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  1. Toronto is tough for me because they switched back to their classic design three years ago. Looking through their history, so many of their current elements are the best they have ever been. This is the best blue jay, main logo, hat logo, etc.; this is their best font. So I am struggling to figure out how to incorporate previous elements to truly combine eras. I should also mention that right now my designing time has been focused on creating a new logo for the school I teach/coach at. I need to have the logo done in the next week or two to incorporate it into some new uniforms. I would like to see aspects of the 2003 logo, 89-96 road jersey, 77-92? home cap, 94-96 alt jersey. Although i am a White Sox fan, the Blue Jays are my 2nd favorite uniforms, even the bad ones. My team that I play as of now on OOTP is based off of the Blue Jays uniforms.
  2. Not a fan of the Ray on 4 hats. 1 yes, would like to see an alt black with the ray on it.
  3. As a white sox fan they look best in knee high black sox.
  4. I can do better. I can post the concept. The Twins already do a great job of incorporating different eras into their designs. For example, they brought back the twins-shaking-hands logo that they used as a logo from 1961 to 1986. Also their cursive Minnesota script is an update of an original script. The most difficult decision for me was which Twins script to use. I decided that their current mark is more unique than having another cursive script. They also won their first World Series the year they switched to their current script (and won another four years later). I did decide to emphasize navy in the uniform though to tie in the first 11 years of their time in Minnesota. I decided to give them pinstripes on the road. No one has this look right now in MLB, and it isn't my favorite, but I thought one team could make it work. The Twins have used pinstripes on their gray jersey for 22 years (I don't know of any other team who wore them longer in the fairly recent past), so I thought they were the best candidate for that look. I also brought back the M-hat for road games, so now the home hat honors the Twin Cities, while the road hats represent all of Minnesota. I removed the drop-shadows from the logo and replaced it with a white stroke. I think that it gives the logo a sharper look. to me it looks no different then what they have this year or over the last few years. would have liked to see the cursive font on at least one home jersey. one red TC cap and maybe a red alt. i know they only wore teh red alt for like one year but it looks cool. how do i upload an attachment so i can show ya guys what i am seeing?
  5. Would like to see a powder blue cap for the alt powder blue and a black cap for the alt royal blue.
  6. i use this tigers logo for a fictional tigers team and sometimes for the Detroit tigers in OOTP
  7. That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of Chief Wahoo haters or to take arms against the Anti-Wahoo crowd... (sorry, English teacher humor that no one else will find funny).I'm leaning toward not using it. It is such a major part of their identity that it can certainly be argued that it should be a part of a combination-of-eras concept. But I live about 10 minutes from an Indian reservation, teach quite a few Indians, play in a softball league at the reservation, etc. so my thoughts of Chief Wahoo have probably changed since when I lived in Ohio. I don't see it as is a positive portrayal of native cultures, so I will try to do a concept without it. I took some time off from this project to do a Cavs redesign for a ESPN/Paul Lukas quasi-contest. Now my wife and I will be biking 400 miles over the next 5 days with about 90 others to help raise money for a missions agency. I might have some time in the evenings to work on concepts, but I'm not sure. So it might be a while until I can really focus on the Indians. Thanks again for your continued interest. How do i add attachments?
  8. Yeah, that would be great. I don't have the skill to trace fonts (especially at that low of a resolution), but if anyone would do these fonts, I know many people on the boards would be ecstatic (including me). I am doing the current MLB teams, and I don't have any plans of doing defunct teams. Here are some things I have been working on with the White Sox. As I showed several days ago, I tried decreasing the spacing, and I think it looks better. As I said earlier, I needed to center the o and x with the S to fit the batter in the main logo. The first option is what the home uni looks like on the jersey and hat with the same Sox mark from the main logo. I also wanted to see what it would look like when I dropped the o and x back to where they were on my first attempt. The second example shows this. I do like how the first one matches the new main logo, but I think I prefer the second one. Which do you like better, or are neither of them working. Again, I tried making all letters the same size, but I couldn't stand how the weights/thickness of the o and x was bigger than the S, thus giving them extra emphasis. So I won't be doing that (unless someone can make the capital letter O and X from the Chicago 2 font cappital92 mentioned). I also tried the gray jersey with a straightened version of the Chicago script they used from 1902-16, 30-38, and 76-81 (and similar designs--but different fonts--were used for many of the other years). I really like this jersey because of it ties in a script used different times going back all the way to their second year of existence. What do you think? Also, the hat that went with the black jersey will go away and will be replaced with either the home/away hats or their flying sock logo (I think the batter logo would work better as a BP hat). Thank you all for your interest in this series. Help me decide what to do with the Sox. Are these improvements or should I go in a different direction? i like these a little bit more, still not a fan of SOX spelled out like that and if there was a way to have it like it is now going down it might look better. The Sox have had it like it is now with variations since around WWII approx. Would have liked to see some alts with other tyears involved. 1964-1968, 1972, 1977?, 1987-1990, 19teens road black, 1959 home that had a tad bit of red in it.
  9. As a Sox fan I hate this one. while you got it right going with the early 80's softball style jerseys i dont like the Sox spelled out omn this one. that being said I will use it on OOTP after Pwal makes it. i was hoping that you might have incorparated these into it. I do like the logo. not sure on how to attach files on this site so here are links some of the early black white sox road jerseys with the custom one here: was hoping to see some red on it from the 59 Sox.