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  1. Quite likely As much as Victoria & the Okanagan get mentioned they don't really have the population base. And adding a team in Saskatoon --while they may be able to support two teams, it would have ramifications for the Riders who draw from across the province. Plus a team in Halifax (Or anywhere in the Maritimes) would balance out 5 & 5 for the divisions. Some marketing ideas have helped, but mostly keep it affordable, even if only in some sections of the stadium, with some areas that are booze free for families, and promotions with the schools--those things do help & aren't the total response needed, but if they are continued & grown well--they will help even more.
  2. Some teams would be better off ignoring them...
  3. I really wish the Stamps' cap was red--there was no black in those days (& I don't like wearing black caps.) But if I were a Eskimo, Blue Bomber, Argonaut or Alouette fan, I'd be seriously considering getting the cap--especially the Bombers' one.
  4. As a one game kind of thing, I like it. I prefer the white, but it works for me for Labour Day.
  5. First--let me thank you for not using the flaming snot horse head But I'd still like to see less black. There is a good amount the away uni, but something along the same lines with the homes would be nice as well-and anytime to see some version of the originals is always cool.
  6. I do like the Bombers overall--(although the blue pants look odd to me with the gold helmet.) I do think the home jersey would look better with white between all the gold stripes not he sleeves--it would be consistent with the away jerseys & make the gold pop more.
  7. While I like the idea of doing a Rockies uni--the history & record of that team may not be something they want to emphasize... But still a cool idea.
  8. I prefer the original shade of red, and the maroon is bit overpowering on the alts--but overall I like them The main thing though is I still prefer their current logo--but replacing the black is a good thing. And I get that this was a concept to sue those logos. SO good job that way.
  9. Cool stuff so far--I'd like to see larger versions of the logos. You did do them larger? I like the use of the Calgary flag on the Flames' alt--I've used that myself in the past--I find it works well for uniforms. The only things I think I'd change are the Coyotes' away sleeves--the dark part of the upper sleep--I'd use the darker colour instead of the lighter red & on the Ducks' alt I'd remove the "Anaheim" but otherwise theses could all work, maybe with minor tweaks.
  10. Some cool stuff there--I haven't liked most of Buffalo's looks But I'd like to see this with a yellow Buffalo & yellow shoulders & #s on the home--I think that would balance out more nicely.
  11. Nice start--my main comment is that the Lightning Jersey does not need "Tampa Bay" on it Maybe it's just me, but spelling things out like that just doesn't work most of the time on a hockey jersey. Nice to see a version of the old Kings jersey in this set
  12. Well looking forward to the rest Some comments as a long time CFL fan First--the template has one thing that kind of looks odd to me--it looks like the players are wearing sock garters. But I can look past that to see the concepts you have -Lions: they're ok--but not quite sure who to improve them--although there is more consistency over the different units than their actual set. -TiCats: the all black & all white ones look best--but based on team history the yellow is needed--so good you had those options-nice work with the stripes -Stamps--Home is real nice--toned down black-which I prefer for the Red& White--the stripes work well, but with the away set I'd prefer red--both due to the red & white thing as well as the red helmets. The "Outlaw" set is where the black can be used--but maybe wider outlines not he numbers. -Argos--real nice--fits the team's history & tradition quite nicely -Eskimos -fits the tradition and pretty much something they used to do -RedBlacks--maybe more red in the primaries? fitting the name? But not quite sure how to work that in. Overall--nice job.
  13. I'd like to see that in a yellow/gold jersey-which I think would be more fitting for a 50th anniversary. But... It's decent enough--but I've never been a fan of any version of this look for them. Although the Barney Rubble hair Buffaslug was worse.
  14. Piping on cocky & Football jerseys. I'm okay with it on baseball jerseys--but it bugs me on hockey & football ones. Not sure why.
  15. Certainly as a long time CFL fan I am aware of that--and that has been one of my complaints about CFL unis for that time. Mostly though, I do think they look good