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  1. Same here. When Carolina joined the league there were already four other teams whose primary colors were red and black (Chicago, Buffalo, New Jersey, and Ottawa). Then there were three more teams whose primary color was red (Calgary, Detroit, and Montreal). And still two more teams whose primary colors were reddish (Colorado and Florida). The last thing the league needed was more red. Add in a nickname that doesn't really lend itself to logo-ization, and you're left with defining features like... an interesting hemline. And italicized names and numbers (also already used by Buffalo and Calgary... two of the other red/black teams with unique hemlines).
  2. My dude, Rob Ford is no longer among the living.
  3. Oh sweet mother of pearl do I love that uniform. I mean, I still hate the name, which is dumb beyond dumb. But that jersey and that logo... oh yeah, that's the stuff.
  4. Okay, I hate the name but the "S" logo is siiiiiiiick.
  5. These ST caps are HILARIOUS. How did they make it through the concept phase? If you handed me the Red Sox hat and asked me to explain it to you, without having seen the other caps, I'd have no idea what it was supposed to be. Just looks like the normal logo with a couple random splotches of white.
  6. Not enough can be said about how dumb those stupid swooshes look. I thought they looked bad at every reveal, but now seeing them tarnish my beloved Red Sox home whites is just... depressing. I think the Phillies and Royals ones might be the worst. It looks like the "P" and "R" have an accent mark.
  7. The Kachina was a fantastic design ruined by crappy SD broadcasting, where it looked jumbled and dark. It looks so much better with modern HD broadcasts. I also think that modern uniform cuts suit the Kachina.
  8. In the same vein as the Tigers' one-off alternate, I'd love to see a list of games that the Red Sox wore their red and white alternate caps, which were introduced in 1997 and promptly abandoned. I know that the red hats were worn on a few occasions - or at least, more than once. I actually owned one of these. It was noteworthy because the "B" was white, and not blue, like the throwback hats that could be bought at the time. The white hats, on the other hand, I can only definitely remember being worn once. This was the game that the new mascot, Wally the Green Monster, was introduced (and roundly booed). This was 04/13/1997, and it was billed as "Kid's Day" or something to that effect. I don't recall the white hats ever being worn after that.
  9. My favorite thing about Piazza on the Marlins is that while his time with the Marlins only amounted to .245% of his career plate appearances, he did pick up 12.5% of his career triples!
  10. Wow, I have no memory of the Cardinals ever not having front uniform numbers. I've seen the McGwire record-setting home run a million times, and in fact own that book thing Sporting News made, but would have bet every cent in my bank account that that uniform had numbers on the front. This feels like a Berenstein/Berenstain Bears thing here...
  11. In the same vein: Cam Neely, for the non-hockey people. 10 seasons with the Bruins, his last came in these things.
  12. This is probably buried somewhere in this thread, but maybe this will come as news to somebody other than me: this weekend I was watching this clip of an old Cam Neely fight from 1993: This clip seemed really strange to me, because the game is clearly not at the Boston Garden or the Spectrum. But the game took place in the middle of the season, so it wasn't a pre-season game or anything. It turns out that for the 1993-94 NHL season, there were 26 neutral site games, and the game that this clip is from was one of them (at the Target Center in Minneapolis). Apparently these games served as test games for future league expansion. I have no recollection of this at all! Anyways, here's a link to the full list of games, with locations and attendance figures:–94_NHL_season#Neutral_site_games Man, some of those games were very poorly attended. It's pretty understandable, though. How many people in Minneapolis are going to trudge out to a late-season match-up between Winnipeg and Ottawa?
  13. These jerseys just SCREAM "focus grouped". Four people said they didn't like the color yellow, five said they didn't like the color brown, but hey, everybody likes blue! That means they'll buy blue stuff! BLUE AND WHITE IT IS! And I guarantee you some marketing stooge primarily used the adjective "clean" when referring to the set. It's really hard to get angry at something so blase, but you've done the trick, San Diego.
  14. Hah, right on cue, the Portland Pirates brought back their original away jersey as an alternate. edit: trying to quote my original post in this thread, but failed. My work computer cannot handle this site, for whatever reason.