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  1. I found a Nike Borussia Dortmund 1998-2000 home jersey on ebay. My size and unopened in bag. Had to get it. Hope it is legit though but the seller seemed honest and the pictures were good. For reference, this is the jersey. The best in the clubs history in my opinion.
  2. I would love to see Real trying something other than a white kit. Gets boring after a while.
  3. That Barca Football jersey makes me really want an NFL Team to try out a striped jersey like that. Maybe the Falcons can one day get a black and red striped alternate with white numbers.
  4. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2018/10/juventus-19-20-home-kit.html Barca in checkers, Inter with diagonal stripes. Juve without stripes. Next season will be weird.
  5. Doesn't change the fact that Germany was the home team for this match and should have insisted on wearing black shorts.
  6. Germany and France are playing today in monochrome white and blue respectively. There is absolutely no reason and no excuse for this. Horrible.
  7. It's an unconventional look for Dresden but I do like it. I've also seen pictures on their official Facebook where this jersey was paired with white socks. Looks pretty good.
  8. I absolutely do not get FIFA's clash rules. Where is the problem when shorts and socks have a similar or the same color? Almost everybody uses the shirt alone to distinguish the teams. In 2002 white vs. yellow was the World Cup final, both paired with dark shorts. In 2014 Germany was not allowed to wear all white vs Brazil, but why? Look at this Bundesliga matchup. Both teams wear black shorts. And both teams also have black raglan sleeves. But it was no problem because the main color was different. Why are FIFA nowadays making such a big fuss about small clashes? That is totally needless. Assign each team a home and a secondary COMBINATION of shirt, shorts and socks. And just like in FIFA video games there should be absolutely no mixing of parts between the sets.
  9. What is it with Wolfsburg and the giant X on the jersey? Not the first time they are using it.
  10. I can not imagine any FA allowing these kits. What if they play against any team with a white kit? No way to avoid a clash even with the blue back.
  11. Yeah, the Orioles have been using this Logo since 2012 according to the mothership.
  12. I like it on the left side. You see 20 drivers at once and that alone makes it more practical and more informative for the viewer.
  13. It was the most recent once but not the only one. Patriots also drastically changed their look and color scheme in the 90s.
  14. Why are FIFA rules so unnecessarily complicated? They need to relax those rules a lot and allow the teams and manufacturers more freedom!
  15. It's a big shame. The old logo is absolutely iconic and probably one of the most well known logos in the world period. Of the three choices the one that apparently got the nod is the best of the bunch. But I will surely miss the classic logo. Having said that. There are much bigger problems in F1 that Liberty Media must fix, the logo wasn't one of them.
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