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  1. Jesus...this is the most attention the jaguars have ever had.
  2. Is there a school of thought that this is the template as long as they are in the 50's? 50-59? Super Bowl 60 will usher in a new template or maybe just more creative freedom?
  3. If that's it, it's fukking awful. Everything just runs together. The Chiefs red box literally melds right into the Tampa logo. What an uninspiring, unimaginative downgrade.
  4. Are we expecting a new CBS NFL package for the Super Bowl?
  5. The "patches" look like stickers from a vending machine. Or, as the guys on Pardon My Take said...like a pieced together ransom note. Blue, yellow, and WHITE. How hard is that? The bone shyte is hideous.
  6. BYU and Memphis looked phenomenal. I love black & blue as a color scheme. BYU was almost an exact replica of what my team would look like on NCAA's Create-A-Team feature.
  7. Oregon might have the ugliest uniforms in the history of sports. There's not one combo in the last 20 years that I even like a little bit. And that hot f'ing mess has spiraled off into way to many other schools. And every school needs black uniforms now, too. Oregon worries about their wardrobe year after year and teams like Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, LSU stay the same and win championships. Pick a fukking uniform, adhere to your school colors....and go out and win on Saturdays. How hard is that? Yeah, I know. Old man yelling at a cloud. Don't care. My biggest pet peeve in sports, especially college.
  8. Nashville Titans Minneapolis Vikings Miami Gardens Dolphins
  9. Literally ALL Jacksonville had to do is fix their helmet. The uniforms were just fine. Actually, they were really sharp looking. Instead they overcompensated and went ultra plain and boring.
  10. My two biggest pet peeves, and it's not even close....gray face-masks and teams that wear WHITE at home. The field is in your home colors....the stadium is in your home colors...the fans are wearing your home colors....and you wear white. GTFO.
  11. THIS. Thank you. SO tired of this community sh**ting on absolutely everything that every team ever does. Meanwhile, they'll go into the concepts thread and praise and drool over every sub standard uninspiring logo or uniform somebody creates here.