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  1. Late movie + 5am flight = 30 min of sleep https://t.co/gzwS7QOtvE

  2. pumped to see @DanielArsham 's Lunar Garden

  3. RT @archillect: https://t.co/jM2QWUauIf

  4. @kanyewest OG collab was the LV Don... it all makes sense now. #MAG @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/UBZYug69zy

  5. RT @solestrike: Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Oreo" (FREE AUTO-CHECKOUT GIVEAWAY) NEW WINNER Selected EVERY DAY! ⚡️ ENTER NOW: https://t.co/…

  6. If someone can explain @realDonaldTrump pick for the EPA- please get me off this ledge.

  7. Mitt Rom for Sec of State? Let's hope not? #draintheswamp

  8. Keep fighting, #StandingRock - #NoDAPL

  9. @Janessanichole unrelated- but these are a thing and they are gods gift to colds. https://t.co/eeoQSTyUxm

  10. @YachtClubCasuaI @HardyPartyMarty @HomeDepot talk about an approach. He at least needs a hashtag so he can explain himself

  11. @realDonaldTrump is still tweeting about his sore-win. Cmon, get off twitter and start working with your bil.$ cabinet #goodMorningAmerica

  12. @cassadymcmillan hahaha stealing a remote is pretty evil. #gobucks

  13. @adina_lieblich @malik_da_man235 @KithSet I checked out at 11:01-- praying to kithGod now

  14. RT @DanielArsham: I'm prob gon be deported cause I'm an alien.