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  1. I love seeing my high school getting love on this website Go Bombers.
  2. Forgot one thing: I actually really liked what you did with the Orlando crests's outline. I always felt that the shield was a little too rushed in the original design, so it's nice to see some extra outlining. Nice.
  3. After everything that's been said, I'll just say a couple things. The OP didn't make that Houston logo. That's the oroginal Houtson 1836 logo that got scrapped because of the controversy about the name, but with "1836" replaced with "Dynamo". That being said. I LOVE it. Because I always loved that original logo, I just wished they had added the new name it it instead of replacing it entirely with the generic one they use now. So thank you OP for doing that. The reason why I (and I might speak for a few others here) reacted so poorly to your concepts was that I misinterpreted your concept as a set of rebrands. But your goal was to Europeanize MLS. That wasn't incredibly clear in the title or your original post. That matters because Europeanizing MLS is something that is very unpopular with the majority of MLS fans, so if your goal with this concept is to Europeanize our league, simply say so at first. Myself and others who don't appreciate a Europeanized MLS would've just avoided the thread to begin with. If you want to debate the merit of making MLS Europeanized instead of Americanized, the place to do that is, where I and others could pick your arguments apart (lol I say that in a lighthearted way), not here. As for the actual logos themselves, I think everyone else has already covered that. Peace.
  4. The MLS logos are fine as they are. The American-style names aren't something you want to mess with either. Sorry.
  5. Ohhhh man, that's good. The main logo. the alternates, the wordmarks and unis... all incredible. You illustration style is very cool. I would serisouly buy merch with those logos, and I don't even like the NBA. I guess the good thing about horrible rebrands is that we get to see lots of amazing concepts from designers online.
  6. I can't tell you enough how much I love the league logo and the Philly logo. This is gonna be awesome.
  7. Looks great without the white, but I'm interested in seeing what it looks like with more white. Looking forward to it.
  8. It looks pretty cool actually. I like it. I kinda notice that the script/lightning has a lot going on and pops out a little too much against the simpler ball. Maybe add a tiny bit of white on the ball or bridge.
  9. I love the magenta. It plays into a kinda 90s theme I see in this concept, very appropriate for LA. The logos have a very retro feel, but a really good kind of retro. Everything fits together well, and the home/away unis look cool. The logos/wordmarks are 100% better than anything the Clippers have had for a while now. Great job!
  10. It makes me so happy that this thread is back! I love the Kazakhstan wordmarks!
  11. WOW these are all so perfect.
  12. Looks good. I got an idea for the sponsor. Bethlehem Steel. I know they aren't in business anymore, but if they were, it'd be the perfect sponsor considering all the soccer history that compnay has in the area. The Union have honored the company and its team in their third kit as well. Again, I know it's not a company anymore, but they only were bought out in 2003 and you could take some liberties with a concept.
  13. Great work on Ross County home and away; I love everything about St. Johnstone's kits.
  14. If the center stripe were thicker, I think it would look more balanced; just my opinion. I like that they always put the logo in the center too (I think it really highlights the stripe); it's something unique in the league and it's kinda iconic. But still a nice use of the template.
  15. Oh my God that Celtic away kit is genius. The home is great too. Dundee United away kit is perfect, the entire Dundee FC range is perfect, same goes for all the Hamilton Academical kits, the home and away for Inverness Caledonian Thistle are really pretty, Kilmarnock's home looks very nice, you aboslutely nailed all of Motherwell's kits, Patrick Thistle's home is very cool. Man this was a great bunch of concepts. Probably one of my favorites from you so far. Nice job.