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  1. I am a Titans fan since I first found out about football (I'm from Australia so wasn't a thing when you are really young) and I am pretty disappointed in the uniform, and this has been discussed ad nauseam above. HOWEVER, please someone tell me why so many people call for the Light Blue uni, it really doesn't look good IMO. Can understand that there is already a lot of navy blue in the league but it looks cleaner and tougher. I'm really interested to see how these look on the field given from the angle you'll be able to see the two-tone shoulder, but I don't hold out great hope.
  2. What are everyones favourite font's for uniforms? Obviously big changes have come in the last few years but what has worked? and what hasn't? I personally love teams pushing boundaries and looking for something different.
  3. Hey all, Love some of the stuff I've seen on here! Can anyone maybe update this old logo? I'd love it to look a little tougher!
  4. I've looked through this thread and searched the forum but couldn't find anything on it, sorry if I am repeating but could anyone help me in finding something similar to new Arkansas font? Much appreciated EDIT: FOUND IT! all good
  5. Obviously most people would have seen this by now, but just to post. I think they've hit this one out the park, some people may not like the front facing logo but I think it works. The typography on this is spot on, such a clean look and makes the uniforms really nice!
  6. Yeah I've been pushing for yellow pants for a while, might eventually come in I hope! Would probably still need white in there for heritage! Also the throwback for the eagles would need to be blue! Originally they were the Lions I think (or something similar) and were blue, then changed to the Eagles. Due to an unfortunate mistake with a uniform order, they changed to the colour purple! EDIT: Sorry didn't realise you'd mentioned that, didn't know green was there!
  7. Not high school per say, but this was our state logo for South Australia. It's an original, and I can't think of any logos that it's too similar to.