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  1. Patriots - Red Jets - Green Bills - Red Dolphins - Orange Bears - Orange Packers - Green Vikings - Yellow Lions - Black Bengals - Orange Steelers - Yellow Browns - Orange Ravens - Gold Colts - White Texans - Red Jaguars - Gold Titans - Blue Broncos - Orange Kansas City - Yellow Chargers - Powder Blue Raiders - Black Redskins - Yellow Eagles - Kelly Green Cowboys - White Giants - Red Carolina - Blue Buccaneers - Red Saints - Gold Falcons - Red Seahawks - Green Rams - Gold 49ers - Gold Cardinals - Red
  2. Not true. Nike allows the Packers, Patriots, Panthers, and Raiders (I think) to wear "inferior" templates.
  3. Outstanding template! However, isn't the US Air Force rank upside down?
  4. Because the Lions use a versions of light blue and silver, black makes an outstanding accent color. But it should only be used as an accent color such as how the Cowboys use black on their sleeve stripes and how the St Louis/Phoenix Cardinals used to do the same on their sleeves.
  5. I really like these two. The rest of the uniforms can go away.
  6. Oh man I had those spikes, and the indoor version too. Wish I could remember what they were called. EDIT: Air Mission Are they wearing 2 socks or is it one sock that is divided into 2 colors? I believe the Broncos have socks that are divided into 2 colors and I love that. I wish more teams did this. It visually helps break up the colors.
  7. Dark colored solid pants paired with matching solid dark color socks instantly ruin any uniform. Why these teams (i.e. Ravens, Siants) do not add some sort of stripe to either the pants or socks is mind blowing.
  8. I know I originally liked the Browns uniform changes, but I have since changed my feelings towards these after seeing them on Thursady Night Football and MNF. If the Browns made the changes above, I believe these would be a great look for them. So can the Browns make slight changes to their current look or is the whole thing on lockdown for 5 years?
  9. Good!! I love them in all-brown. I also can't wait for the all-orange look. That is, if they ever do it. Agreed. I love them in both.
  10. Actually now that you mentioned it, bronze is a really good match with brown. I do think the lightning bolt and Browns script does work because they both act as logos down the pants. But I by no means 100% support the Browns pants. I'm just pulling the positive (if any) from them.
  11. I have to agree. They are quickly becoming one of my favorites. I like the neon-style color matched with darker colors. A very refreshing look for an otherwise very dull NBA when it comes to uniforms.
  12. Isn't Grossi the guy that got fired from the Cleveland's main newspaper? I have heard that he is always taking shots at the Browns. That being said, I take what he says with a grain of salt. I don't hate the Browns new uniforms and I watched my Bucs play them in the preseason and I didn't have any trouble picking out the players/numbers on the Browns' team. Yes it is a little more subdued due to it being a darker color against an even darker jersey, but they were still readable. My only issue with the Browns uniforms are the pants. But to be fair, "BROWNS" script is one of their logos and having it down the length of the pants is kinda equivalent to the Chargers lightning bolts down thier pants since both are their respective team's logo. I still wish the Browns went with a jersey like this (minus the gold trim)