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  1. I don’t mind the navy base for the Islanders RR, and the collar is better than the home sweaters, but I think there’s a little too much orange. I’m not sure why it bothers me more than the toad jerseys. I also think it’s the gloves. They should have been solid navy for that. Also with Adidas making collars, I would have to imagine that they have the ability to make a normal looking collar on a hockey jersey but choose not too for whatever reason. There’s no reason that any of the collars in the league need to be half, toilet bowl collars. Teams also should have played around with the color combos. The Hawks should have gone with solid black collars, so that they don’t have to have their current trash collar.
  2. I mean it’s decently aesthetically pleasing. It’s weird as heck for a club like the Islanders, but definitely not the worst. That title belongs to the abomination that was the Atlanta Thrashers red alternate from 2008-2011 when they moved. There wasn’t BFBS or GFGS but there was everything else like this Islanders jersey, but worse. The shoulder logos were only a partial logo, and huge. The side panels didn’t even have a cool diamond effect to defend itself. And the socks are by far and away the worst socks in the history of the NHL. That Thrashers jersey makes other horrors like the Turdburger and the Bolts stormy jerseys look like classics.
  3. This makes me wonder how an extra red outline on the logo and numbers would look for the Flames on their road sweater. It would match the striping pattern, and probably keep the yellow from bleeding into the white jersey. It would pop like the black outline did on the old white, Reebok-era sweater.
  4. Ironically the Ducks home and road jerseys are some of the worst in the league. Side panels, a faux shoulder yoke, and the awful black outline on the white sweater’s crest. They wanna wear that trash? Isn’t also true that it’s the same reason the orange alternate isn’t worn that often?
  5. I understand the colors being a little darker due to the exposure being adjusted due to the brighter ice, but that certainly does not lead to matchups looking like black vs. white. I think there are stations where they have a lower exposure, leading to slightly darker colors. NBCSN usually uses darker exposure. The Wild games at the Xcel Energy Center look darker on NBCSN than the local station, but not enough to say that the Wild were wearing black by any means.
  6. I could see something like the Valparaiso Torchlighters. It has a feel of honoring the Christian heritage of the school in a good way, as well as looking to the future. Think like the Torchlighters of the faith, or people blazing the way for numerous things. It also matches the shield that has been used on the Crusaders logo. Nicknames could be the Torches or the Lighters lol.
  7. Pittsburgh had gold helmets and black breezers with their white jerseys for Lemieux’s first couple of seasons.
  8. How about “Over 10,000 Strong” relating to both the lakes and the fans...?
  9. I think the whole thing would be improved for the Bumblebees if the lighter yellow was used. Keep the paler yellow on the logo only, not the other way around. It feels too dark right now. The double brown is cool, but it needs a brighter yellow to off set it a little bit more.
  10. The last reason the Wild should change colors to kelly green and gold would be to “honor” Edina. The only people who would want to honor Edina for something is someone from Edina. Everyone else pretty much hates Edina here in Minnesota. And sure the Kelly green and gold looks great, but it should honestly be a third jersey and that’s it. The Wild’s recolored logo isn’t as good as the original colors, and the forest green and red works well with the forest and wilderness theme of the logo. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, name aside, the Wild have fantastic branding, and it would be a shame to waste it for pretending to be the North Stars, even though they are not. A North Stars third is great for the Wild, but it doesn’t need to be the primary look. And sure the Wild have been mediocre for most of their existence, but the North Stars were too. They had a couple surprise Cup runs, but not much more than that. So it honestly would be a mediocre hockey team pretending to be an old mediocre hockey team. If they wanted to pick a good team to pretend to be, they should have picked the Fighting Saints or the Gophers.
  11. I don’t really think it’s fine to rebrand at this point... I mean people love the Wild here in Minnesota. They’ve definitely been mediocre for most of their history, but there’s still a lot of fun memories that the Wild have created. The Wild are not the bobcats of the NHL...
  12. The Wild never should have gone with a red home jersey. It was a good alternate, but weird for a primary. And as Ad has said before, they only wore their green jerseys on national television, and in the playoffs, resulting in them essentially being a green team anyways. And their green home jersey is one of the best in the league. No need to change back to red... I also would love to see the North Stars RR as an occasional third, because the colors are so great! But the current branding of forest green, red, and cream is great, and it should stay for forever.
  13. I feel the same way. I don’t think it’s a terrible name, just not a great one... And I live in Minnesota, and haven’t heard much about the name from people. It just kinda is what it is to them, I guess.
  14. Does anyone know what the patch the Leafs wore last night was for? It stood out a little too much, considering it was the only white element on their sweaters.