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  1. My rankings: 1: Oregon 2: Alabama 3: Florida State 4: TCU (barely) ------------------------ 5: Miss State 6: Ohio State 7: Baylor
  2. Charlie Coyle, right wing. Always seemed off to me.
  3. The Twins' "new" unis would look better with cream.
  4. Can someone please tell me what's the deal with McSorley and his curved stick? I have no idea what's wrong with it and how it has planted a curse on Canadian teams.
  5. Sorta. Find your image and copy the link. Go to the reply box. Find something that looks like a photo of a tree, then click on it. Paste the URL and press OK. You did it.
  6. Y'know, there's really no contest. edit: lol quality issues in prev. pic
  7. ^lol ikr (damnit, new page)
  8. We should've been given 3 penalties. But if we were, we would've been called out by UEFAlona and Howard Webb Utd fans because everyone hates us.
  9. I would rather do NYCFC I root for real teams that are not named after a sponser "real teams"
  10. Is there any good logo I could use on FIFA 15 UT that is not a big shot team? (i.e. Man U, Liverpool, etc)
  11. For any team that I support that does not live in the locale; here's why: Man City: Used to like Utd (lolwut). Found out City was rising up with the $$$, I jumped bandwagons from that point on. WVU: No idea. It started with the monogram logo. Then the 70-33. Then the obnoxious shirts. Bosnia-Herzegovina: The names. Dzeko, Pjanic, Begovic, Ibisevic and many others. Funny how there isn't any Oregon coverage (even Washington for that matter) on any of the TSN feeds.
  12. No thread like this is complete without any mention of PhantomDreamer.
  13. Are you a Flames fan in Edmonton? Do you have a "second team"? Are you "that person" who hates the team in his locale? How do you support your team while living on the other side of the country? Discuss here.
  14. Memorial patches are dumb, unless there's actually worth something to remember about that person (i.e "greatest player in the history of the [whatever]"). Not to bash on the poor guy because he's dead, I just feel like it's not needed.
  15. Some of us. Check concepts or requests. Unrelated, but how do we deal with "bad trolls" on here?
  16. What do you guys think? inb4 "OMG U SPENT MONI" Edit: Is NHL 2K on mobile good? (If anyone asks, I have an xbox 360, I never use it though)
  17. The real problem is stadiums. Charlotte's is minor league capacity. Montreal's is old. Most of the other locations don't even have a working venue. Unless huge renovations go up, there's not much of a point to talk about this just yet.
  18. The Sharks current unis are ok, because they cleaned up all of the unnecessary orange ooze out of the last one.
  19. Nah. Very close resemblance in insanity though.