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  1. Stars have been playing a fast style. Throughout the playoffs, they've been great offensively so I don't find it surprising. I just hope this series goes to at least six games.
  2. Has it been announced when the uniforms will be officially revealed?
  3. I never liked the plume and cape in this logo. It just always seemed like too much. The unused logo corrected it by shrinking the cape size so both elements weren't competing for attention. The face and helmet design looks like something from before the 90's. The 2007 logo was average at best, but at least it was more up-to-date.
  4. Just remember, Tampa Bay went away with their Super Bowl set around 2014 (granted they obviously went back to them due to backlash of the alarm clock ones). Seattle's uniforms aren't going to stand the test of time, so I'm thinking that they'll change it up in the future. Hot take (maybe?): The Seahawk blue of the 2000's was amazing.
  5. They've been a one-man team and with Kawhi not on his game, they aren't that dangerous. This is the Lakers' title to lose.
  6. I thought they were white at first, but remembered they're bone. They have the same issue Seattle has with their greys. I love how bright that blue is though.
  7. The FOX score bug needs the abbreviations in that negative space. I remember seeing them used for the XFL, but I don't know why they're absent with the NFL.
  8. I shuddered when I saw that Brandoise was overseeing it. They love using silly adjective nouns.
  9. If they get rid of Dynamo, you can almost guarantee it will be something along the lines of United, FC, or SC. I don't know what color scheme they would come up with, but I would think of it as a downgrade given the rarity of orange in MLS.
  10. So the Raiders draft a guy (Lynn Bowden) in the third round and trade him to Miami before he ever gets to play. They got a future fourth rounder out of it. I'm not complaining, but it really doesn't make much sense on the Raiders' end.
  11. Mississippi went from being a bottom-dwelling flag to moving toward the upper half. I like the magnolia, but of course the text brings it down a bit.
  12. Houston couldn't have afforded to lose that. They gave up a lot for Westbrook and considering no one is far and away the best in the league right now, I think this is their best shot at a title. Rockets-Lakers should be fun.
  13. Colorado getting blown out 23-5 by the Giants. At least Rockies fans didn't have to see it in person.
  14. The silver numbers don't look bad, but when it comes to what's easier to read from a distance, black is the right choice.
  15. They tried adding something, only to subtract another. Feels a little pointless IMO.
  16. Nice no-hitter by Giolito. Of course it came against Pittsburgh.
  17. Weren't the Clippers pondering an identity overhaul a year or two ago? I don't remember who mentioned it, but it was on these boards. It doesn't seem like there will be any change for next season given the draft hats, but maybe they're just experimenting with the alternate uniforms?
  18. It wouldn't surprise me if Golden State shopped that 2nd pick for a star player from a lesser team.
  19. I don't think anyone expected both top seeds to lose their first game of the series, especially Milwaukee against Orlando.
  20. Okay, why does "In God We Trust" need to be on the flag?
  21. If 2018 didn't happen, I would still be calling the Caps total playoff disappointments.
  22. Comparing it to the other red teams, St. Louis' red is definitely "pinker" (and more hard on the eyes). At first I thought they were trying to mimic their baseball club, but this red is notably brighter than the Cardinals'.
  23. There aren't many red-dominant teams in the league so this is nice. The crest is average; I think it could've included another color. No strong opinion on the name.