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  1. Certainly as a long time CFL fan I am aware of that--and that has been one of my complaints about CFL unis for that time. Mostly though, I do think they look good
  2. I've used a number of these back when I played Madden on the PC more often. (I would not be beyond making some more though.) Here are a few of the ones I've used (Minus word marks, etc.) Sorry some are small I may post more, or not...
  3. It just feels so.... Lazy
  4. Overall I wonder why the templates are the same//very similar in some cases. With 9 teams they should have 9 distinct templates. But overall, I like the new unit, mostly not too different, but we'll see with the pants BC's orange on orange was a bit much with black helmets-I would prefer black pants. As to why we should care about the pants--well I watch the games--so I like a well done uniform on each team. Hopefully no black pants for the Stamps this year--glad that they are just going with the red helmets. So overall--so far, so good, except I agree with many about the Argos--they look boring--especially the whites.
  5. Somewhere, once upon a time, many years ago I did post a team for a proposed fantasy baseball league that never got off the ground. The Calgary Stetsons The cap logo & part of the identity was based on the city flag. I'll have to see if I can dig those up. But always fun to see different takes by different people.
  6. When done well they can be real cool. I've seen a variety of sites online dedicated to fictional teams & other sites that have a section for them. So this could be a real cool thread.
  7. I prefer their original look. But those are the second best look they had--minus the flaming snot bald horse.
  8. The CFL all star games were pre season (At least most were)--so the players weren't at their peak--and with most all star games there was a tendency to not play as hard. Still interesting to see the uniforms & the odd matches of jersey & helmet.
  9. Cool idea--setting the guidelines & going through them. As I almost always have to comment on any Flames concepts one thing I woudl have done differently it eliminate the red circle on the horse on the red jerseys--it is unnecessary & I feel it detracts from the rest--you do need something for the whites or the logo would just disappear. I would like to see a BC Lions concept for the Canucks--that new lion's head they introduced last year could look cool on a hockey uniform. It is also interesting to see how some logos from other sports woudl work on a hockey uniform. Some work real well, some not so well-which isn't your fault --as you did not design the logos
  10. Cool idea--and well executed. Altering the actual number & thickness of stripes to match each team was a good idea--as well as incorporating otehr ideas (Such as on the Hurricanes.) As well on some teams it seems subtle--where they could almost do this and not stick out so much. One thing I woudl do differently is change the Number font on the Flames to no be italicized--I think that would suit the rest of it better (& I still wish they have gone more like their original uniforms)
  11. What if the US based teams stayed in the CFL (& especially if the Barracudas & MadDogs got rid of the logo on the front of their jerseys)
  12. With the notice- Whatever that may actually mean. A number of years ago, in addition I took part on a forum about Madden & customizing the PC versions & I saw a design on there that was designed by a member here (Phil--I don't think he's been around for a while)--and while the guy wasn't selling the logos, he was offering them for download. And maybe that would be okay in some cases--especially if credit is given, but I sent Phil a PM to let him know. He messaged the guy on the other forum to stop it & take his logos down or give him credit The other guy removed Phil's logos, then sent me a nasty PM, and made a snide comment in a thread about how he had done nothing wrong. Hopefully the exchange wasn't as bad in this case as it was in that. It got nasty
  13. Stampman

    WHA Racing

    I like them all, overall, as far as the concept goes, but the Crusaders really jumps out at me due to the striping style --although the colours help as well.
  14. I did as well--on a PC--I didn't really like the in game ones & made my own--often by copying existing logos (If I made a team in Madden for that team,such as the CFL teams, and for Pop culture teams, Soccer teams, etc or if I saw a logo I thought would look good in the game. I wasn't selling them, posting the work online as my own, etc. I also altered some existing logs, and I created some of my own--and I had a couple that were created for me by members here) But it's always interesting to see what other people have done.
  15. And it looks cheaper--that's also why we like to see gas prices for a litre--which is smaller than a gallon.