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  1. oh so you know most the c of red fan, that statement is false. You dont know what they think. You are one saying you dont like them and say there fans dont as well. Have you even been to flames. Im a flames fan more of a fan then you are. Flames jersey if you take them away it wouldn't be them.
  2. miss leading title. thought this was going be about arenas, not football
  3. Calgary flames jersey they have now are fine
  4. at lest moncton did a better job at there 20 year jersey
  5. yeah this guy should did his research
  6. soccer jersey look like this. They have team crest on jersey, company/ brand of jersey logo and team sponsors which you did not do.
  7. yeah this is only some guy putting 4 pictures in a background with 4 triangles outlines.
  8. RIP 2016-2017 NHL jersey with the 3 strips on them looks awful
  9. If the nhl jersey next years look like these league going look bad
  10. Maybe if it had stars on it look better
  11. is this what to come for adidas jersey for the nhl?
  12. one was was a penguins copy, to know on a chl jersey who copy a nhl team was the whl chiefs, who made there jersey look like Montreal