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  1. Looks good to me. Although in a way I would have liked to have seen the West play in TO & the East in Edmonton so no team is on their home ice
  2. Like I said--I'm not an Eskimo fan--as a CFL fan could tell by my username, the Eskimos would be my least favourite team. But they have done better than many other teams. Of course there is a debate about what is or isn't needed--and it is not my intent to get into that discussion here. but they have reached out & asked questions, they have looked into it & have reacted based on that process. I have no problem if they use a polar bear mascot, if someone wants to object to the name--that's a different ball of wax. After all the Stampeders (Who had the first mascot) use a dog named Ralph and the Roughriders use a gopher (Gainer) Neither has anything to do with the team name.
  3. But to my point--they never made a big deal about it. Som of the teams that have faced criticism for racist logos, mascots, etc--played it up. On the other hand Nanook means polar bear--so in a sense the mascot is Polar Bear the Polar Bear. It was never used in a derogatory manner.
  4. While a part of me likes the return to green for Jersey, the current clouds are better, less garish & less hard on the eyes. Still nice work with that--but the alt is too Flyer-eque. I see that without the logo & I think--Flyers. The others without the log I still think New Jersey.
  5. Kraken was hardly my preference among the names they apparently made sure they owned websites for--but it was far from he worst (Emerald? really) It would have bene in the top third of names. So I'm okay with it--it has potential. Like most here I really like the primary logo & colours & uni. I lek the negative space tentacle int he S--very nice. If the shorts were one of the lighter colours that could work as well. The secondary logo I question other than a way to incorporate the Space Needle into a logo.
  6. Not an Edmonton fan, but to give them their due--they never mad e a big deal of any sort of Inuit or other imagery--they used a polar bear as a mascot at times, so that's in their favour. That said I'd like to see an E name so that can keep the double E logo (But I'd be okay with an adjustment to the colours) Although Empire seems arrogant, and would be fodder for toehr teams fans when they lose.
  7. Nice job on the Wild--some different styles to it, but they work.
  8. Good job overall, but the blue collar on the 2nd jersey sticks out too much for my taste--did you try a red one? And to avoid any confusion with TO & TB I'd add a bit of red to the alt-but others--cool work.
  9. I thought it looked like a smiling Cyclops...
  10. Yes, 16 years ago I hosted a logo challenge--none of the images remain visible. I remember liking them. It's a long shot--but just checking. Stampman Challenge from 2004 Entries from paynomind, hrivnak, Shmee2k6 & JungleBook45
  11. And now the US teams: Again--a fun thread & some cool ideas. Portland: I like the colours. I like that the fish is not anthropomorphized & carrying a ball & doing a straight arm with a fin--it's a fish. I cerated a fish logo & helmet for a fantasy league here a number of years ago before life popped up & I had to withdraw--so nice to see a fish logo (& someone here fine-tuned the logo for me, but I designed it & the unis.) Boise: I love the helmet-I also created an angle helmet for the CFL fantasy league here--and the current owner of the team still uses a variation of my helmet. How can I not love that helmet? A couple of suggestion though--could you use something other than blue in the uni? There's already a lot of blue in this league. (But not a big deal necessarily). The other is that the moosehead looks real lumpy, the antlers are very good, but he head is a lumpy mass. St. Louis: One of the better fonts, & I like the look of the uni-other than the piping. Although as also mentioned & discussed the logo is a bit confusing. Hartford: the green is a bit overpowering--did you try it with he green & brown reversed--that might help, but otherwise real nice uni--I really like the stripes & overall design--very football & a bit different than anybody else. Orlando--the blue doesn't work for me here, but I like the rest of it--the wings are well done, and different enough than the mouse antlers--so nice job overall, other than the way the blue (Again a lot of blue) mixes with the yellow. Columbus: other than the logo --one of my favourite helmets in this series. The variations on the stripes & the colours work real well. It sets the team apart for sure. But the logo confuses me-it looks more like a cactus or an anchor, it could be more clear. But again overall--a fun series with some great ideas.
  12. A bit late to the party--but a fun thread. I had left some comments in the request thread first, before I saw this So here are some comments team by team: BC: I like the subdued orange, although I find it odd to see front facing logos on a football helmet (When it's a face)-but that's no complaint about the quality of the logo Edmonton: I do prefer the update to the double E it might be a bit busy--but nice job. Calgary: Nicer uni idea than some of their recent ones-and I like that black is more an accent or trim colour--so points for that. but the logo doesn't do it for me--the horse doesn't show movement, and it should (Especially they have horse race down the sidelines after a TD) Saskatchewan---good concept, but he helmet is a bit busy--I would remove the crest from the helmet & leave the "S" and wheat. I do like the wheat on the pants though. Winnipeg: nice uni except for the piping-it distracts megrim how cool the rest of it looks-and I agree with the previous comment that the White W would be better on the helmet. Hamilton: I love the stripes, it's been done before, but this is done well & makes sense. However the helmet logo is a bit busy & bit too large Toronto:The secondary logo looks too much like an Ottawa Senators logo--but main one is good-(But too big on the helmet)-although I love their football boat logo. Ottawa: the logo is too unclear for a helmet--good idea, just needs some clarity I like the plaid LALl their unit should include plaid. Montreal: I like how the agog maintains an M, an A & a bird. Atlantic: I like the uni & colour scheme--well down that way, but that logo is too confusing--not feeling it--It is not clear what it is without an explanation & even then... Quebec: I agree with you on the logo, simplify it and use the canoe & the Voyageur--lose the tress for the helmet--you can still sue the full logo in team branding. London: quite nice in the scratches for the stripes, etc. Hamilton has done something similar, but not the same by any means--this is more than different enough. this logo would benefit form a sideways logo or a 3/4 angle logo that shows movement--it would make the helmet pop.
  13. Moments of three of them- Flames--Love the striping on the 1st & 2nd, but not feeling it on the clash & alt. Two spaced out. And I don't like any of the logos--none really speak to me as a Flames' fan. Most alterte versions of the Flaming C and most other ways of going leave me cold. they are not as dynamic. The Atlanta Flaming A was even better--but doesn't fit as primary unless it's the Alberta Flames. Avalanche--I really like who the colours play together, the striping really helps in that. Stars--nice templates--but the 1st & 2nd need some black in addition to the logo--otherwise it stands out too much--so either some black trim (No major black, just trim) or remove it from the logo. That's my two cents. Overall a fun series.