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  1. You forgot this jersey, they are wearing it for 5 games. Also every Sunday they wear this cap, with the dark blue jersey.
  2. RIP 2016-2017 NHL jersey with the 3 strips on them looks awful
  3. If the nhl jersey next years look like these league going look bad
  4. Maybe if it had stars on it look better
  5. is this what to come for adidas jersey for the nhl?
  6. Oh bud it must be so hard you used the line tool in Photoshop to make these jersey. Must take you hours just put the lines on them, like all the other people
  7. I seen so many post on this site with people doing strips. For the ducks all you did was change the colors and logo. Really dude your not the only one doing the same thing. I can look on this site and see so many people use strips for jockey jersey for mostly each team. Let me tell you these design are simple to do. How hard Is it to put strips on a jersey with logos and call it something new.U can ask most people on this site and they will sure say anyone can make these jersey. You may be mad but I'm just telling you what most people all ready done.
  8. Plus of you do ads keep them with rink sponsors just messes everything up. like some sponsors may not be big in city you put in. That's why this all a mess
  9. Dude not be mean, but all I see you doing is using strips or jersey made before and just changing the color with ads on the jersey. Like if there where going to do the jersey they wouldn't make everyone have the simple strips for beginners designers. Dude your just like everyone else making the same thing over and over with the strips. Good job at wasting time on doing something simple and not doing it for what the team stands for.
  10. Why cant be like the nfl. Where the league takes two years ti aprove the jersey stays or goes
  11. If adidas comes and change the jersey. Then you lose the tram original looks like Montreal and toronto. It will ruin the history of the jersey if they mess it up.
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