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  1. For anyone wondering if 2k21 would show uniform changes, it does not. Even the hawks and hornets are the same as last year.
  2. The uniforms are flawless. Easily in the top 5 in the league. And I might be a biased hawks fan, but this I’ve absolutely hated the last two looks. The hawks finally look like the hawks again.
  3. I wouldn’t call it testing it out. Plenty of g league teams match their nba counterpart. The skyhawks were just formed before the uniform redesign process was done. The second these were unveiled we knew what the hawks uniforms would look like. People just didn’t really talk about it
  4. There’s no such thing as primary. There’s 3 equal jerseys. And we know there won’t be because the g league team doesn’t have any black on it
  5. I imagine the numbers will be red and the word mark will be Atlanta. Or ATL though that will probably be saved for the red one.
  6. It’s the statement jersey. The “human highlight” stuff is in regard to going with the throwback color scheme of the Dominique Wilkins era (even though they didn’t wear a black jersey when he was on the team). There will be a white and red version as well. The white will 99.9% look like this. Which is fantastic!
  7. The team is always chasing relevance so they rebrand a lot to start a “new era in hawks basketball”. Hopefully now that they have a player like Trae Young to brings the franchise relevance, this look sticks.
  8. Finally. I've been waiting to get update for a long time. Next stop, complete redesign.
  9. @aawagner011 where did you find those images?
  10. Pretty sure the rule is it has to be
  11. I did this with the Falcons. I would love something like this going into the new stadium
  12. I didn't think they had been designed yet