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  1. I think it should still mimic the horn swoosh on the back of the sleeves, but it would keep the white from bleeding into the white, like it does on the current road jerseys.
  2. It should also be the striping pattern on their white jersey sleeves...
  3. I don’t have the quote, but I’m fairly certain that Bobby Orr said he jumped up more like that, because he knew he had won the Cup... And I know I would have done the same
  4. Minnesota Vikings- Bud Grant Stadium (Memorial when he passes, and probably nicknamed the Bud) Minnesota Wild- St. Paul Civic-Center/Auditorium or Herb Brooks Center or Arena (Although there's already 2 with names like that, One in St. Cloud, one in Lake Placid, NY) Minnesota Twins- Killebrew Field Minnesota Timberwolves- *New* Met Center Minnesota United- Loons Stadium Golden Gopher Football- Bronko Stadium named after Bronko Nagurski St. Paul Saints- St. Paul Stadium (Used to be Midway, when it was midway between Minneapolis and St. Paul, now it's just downtown StP)
  5. The Minnesota Wild in all their misery this year finished behind the Hawks, and missed the playoffs, but of course, the Blackhawks are the team that gets a pick in the top 3 I guess you can see why Minnesota hates Chicago for the most part
  6. I think the NSH-DAL series is rated a little too high by people here... Nashville on the road is awful. I think the games in Nashville will look the best, despite IMO the Stars best jersey being their home. My rankings 8. Carolina vs. Washington Carolina’s road is pretty weak compared to their home, (although not as bad as their owner makes it out to be) and unfortunately, the Canes have decided to wear their black uniforms. (Hopefully the Canes will have some bad luck in the black, and then decide to change to red.) Washington’s are dated and haven’t translated too well to the Adizero template. But with the Cup last year, they’ll be here a while. 7. Colorado vs. Calgary The home team will always be the better looking team... While the current Calgary set, minus the throwback is a hot mess, the Avs road just needs a little more blue. A blue mountain outline, like the original set would be better. And this probably would be the best if Calgary would have been wearing either their 80's white, or their white from their last cup run. 6. Columbus vs. Tampa Bay I do really like Columbus's road look. It's fantastic! But the home counterpart isn't great. Add the boring blue-and-white Lightning, and it's a mediocre match up... 5. Dallas vs. Nashville These two different shades are very stunning a vivid, however, the Preds road sweater brings this down. Like above, the games in NSH will be better. 4. San Jose vs. Vegas This would be the best, if the games were all played in San Jose. The colors all just pop there. Less so in Vegas. The Sharks road needs some more teal, and Vegas's home is a little dark. 3. Toronto vs. Boston Another really solid match up, but one that needs a few tweaks. Bad collars bring the Leafs down, while the lack of yellow socks at home make the Bruins not look like the Bruins... You still can't go wrong with an Original 6 match-up. 2. New York vs. Pittsburgh This would be number one if it weren't for the bad collars on both teams. The Islanders have one of the worst collars in the league, (second only to Buffalo), and Pittsburgh ain't so hot either. The colors are great however, no matter where the games are played. The royal blue and orange vs the black and Pittsburgh gold will be a great look. And this should be an exciting series as well. 1. St. Louis vs. Winnipeg The best match-up is the one with the least amount of problems. The Blues have great looks both home and away, with the road being one of my favorites in the league. While the Jets home is also one of the best in the league. The weird collar patch for the Jets brings them down, but the rest of the look is spot on. The Blues look great, even with white numbers at home...
  7. Same... For some reason there are many times that I’ll find Stanley Cup playoff brackets formated that way, and it’s the weirdest thing ever. If the east is to the right, and the west the left, why is the east on the left and the west on the right?
  8. The thing that really gets me about E-sports is people in that avenue who are really trying to compare themselves to other sports. Sure as a pro you might get paid, but to really compare yourself to someone who’s playing in the NFL, that’s a huge joke...
  9. The flags on the shoulders...
  10. Well it’s been their logo for quite sometime now, so to change it would be sacrilege.., White Bear looks awesome! It really fits the history of the team, and the throwback is great... And it sometimes sucks to be a Bears fan. We woulda beat Blaine, but our goalie wasn’t having a good night. And honestly White Bear probably would have a title if they didn’t always have to play Hill-Murray... for whatever reason it’s so hard to beat them..,
  11. Somehow the Minnesota Wild beat the Tampa Bay Lightning, IN TAMPA, off a hat trick from the *almost traded* Jason Zucker. This team has points in the last 8 games. I have no clue why the team who’s core was traded away for the most part is doing this well... (We’ll see about playoffs, however)
  12. The logo for Lakeville North is pretty clever... But the Blackhawk-jerseys have been retired. HOWEVER, their replacements are awful... Leafs and Habs clones in red and black. The breezers are also red sometimes for the red jersey...
  13. Maybe that's the issue? The league doesn't want anymore black jerseys? That part is definitely more questionable, but they're definitely having problems with the league on it...
  14. Can’t say who my sources are but I was at a Wild game recently and I had heard a little more about the Black alternate with the star sleeve that was mentioned on here. Apparently there has been an issue with getting it through the league, and the source says it maybe because it’s a black jersey... This is a little bit of speculation, but it’s what I’ve heard...
  15. Those were terrible looking games... And could I request the Suburban East conference next? Home of the class 4AA champions, the White Bear Lake Bears?!?