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  1. Well to be fair, the Oilers are unique in the situation that they were absolutely garbage while they were wearing the new version of the classic sweaters... So there might be a little more hostility towards that look, and management might have felt a need to make a new look for the Oilers, for the new team they had “just” built. The Pens, and Yankees have never really had long stretches of sucking so bad that they feel the need to ditch a classic look... The Pens did just happen to ditch the look, but not because they team had been awful.
  2. I agree they look great! They look amazing with the road jerseys, and part of the reason why I like them better than the Reebok royal and orange jerseys. But the stripes don’t fit with the home and a possible navy version. It’s similar to the Blackhawks wearing their 96-09 black jerseys with the striping on their breezers. It doesn’t really match, and when you see it, it’s hard to unsee it...
  3. A problem that I have with the Oilers set is the pants stripes. They work really well, right now, with the current road, but not as well with the home, and definitely not with a navy home jersey. Plain navy breezers would be the best in matching, but also I’m not a fan of plain breezers. I feel like those stripes can make the difference sometimes.
  4. What we call up North in the Twin Cities, which is the North Shore area, and honestly as far west as about Detroit Lakes is pretty heavily wooded areas. There’s the Boundary Waters which has extensive wilderness, as does most of the Northeastern part of the state. Basically from the Twin Cities, north, and as far west as Detroit Lakes up to the Canadian border is all heavy woods, with some farm land, and LOTS of lakes. The rest of the state is open prairie and farm land with a few lakes. I would have to say it’s known for its wilderness... The French-Canadians were pretty busy in Northern Minnesota. I mean Voyagers National Park is locates in Northern Minnesota, right along the Canadian border.
  5. I mean I can understand why, but to many fans their essentially the same thing...
  6. I mean I have grown up with the name Minnesota Wild, and so I don’t really mind it. It seems a little odd, but pretty embraced by everyone in the Twin Cities. I honestly have not heard anyone say anything about the name in Minnesota. The only place seems to be online... I mean it is also 23 years old, so at this point no one cares anymore, but I have no idea about when it first came out.
  7. But Ad, what are your dreams? (Besides the NHL functioning reasonably)
  8. The beveling somehow adds a level of professionalism... The logos without beveling look like a decent graphic designers work, where they made a decent logo, but slapped it on a jersey akin to the Thrashers old maroon third jersey.
  9. Well I mean the Penguins wear black at home, and like the Penguins having a brighter yellow to off-set, if the Islanders went to a bright shade of orange, it would contrast really well with the navy. And the current design would be a better look too, with the extra white. Unfortunately the Oilers are already back to navy and orange... The Islanders also are a few tweaks away from having one of the best home looks in the NHL. That stupid toilet bowl plus orange pentagon on the collar is trash. A full collar would look much better. And the stripes need to be more consistent from the hips down. The breezers stripes don’t match anything, and the home socks are a recolored mismatch from the navy Edge set... They need to fix those. Match them to the roads, or have them match the jerseys like the Sound Tigers do.
  10. This seems like a dumb question, because I’m assuming one thing, and I haven’t actually heard the pronunciation yet, but they went with Kraken (Crack-in) not Kraken (Cray-Kan)?
  11. I think the name is growing on me... It’s getting better when I hear it more. Maybe it’s the fact that I am a fan of the Wild, but idk. The visual package is amazing, however! The S logo is fantastic and so is the anchor needle. The wordmark is a little lacking, but serviceable. The jerseys are fantastic, but they do remind me of the Ducks orange jerseys. The broad stripes with a thin bright color underneath, plus the thin tail stripes is really similar. But it is very different enough that there’s not a lotta people that would notice...
  12. Unless the final reveal is a sequel to the video with the boat being pulled down by the Kraken...
  13. Those were definitely thrown together quickly. There’s a lot of good ideas in there, but some are like off-centered, and the work marks also don’t follow the same curve as the shield... The Montreal one is really bad, but so is the Oilers and the Bruins...