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  1. Gosh I hope not... It would be a shame to lose the Wild's green, red, and cream color scheme. It's more old-time hockey than the North Stars! I wish the Wild had gone with an M or W with a star, for the reverse retro, because the bear-head logo in green and gold doesn't look great...
  2. Well Nike seems to have a problem with stripes being far enough up the sleeves. The Golden Gophers have had Nike as the jersey manufacturer, and the style from about 06ā€™ to 18ā€™ was a great look but the only problem was the creeping down of the sleeve stripes. By the end, they were basically hidden by the players gloves. They definitely started out way too high And slowly crept down...
  3. The Lakes jersey has an interesting feel too it. I get the inspiration is from the logo fro Bde Maka Ska, but it doesn't really feel like the Twin Cities or Minneapolis. I definitely understand the Native American design, but the jersey itself has an almost southwest design to it, rather than a Midwestern... The colors aren't great either, and really don't mean much to Minnesota. I would use more of a sky blue and more forest green. Almost similar to the KG era colors, with a little lighter blue.
  4. I really wish that soccer jerseys could have evolved to have larger chest logos like hockey, rather than badges, leading to all that open space which is now used for advertising... That also makes me think of those few wacky football jerseys that had the logos on the front, and front numbers. Was that the CFL?
  5. Can I seriously buy one of those loons hats?
  6. Iā€™d hope that the biggest change on the sweaters is to make the road match the original jerseys better. The slightly darker steel blue you used @CreamSoda looks nice with the road and would actually balance well, as long as they add blue to the stripes. I hope the home goes untouched, except for maybe the collar, as it is the best jersey the Avs have ever had.