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  1. As far as I can tell, SBC stands for Spaceball Cadet. And the logo seems to prove it...
  2. Clean is cool, but also like sleek and aesthetically pleasing. Of course that means a lot of different things to different people. It’s used along the same lines as “fly” or “hip”. They obviously have different actual meanings but people use them to describe things, especially clothes and/or branding. I would say something uniform-related is clean if it is aesthetically pleasing to me, and not full of random whatever, or isn’t cluttered. Like a team with too many outlines on the numbers or one too many colors. However there are a lot of people that do use clean for anything new that comes out, or anything all white. Especially sets like the new Jaguars, where it was an over correction, and basically a practice jersey, or the Colts wearing white socks with their white jerseys and pants. So there’s good clean, and bad clean... depends on your opinion
  3. I think you should just scrap the wave pattern all together. It’s an interesting idea, but not actually that great...
  4. The Marlins set is really clean, but does need a little more color like JayMac said. The biggest problem is the non contrasting hat logo. It could also use a little more piping, and color numbers on the front.
  5. ^And that’s a problem because??? It’s still a throwback, and a justified reverse color throwback...
  6. So they went with the print logo on the helmet, rather than the helmet logo for print?
  7. I mean pizza rolls and the Titans in a Columbia blue helmet would certainly intrigue me... (Although mostly the pizza rolls. I’d just wanna see a couple clips of the helmets in action)
  8. I love the logo set, but the S monogram is a little confusing. It reads TS, or ST, and not just the S. I don't know if that is what you were going for, but I'm not sure...
  9. I wasn't sure if you guys were talking about the shade drab grey or handsome grey. Glad that got cleared up! I'm all for a handsome grey mask for the Colts... White and blue weirdly stand out too much to me.
  10. I think the Wild home sweater needs a little more red. I also don’t think the bright yellow works for the alternate. The Wild have that color in flat applications, but the crests usually have a more golden color. I feel like that would look better. The Wild also don’t ever use the Bear head backwards in any application, so the helmets should be the other way. And I second b-mer. The pants should be swapped because it’s meant to be a throwback... Sorry if i sound so picky, but the Wild are my favorite teams and their branding matters to me. But your work is absolutely fantastic Avi!
  11. The red facemask adds a lot of pop and really stands out, making it a very unique helmet in the NFL. The silver and the navy would just kinda fade away into the background. As for the uniforms, I honestly really like the design of the currents for the most part. The only meh part is the side panels. I’d hope that ditching those would be all that they’re doing. The road is where it’s the most notable, but even ditching it on the home would be good. The color rushes could also be good. However, the stripes are too red heavy. A WRW stripe would look a lot better...
  12. The orange jersey would need cream numbers with a brown outline. That would fix the visibility problem. And all sets should have socks that match the sleeve stripes. These are fantastic otherwise!!!
  13. Yeah the giant helmet logos are awesome! But they new logo is a little iffy. The original logo needed an update, but not one that over corrected itself. The original flag logo looked like a product of the 90’s... It was close to being timeless though. The shape of the new flag is better than the original, but the skull and cross swords needed a little more swashbuckle-ness, and less robot-pirate island.
  14. The jerseys are definitely a big whatever, but the Orca definitely feels Canuck by now. Almost more so to me than the flying skate. (Maybe a tie with the Stick-in-rink)
  15. Well there has been teams that have snuck into the playoffs with around 80 points. I the Wild backed into playoffs a couple of years ago and finished with 87 points. I mean you get the right year and that loser point could theoretically get a team in. That would certainly leave an egg on the league’s face. I do agree however that it should just be wins and losses. There’s no reason to have this loser point system. Or maybe jump up to the Olympic system. Ditching the points system would be just as bad though. That’s been around since the beginning of the NHL.