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  1. Oh lord, the Bucks might win an NBA championship wearing black uniforms on tuesday
  2. Just looked at the remaining schedule on lockervision and I'm speechless at how absurd the 2nd round uniform matchups are 18/28 or 64% of the possible 28 games are a black uniform vs a white uniform. the ENTIRE LAC vs UTA series is black vs white. Discounting the ATL vs PHI series, 17/21 games are black uniform vs white uniform for BKN vs MIL, DEN vs PHX, and UTA vs LAC Only ONE game of the possible 28 is a home team in white vs a road team in color. What the F
  3. Do referees not have an alternate shirt? Westbrook just passed the ball directly to a ref, which is semi-understandable considering both the Wizards and refs are wearing grey with dark accessories (e.g, arm bands).
  4. On the Warriors tonight, there is something so incredibly irritating about a team wearing a uniform in a PLAYOFF game with a) a city name they don't even play in (not to mention they've never been called the OAKLAND Warriors), and b) uniform colors that aren't in their primary logo. I just imagine casual watchers tuning in and being like WTF? Golden State Warriors in yellow and blue... Why Oakland? Aren't they in SF? Please ban city uniforms from the playoffs... God I miss the days before Nike so much.
  5. I wonder if the NBA is going to do anything about the length of shorts. I've noticed a lot of younger players are rolling the waistband down - It's a really bad look since you can see the tag on the back... short shorts are back!
  6. The way the uniforms are spread throughout the season is baffling. Nets wore their throwback SIX times in January but won't be wearing them in all of February. Why not 3x a month??
  7. Simple way to improve Rockets uniform. Really can’t stand the number font they currently use (2013 Pacers)
  8. I am exhausted trying to keep up with all these uniforms... Good example of the chaos that Nike has instilled: on MLK day this year the Rockets play in Chicago against the Bulls. The Bulls are wearing their black city uniform and the Rockets will be in white and red, essentially looking like the Bulls from far away to the casual fan. What's funny is that any of the other options for the Rockets don't really work either. The red and black uniform would look like the Bulls, the black uniform can't be used bc the Bulls are in black, and the Rockets city uniform is powder blue, white, and red... coincidentally colors of the Chicago flag. Rockets really need to add another accent color like yellow. There are too many red/black/white teams now. Houston, Toronto, Chicago, Portland are too homogenous. Rockets would look most similar to new Hawks unis if they added more yellow , but this has some historical accuracy at least - those two teams had the same color scheme for much of their history. As a Rockets fan who loves the Hakeem era look, I'm very jealous of those new Hawks unis.
  9. Love this concept from /u/wtfitzjdoggwha on /r/rockets I feel the uniform is lacking any kind of 'Houston' identity to it other than the plainly obvious H-TOWN. Also I would give a kidney for the Rockets to ditch the Paul George Pacers number font. The '3' especially is hard to look at and doesn't match the H-TOWN font at all
  10. just realized all 8 teams left in the playoffs has a black uniform. black uniforms, so hot right now...
  11. Typefaces on a uniform are typically pretty consistent right? I will never understand what happened to the Rockets... 2003-2010: Number typeface matches 'Rockets' after 2010: Adidas introduces Revolution 30 uniforms, for some reason the Rockets switch their number typeface to same one the Indiana Pacers were using: Fast forward to 2019... Nike... new uniforms... and the Rockets STILL don't change this font. The Pacers don't even use it anymore... WTF This just comes across as so lazy, no attention to detail. For the love of god, please change the number to something blockier that matches 'ROCKETS' better. The '3' is such an eyesore.
  12. they should have swapped it and done the player messages in the style of underneath the number. the last names are more easily read than the messages. im having to stretch my neck to read a vertically arched 'Black Lives Matter' . i dont know why this is so hard
  13. wtf is wrong with nike man. clippers in white against the lakers in yellow. how do the clippers not wear blue? teams always wore a solid color against the lakers on the road. barf
  14. Rockets were scheduled to wear their throwbacks against Orlando last night and wore the regular white uniforms...how does this happen??
  15. Just checked, Lockervision has been updated and now Jan 31 shows the regular Rockets court. That got axed quickly haha.
  16. Yeah, especially in the hip hop community. You see it everywhere nowadays.
  17. So I checked each lockervision for each 'classic' game and stumbled upon this gem: Friday, January 31st vs Dallas: What's that court? Let's take a closer look: The Rockets are too cheap to have a throwback court, but willing to have a special Chinese new year court... lol. This court is scheduled for a few home games after Jan 25. I wonder if this is will be axed after the Morey debacle.
  18. Hey Rockets fans its flashback friday, we'll give you uniforms but changing the court is too much to ask. Come on... literally every team in the league has had a matching throwback court for the classic unis.
  19. Looking at lockervision, Rockets opponents for "city" uniform games will be wearing red and black at times. This fact combined with the press statement that the city unis would be "out of this world", is a white NASA collaboration uniform out of the question?
  20. lakers wearing yellow on the road with black accessories clippers wearing blue at home court is black im going to vomit
  21. side panels and shorts are so basic and boring. why did they ditch the gemini rocket motif and the dark red trim?? there's so much room to do something cool and unique, and the rockets come out with a basic and uninspiring design. its sad how much better concepts you find on the internet are. they didn't change the number font either?? still using the one they stole from the pacers. it doesn't match the ROCKETS wordmark it drives me crazy how fan requests fall on deaf ears. EVERYONE wants the return of some mustard, and the rockets put a black side panel on the red uniform? we look too much like portland and toronto. the throwback is fun, but its one season, and its not permanent. /rant
  22. #1 Priority of the Offseason for Nike - Get the Lakers back in GOLD.
  23. Miami really needs to bring these back next season. I hope Nike isn't strict about the city jerseys changing every season.
  24. The difference in the uniforms he actually wore and the ones hanging in the rafters is mildly infuriating. also look how GOLD those uniforms are
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