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  1. Those are SOOO awful. I know a lot of it was from the teams decision, but man even some white in the stripes would have made things better.
  2. The Jets have updated their gloves for this year. They added aviator blue to the top band of the gloves. Doesn't look terrible, but didn't seem necessary... They shoulda fixed their road socks.
  3. Oh a narwhal will be the logo and mascot for sure... But just maybe called Sea Unicorns so the demographic can expand to all kids under the age of 6...
  4. Northern is a pretty terrible name. We don’t need another one here... Northern Lights or even Lights would have been better...
  5. I think the most confusing part about the Orca logo is the fact that most people outside of Canada don't really know what a Canuck is. So if they see an orca logo connected to a team with the name "Canucks" people start to think that that's what it means. It isn't the same as the Habs CH logo, or Boston's hub logo, because those aren't tangible things, unlike an orca. Sure they're Canadian, but they're not exclusively Canadian. And I mean Canadians say weird things compared to Americans, right? For all the average fan knows, Canuck could be another name for an orca, like how a dart is a cigarette or this letter, "Z" is pronounced "zed" up there. On top of all that, the Orca was clearly a corporate logo, and not that great of one. I am ok with what they have now, however, it adds a few extra colors that the Canucks don't need. A tweaked logo would be the best way to go, because at this point, the orca represents the Canucks...
  6. Well ya didn’t include the Coyotes as one of the local teams... Just the Cards and D-Backs. The khaki jersey also doesn’t make sense. The old west font jerseys are my favorites!
  7. Absolutely love it! The only thing I would change though is the red helmet. It seems a little outta place, and a black one would seem to fit a little better, color balance wise.
  8. The logo has also been shown backwards from the original tweet by the Preds. It was also backwards on the hat shown above.
  9. It’s still sad for the family of the drunk driver. Sometimes people make mistakes and sometimes that costs people their life. There is grace for that... It’s not like adding a patch is supporting that act of driving while drunk. If anything it would be showing people how much it can mess up. And if a team were to support some agency or foundation against drunk driving, then that could help prevent it from happening in the future.
  10. My college has been using plain white, purple, and yellow pants, and every time I mention that they would look better with stripes down the sides, all the players say “no but they look so clean...” A plain white pair of pants on a big football guy looks like a big diaper... The thing is an epidemic.
  11. I love the Tampa Bay Plunder name for some reason. Everything about the identity is great, except the main logo. The bird and treasure chest logo is really weak. Every other logo looks great, but the chest is iffy. Something closer to Bucco Bruce would be more appropriate. I do like the Bird TB logo tho...
  12. Looks much better! Red numbers with yellow outlines might be worth trying to tho. Also what about the navy color from the first orca set as the base, to help crossover eras even more?
  13. The tail strip should be filled out all the way to the bottom on the front, and as a suggestion, I think the numbers would look better if they had a double outline, with the inline being black. Similar to the logo on the front