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  1. My two biggest pet peeves, and it's not even close....gray face-masks and teams that wear WHITE at home. The field is in your home colors....the stadium is in your home colors...the fans are wearing your home colors....and you wear white. GTFO.
  2. THIS. Thank you. SO tired of this community sh**ting on absolutely everything that every team ever does. Meanwhile, they'll go into the concepts thread and praise and drool over every sub standard uninspiring logo or uniform somebody creates here.
  3. I just spit my coffee out and I wasn't even drinking any.
  4. What? That's not what I meant. People are using lots of cool renderings and templates in the Concept forum. Was hoping for something new and fresh to make into this thread. I'm not talking about the actual NFL jersey template.
  5. I'll be honest...I was really hoping to see a newer, fresher template this year.
  6. One thing with the Bengals that nobody has ever done is put baby blue in there. White tigers have baby blue eyes.
  7. Not crazy about the uniforms but that template is great!
  8. Great job!! These are one of the better design sets I've seen in awhile. Really digging those Steelers numbers. They remind me of Tampa's digital clock numbers...BUT..better in every conceivable way.
  9. AND....Minnesota and Wisconsin. Michigan State is a team that never stays down for long either.
  10. I don't mind the new horn at all. It's very close to what an actual bighorn sheep looks like.