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  1. I will never understand why teams think they are above putting their city on their uniforms.
  2. Is that Cavs pride jersey navy blue or black? It would look decent if it's navy blue but I wouldn't be a fan if it's black.
  3. Just a small observation but I'm curious to see if this is new, I noticed that every team has their "letter logo" on their sleeve. None of the teams have a normal logo, they're all the team's letter logos. I wonder why they did this.
  4. Is there any news on the teams that haven't shown their changes?I'm curious about the Rockets. Home+Road silhouette is the jersey cut change right? Stretch? What is that? Latin Nights uniform? Alt 2, is this a completely new alternate uniform added to the alt 1 red/yellow they already have? Pride is the only one i'm clued in on being a yellow sleeved "Clutch City" uniform. Anyone got any info on the other changes they are making? The definition of each jersey is actually under each heading. It actually explains it. Not trying to be a smart ass. But here we go.Stretch unis: Holiday uniforms (Christmas,St Patrick's Day,Latin Nights,etc) I don't think that's right... If you look at the definition of "Stretch", it says a change to the Primary Road uniform. Christmas uniforms would not fall under that category because those aren't just road uniforms and every team gets new christmas uniforms every year.
  5. I thought that teams couldn't wear alternates in the playoffs? The Cavs (shockingly) wore their navy's vs the Celtics last night.
  6. I don't believe this has been mentioned yet but the Indians have also changed the shade of blue on their alternate jerseys as well.
  7. Let's be honest, they don't wear anything but the navys anymore.
  8. I wonder if we could see a jersey with the Cleveland skyline, I've seen renderings in the past and they did add it to their court this season.
  9. Dan Gilbert (Cavs owner) just confirmed via Twitter that the Cavs will be getting "several" new uniforms next season. I can't tell if he's talking about throwbacks or new home/away uniforms.
  10. How many times can a NBA team where an alternate jersey in a season? The Cavs always wore there gold unis and now they have worn the navy unis in all but 3 games in the past 2 and a half weeks.
  11. There's quite a few teams I'd like to see a complete rebrand but there's two that just need to make their brand consistent and that's the Cavs, Suns and Hawks in the NBA. I feel like both teams need to get everything on the same page as they're really inconsistant.
  12. I've always been curious about this too. What's the purpose of having home and away uniforms if the home team can decide which uniform to wear? Even sometimes wearing a road uniform.
  13. Anybody else notice how TNT is still using the older version of the Cavs primary logo? You would think after four years they'd have updated graphics.
  14. The Cleveland Cavaliers page needs a few updates. *Their new Blue alternate needs added *The years shown for the courts are wrong because they used a different one for a year or two after LeBron left and that's not included *Also the new court for this season needs added
  15. I don't know how many of you have watched the Cavs preseason games at the Q but the court doesn't look as good on TV. I personally think the contrast between the skyline and the court needs to be darker, they both appear too light on TV so it's hard to see. The Cavs released a rendering of their new scoreboard and it shows the court and it appears they have gotten rid of the "Cleveland" script and replaced it with "Quicken Loans Arena".