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  1. The Twins' "new" unis would look better with cream.
  2. Can someone please tell me what's the deal with McSorley and his curved stick? I have no idea what's wrong with it and how it has planted a curse on Canadian teams.
  3. Sorta. Find your image and copy the link. Go to the reply box. Find something that looks like a photo of a tree, then click on it. Paste the URL and press OK. You did it.
  4. ^lol ikr (damnit, new page)
  5. For any team that I support that does not live in the locale; here's why: Man City: Used to like Utd (lolwut). Found out City was rising up with the $$$, I jumped bandwagons from that point on. WVU: No idea. It started with the monogram logo. Then the 70-33. Then the obnoxious shirts. Bosnia-Herzegovina: The names. Dzeko, Pjanic, Begovic, Ibisevic and many others. Funny how there isn't any Oregon coverage (even Washington for that matter) on any of the TSN feeds.
  6. Are you a Flames fan in Edmonton? Do you have a "second team"? Are you "that person" who hates the team in his locale? How do you support your team while living on the other side of the country? Discuss here.
  7. Some of us. Check concepts or requests. Unrelated, but how do we deal with "bad trolls" on here?
  8. Nah. Very close resemblance in insanity though.
  9. Wait, they use silver? Fake edit: It's only a trim color, no one really cares unless it's like ZOMG BIG SILVER RACING STRIPES such as the old Mets jerseys.
  10. AAAAAAAAND.... this PAC 14 North Oregon, Oregon St, Boise St, Washington, Washington St, Utah, BYU South UCLA, USC, Cal, Stanford, Hawaii, Arizona, Arizona St Big 8 (logical) Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Colorado, Nevada, UNLV, Baylor American East Carolina, South Florida, UCF, Temple, Houston, Rice, Tulsa, Tulane, Memphis, Cincinatti B1G (16) West Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Iowa St, Mizzou, Kansas, K-State East Indiana, Notre Dame, Purdue, Michigan, Michigan St, Ohio St, Illinois, Northwestern (???) ACC Atlantic Virginia Tech, Virginia, Syracuse, Pitt, Duke, Florida St, North Carolina, Penn St Coastal UConn, NC State, Wake Forest, Maryland, Miami, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Boston College SEC West A&M, Arkansas, LSU, Ole Miss, Miss St, Alabama, Auburn East Georgia, Carolina, Kentucky, Louisville, Florida, Tennessee, Vanderbilt Independents West Virginia, Air Force, Army, Navy, TCU, Rutgers *Not treating the MWC like the Big East
  11. The Ducks' new away unis are ugly because of the black yoke.
  12. Most monikers (M's, Vols) are dumb and forced.
  13. There are no status updates to display

  14. Everything is pointless. POWAH FIEV REASSEMBEL! BIGPAC16 North/West Washington Washington St Boise St Oregon Oregon St Hawaii Cal Stanford South/East UCLA USC Arizona Arizona St Texas Texas Tech Oklahoma Oklahoma St Mountain West Mountain Wyoming Colorado Colorado St Air Force Utah Utah St BYU West Nevada UNLV Fresno St SDSt SJSt TCU New Mexico B1G West Nebraska Minnesota Wisconsin Kansas Kansas St Iowa Iowa St Mizzou East Purdue Indiana Notre Dame Northwestern Illinois Michigan Michigan St Ohio St ACC Atlantic West Virginia Virginia Tech Virginia North Carolina Duke Florida St Pitt Penn St Syracuse Coastal NCSt Wake Forest Georgia Tech Miami Clemson UConn Boston College Rutgers Maryland SEC West Baylor A&M Arkansas LSU Ole Miss Miss State Alabama Auburn East Carolina Georgia Florida Tennessee Vanderbilt Kentucky Louisville Cincinatti
  15. Should we gravedig that thread or carry on here?
  16. If New Era is trying to crap out more Diamond Era hats on the shelves than the regularsmake you feel dumb because they probably damaged or swapped size on your hat before it was shipped to your housecreate "new technology" kind of whatnotpromote the DE hats to primary usepromote retros more than the primariesmake a run for your money(trying to fill something in since the thread was merged)
  17. inb4 a star player is charged for allegedly killing someone to me, this seems more realistic than it ever was
  18. Fantasy football is like drugs. There's no real accomplishment, and you keep on doing it anyway. You then obsess over it too much that you become crazy, and then you go to based fantasy football rehab. Once you come back, you either obsess more than you ever did, checking your team day and night that you become insane again, or just forget about it and go on with your life.
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