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  1. Yeah, I think that adding a couple of stars here and there would clear up that problem for Huntsville, and I think I just will redo the Montgomery logo all together. Thank you!
  2. P.S. I would like to know how to change the topic name so people know that this is an ongoing series, thanks to any responses.
  3. Sorry again for not posting for a while, but I was able to crank out a logo that I think is one of the best ones I have created: The Huntsville Rockets. Named for the Rocket city of Huntsville, the Rockets are and have been very successful in the past, winning 16 championships since their inception in the leagues creation in 1936, even winning an astonishing 6 in a row from 1991-1997. Their main logo also doubles as their cap logo. Production might be slow again, but I am hoping to get another team done in time for next week.
  4. Here we have the Mobile Rainmen. Established in 1963, the Rainmen have experienced moderate success throughout there years, winning three championships in 1974, 1979, and 2007. As of recent, though the team has been stuck in mediocrity as of recent, just missing out on the playoffs last season.
  5. Request granted! I would like to apologize as I have been pretty preoccupied with school and home life, but I do have an edit to the Vigilantes logo as requested:
  6. Next team! We have the city of Montgomery, and since it was the center of the civil rights movement, I named the team the vigilantes. Joining the league right after the civil rights movement in 1972, the Vigilantes were seen regularly in the playoffs for many years, but were only able to provide 2 championships since their inception. Cap Logo
  7. I found myself to be pretty bored over this spring break, so I decided to crank out some concepts, and I find that baseball logos are some of the most fun to create, so I decided to create some leagues, and if this catches on, I will make more of these and the leagues that will stretch across the United States. I can't decide whether to make each league 8 or 12 teams, maybe some suggestions? Please, if you're going to say something negative, please suggest on how to correct it instead of just saying it's bad, it's greatly appreciated. I plan on cranking out one of these every few days, so we start with the largest city in Alabama, Birmingham. Famous for their steel production, Birmingham joined the league at the beginning, in 1936, and found themselves to be pretty successful, winning 15 championships in 80 years. Main Logo Cap Logo
  8. As requested by NOppenheimer We have two new legend cards, a serious one and a joke one, and they are also Madden Mobile. Keep up the suggestions, but take note that I am better at MUT than Madden Mobile, so you are welcome to request madden mobile, but you will get better quality with Madden Ultimate Team New Cards released tomorrow! I would also like to say that upcoming cards will be based off of NFL Players and some of the football cards that have been released for that player, so if you want to make suggestions for players you want to see, make suggestions in the comments below! Peyton Manning 2013 And we have General Mills
  9. Hello Users! This thread is for posting Madden Ultimate Team Concept cards, as I saw this was the best fit for posting these. So far I am hoping to draw ideas from the game, real life football cards, or even some comments posted by users like you. Hopefully this is able to keep going, and I will be able to post cards along the way. 1st off I have some Legends from 1970, the players are Bobby Bell, Carl Eller, John Brodie, and Dick Gordon. I will also post the corresponding sets needed to complete these imaginary cards. So here's the first in hopefully a long series: Bobby Bell and Dick Gordon! Comments and Constructive Criticism are also welcome, as long as they make suggestions on how to improve this or future cards.
  10. Team #2: Billings SC (Nickname: Wizards) Montana isn't particularly known for hosting good sports teams, but the one exception is Billings SC, known as the Wizards in their hometown based on the nickname of Billings as The Magic City. Billings is known to be one of the most prosperous teams in the league, hosting a ridiculous 23 championships since their beginning as one of the surviving original teams from the league's creation in 1902.
  11. Hello lovers of all things concept, this is jrad523 with a new concept series, the United States Soccer Coalition. Background will be provided for all existing teams and for the league itself, and comments and criticism are welcome to the thread, hopefully the files will show up this time, and ideas for new cities/teams are welcome to be said, and hopefully a number of teams will soon be reached for teams, maybe somewhere around 64, but anyway, to the background. (Some people may be fictional for the sake of providing good background, and some facts may be incorrect, so please note this when commenting). With the booming soccer leagues taking Europe by storm, the United States was particularly lacking in the great sport, so founder of the league Brian Hall, and other major city mayors came together to found one of the first great soccer leagues, the USSC. People were not interested in the league at first, as the sport was relatively unknown at this time, but after changes to more compliment the fans, and adding some teams to more major cities, the league was up and running in no time, and has been flourishing ever since, adding more teams as the cities grew, making it one of the more popular leagues in the country. Team #1: Carson City SC (Nickname: Explorers) Carson City was just beginning to boom and was the Capital of Nevada when they got their team, and was immediately dubbed the Explorers after the explorers that founded the city itself. Fans of the Explorers are rabid and won't stop at anything to help their team win, and no one is more upset when their team loses. The Explorers initially were the punching bags of the league, but have had a resurgence, but then going on to have rollercoaster years, winning 6 championships in the process.
  12. The many colors and diversity of teams is nice
  13. Really nice lettering for all of the stadiums, but I also have a question about not starting my own topics as I cannot start my own topics, please help
  14. I feel like the Rangers logo has alot of stuff going on, but it works well. Good job hinting on all of the eras
  15. Most of the kelley green eagles stuff I see on this site doesn't work as well as this does. I like the contrast between black with kelley green lining.