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  1. I'm just going to guess that it'll be a more dark royal, kinda like the Giants. They could definitely screw up the uniforms, but they couldn't possibly screw up on the colors. The fact that the Colosseum logo is in royal and gold has me optimistic.
  2. Another championship with either Alabama OR Clemson in it. So I guess with a 0-3 record, Ohio State is Dabo's b***h.
  3. It's not Oklahoma's fault that the rest of the Big 12 can't beat them. I'd argue anyone else would've lost to LSU handily, but at least it would've been someone new.
  4. I never like it when the jersey script and numbers are the same color as the base. Outline or not, they still don't look like they go together. Maybe the Angels' red jerseys would look better with a white script and numbers, but I don't know. I also think their caps should be navy. I don't care if they look like Boston; they wouldn't be the first team to look like another.
  5. My favorite probably would've been the food themes in minor league baseball, but it started to get a little old after more and more teams jumped on board. The 1990's and 2000's brought upon some ugly designs and dreary color trends, so it was nice to see some teams move away from that and adopt brighter colors or just simply bring back historic looks (Buffalo Bills, Pittsburgh Penguins, Toronto Blue Jays, etc.). My least favorite is either chromed helmets in football or the sleeved uniforms in the NBA. The only chromed helmet I remember not hating was TCU's, but every other one is like wearing a mirror around your head. I haven't seen any NBA team wear sleeves for a while now so I'm hoping that's been put to rest. I'm not sure what the marketing speech around that was.
  6. Forget Michigan, Miami is in much worse shape as a football program. I don't see them returning to prominence any time soon. What a disgrace.
  7. Hey, food options can sometimes make for great logos. Take the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs of the Atlantic League, for example.
  8. Some of these are a little cringeworthy.
  9. The head looks too small on the full body logo. I never cared for it for that reason alone.
  10. Is there a reason the Dolphins are currently behind the Giants in the draft order? They beat us... Do they not go by head-to-head? Or is it based on the schedule somehow?
  11. God, it looks worse on Washington. Not only are the crest and the numbers not on the same level, they add the swoosh in there which is higher than the crest. It makes the entire front of the jersey unbalanced. It's a total mess.
  12. They had a mascot for that, didn't they? I don't know if it was official or not but it was a thing.
  13. It's obviously some dark omen for them replacing that otherwise fine ballpark.
  14. I was concerned from the start after it was announced that there would be a team with LeBron James and Anthony Davis on it.
  15. Just be glad we don't have to see the Knicks this time. GS and NO are bad because of obvious reasons (mostly GS).
  16. I'm just wondering about the placement of these. Are they going to have the Grand Canyon sign around the northern boundaries of the state? Or like the Saguaro State Park one around Interstate 19 and the southern boundaries?
  17. I've always liked the curved bolt on the helmet, but it's never been a strong primary logo. Using an updated version of the old shield logo sounds fine. Honestly though, I'm just happy for the return of powder blue. Are new uniforms in order along with the apparent logo change?
  18. Mike Brown is almost never involved with the team. That's the only reason I could think of as to why they haven't changed uniforms yet.
  19. That actually isn't too bad of an update, looking at that one. But why six?
  20. Anthony Rendon to the Angels; 7 years, 245 million. That's nuts... No way Washington would've been able to retain him and Strasburg. The Angels really needed pitching, but with Cole already signed...
  21. They just have to win a title now, don't they? Their core (Judge, Sanchez, Torres) are all in their prime and now they have one of the best pitchers in baseball. There shouldn't be any excuses if they come up short. But yeah, 9 years worth 324 Million? Christ.
  22. The Wolves' uniforms are okay, but they don't fit the team identity IMO. I felt like these would've been a great improvement for Dallas, but anything would be good for them right now.
  23. It's odd not seeing Alabama in the New Year's Six. Refreshing, but still odd. If they lose the Citrus Bowl, does that still make Michigan's season a complete disappointment? I know they lost to OSU again and finished with three losses, but it's still Nick Saban and Alabama... Tua or not.