag. When the penalty is announced, half of the arrow changes to the color of the offending team, and penalty details are listed in the infobox. Touchdown animation. I noticed that for teams with a gold/yellow secondary color, it would be hard to distinguish a touchdown from a flag. So I made the flag indicator yellow brighter to differentiate it from the other team colors. Feedback appreciated as usual.
  7. A couple days ago I started working on a custom sports bug for CBS, and it turns out I really like doing this, so I'll be dropping pictures of the bugs below. CBS Scorebug Challenge Animation Flag Animation Touchdown Animation Feedback is appreciated.
  8. Even though CBS didn't reveal a new bug during the Super Bowl, I still think a new one is coming this season.
  9. Crazy how they have different designs but they're all exactly the same. Like, I don't want to be that person, but why are companies opting to look exactly like each other? At least the older ones, while dated and still similar, were somewhat unique from each other.
  10. Every single recent rebrand uses that same font. When does it end?
  11. I don't see why everyone hates the black. Who cares if it's BFBS, it doesn't look bad.
  12. I should’ve probably also mentioned that it CAN make a uniform bad, but it doesn’t automatically do so.
  13. People get way too uppity over ad patches. They don’t instantly make a uniform terrible.