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  1. Is that also the new home uniform or is it just the royal throwbacks? Would be rather weird to pair the new cap with the current throwbacks unless it's a manufacturing error.
  2. I think switching the red and black around would give this set more life, but I won't complain too much. The worst offenders have been dealt with.
  3. So they will have a home/away/cream alt/throwbacks? Assuming they add a navy alt along with them, that sounds like it could be a lot of uniforms... I'm not sure I like that.
  4. The newer one is actually cleaner than the older one by design. That being said, it's still a slight downgrade because like mentioned, it originally focused more on two letters forming a ball in a glove. The new one feels more focused on looking like a ball in a glove and then two letters forming it. I can still live with it though. At least they finally picked between the M wheat and BiG; I hated how they were BOTH used equally. Fun fact: The stitching in the old BiG logo is very similar to the one in the Phillies' throwback logo.
  5. Almost feels like Michigan State always loses the Champions Classic to the other top programs (Kentucky, Kansas, Duke (mostly Duke)).
  6. It's an okay update, but the slogan doesn't need to be there. It just looks like unnecessary clutter.
  7. The name is dumb, but that's just Brandiose's thing. I completely expect it every time I hear they are responsible for the designing process of a new identity. I don't hate the logos, but there's too many and some are a little too detailed, which was already brought up. But at least they say Montana... Right? What? You don't like the anthropomorphic animal with the grinning teeth and menacing stare all the time?
  8. I've been hearing about that around the Nationals. What's the big deal? Is it another meme the Gen Z kids made up?
  9. I did too, but that look needed a cleanup at the very least. Oh well, bring on the silly.
  10. The "Reds" script and the numbers don't match. They both have black drop shadow, but the numbers have a red outline between the white and black. I hate it.
  11. Wild finish, Washington. I had them losing every playoff series they were in, including the Wild Card. I would not have thought of them as World Series champions at the start of the season. Most "experts" had them finishing behind Philadelphia and Atlanta in the division. This is nuts. I missed the Capitals parade last year... I might be able to attend this one!
  12. I'm happy that Brees avoided the Dolphins. He's had a successful career in New Orleans, with a franchise that has properly built around him. He hasn't gone through multiple head coaches and has managed to win a Super Bowl for a city that IMO, deserved it more than anywhere else at the time. He's carved out a legacy down there and the fans truly appreciate him. If he went to Miami, he would mimic almost everything from Marino's career. I had no faith in that Dolphins' brass and all they would've done was waste Brees' career. He deserves better than that.
  13. So they're just slapping the ball-in-glove in a roundel and calling it a day? Weak.
  14. At least they took two games from the series. I think they already exceeded expectations.
  15. I'd be really disappointed if they just chose to recolor the throwbacks with navy and call it a day. This is especially if they choose to continue wearing the actual royal blue throwbacks along with the "new" navy primaries. Both of the uniforms would practically be the same uniform, just in different colors.
  16. It's the navy uniforms, guys! It's the navy uniforms!
  17. As mentioned, no Yankees title in the 2010's. We did it, gang! We survived the decade. Jokes aside, I'm happy to see the Astros create and add on to their own legacy. There's no negatives for me in this series; I just want it to be fun. Give me a game between the former Tigers aces, Scherzer and Verlander!
  18. I don't like it when teams wear alternates more than average, but the Nationals' navy ones are arguably better than the rest of their uniforms. I wish there was a white version of them. Make those the homes and it would match perfectly with the roads.
  19. Cardinals don't belong here. They only got this far because Atlanta is cursed to never move past the NLDS. I think the Nats are a legit threat to New York or Houston, but I'm not favoring them.
  20. I haven't been watching football this season (and wow, it is refreshing), but I got a notification on my phone that Rosen was benched in the 2nd half of the game against the Redskins. This was after I got another notification that the Dolphins were going to make him the starter throughout the rest of the season. I'm not the biggest Rosen fan, but man, this guy has not had a great start to his career. Being drafted by a team that wasn't any good and then abandoned immediately a season later, traded to a team that is even worse. Miami also doesn't seem to see him as their future guy, which further proves the point that he's been set up to fail. I know it's business, but I feel bad for him.
  21. I hope the brown isn't too dark. I don't want instances where it looks black during night games.
  22. Oh, wow... Lol okay. None of these things were suppose to happen. This was suppose to be predictable (or maybe it really was). I'm rooting for the Nats from here on out, but the fear of a STL-NYY World Series is becoming more imminent.
  23. Pitching Verlander on short rest wasn't very wise. Might cost them the series, but at least it goes back to Houston.
  24. The Kelly green looked great during the Wild Card game. However, the problem I have with the color is that half the time, it turns into a mucky or limey shade under certain lighting. This is more evident in their older Kelly green uniforms during the 1970's. The Minnesota North Stars had this issue as well, where their uniforms looked olive rather than Kelly. The Philadelphia Eagles used to look lime sometimes when they wore their Kelly green uniforms.
  25. Need to see how it's used on TV. Was the old one suppose to be a ticket? That's what it always looked like to me.