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  1. Love the Bighorns! I would buy that home alternate.
  2. Chicago Bears: I like this concept a lot. Only thing I would do is make the stripes match. Denver Broncos: As a lifelong fan, i like your idea with the helmet stripe being incorporated into more of the uniform, however, your shades of blue and orange are a bit off. the orange should be much brighter and the blue just a touch lighter. Also, as a Bronco fan, I love the old combo of blue jersey, white pants and would very much like to see a return to that. New York Giants: I like this a lot actually, Only problem is the stripes seem a bit too big. it looks a little clunky. I would tone down the stripes on the sleeves and helmet a bit. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I love this look. Vast improvement over their current look. My only complaint is that gray/silver looks really out of place here. I think it would look great with just white instead.
  3. i really like this color scheme. my only problem with these is the first three uniforms are lacking in brown. the brown is what really sets them apart yet there's basically none on the first three uniforms.
  4. I like this Oakland concept a lot. I was a little on the fence about 'Ports' and I think Anchors has a much better ring to it. Green and Blue is an underrated color scheme!
  5. Also you could incorporate the sun burst element form the Mohawk tribal flag into the logo.
  6. I like the name Ottawa Mowhawks. A tribute to one of the Native Americans that lived in the area. I think as long as you are careful not to make the logo offensive or anything, this could be a really cool (and respectful) tribute and team name.
  7. I like a lot of your ideas here, but as someone from Colorado, I really think Columbines is a poor choice. Columbine pretty much means one thing here. I know it is the state flower, but everyone tends to think of the shooting as soon as they hear Columbine. Here are some ideas I would consider instead: DENVER PROSPECTORS - Denver has a rich gold mining history COLORADO TRAPPERS - Colorado's rich history of fur trapping/trading COLORADO BIG HORNS - Colorado's state animal Also for Tennesse, I would consider Moonshiners
  8. I just joined the site after seeing your concepts because I wanted to make some suggestions. Firstly, I love the Pharoahs concept. That and the Mammoth one are my favorites. BUT... I don't understand why the Pharoahs are in Los Angeles. I feel like Los Angeles could have a much more city-inspired mascot. i.e. Angels, Quakes, something Hollywood related, etc. And, I think, if you were ever to expand the league into Africa, Cairo would be the absolute perfect home for the Pharoahs. That is really my only gripe with this league. And I am definitely not trying to be pushy or anything, just wanted to throw that out there. Also, I have a few suggestions for future expansion that I think would be great. SINGAPORE LIONS - originally called Singapura, which means Lion City DENVER PROSPECTORS - Denver has a rich gold mining history DENVER TRAPPERS - Colorado's rich history of fur trapping/trading DENVER BIG HORNS - Colorado's state animal MONTREAL MOHAWKS - Native American Tribe that lived in the area where Montreal now lies