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  1. My sisters neighbor's boss's wife is also "connected."
  2. Maybe this hideous piece of S is actually a Ram/Charger hybrid that will be at the 50 yard line instead of the NFL shield, like at MetLife?
  3. Wait a minute.......the St Louis media is saying THE EXACT SAME THING EVERYONE HERE IS SAYING.....yet they're "biased" and should be "taken with a grain of salt?" What? What the actual sense does that make?
  4. And how old are you? You sound like a bitter old man telling kids to get off his lawn.
  5. Geez..imagine being this mentally fragile.
  6. Was that actually in doubt by some people? Spend all that money to upgrade for JUST the Super Bowl and go back to basic :censored: for the 2020 season?
  7. Grey looks like they went to a garage sale and they had them sitting there for sale since 1966.
  8. Those uniforms are truly atrocious
  9. Well only if you're a complete moron. The "1" is smaller than the "50." If you didn't think this was going to happen all over college football this year, you're not paying attention. Who cares. Watch the game. It's not that bad. Stop the hysterics.
  10. Their current scorebug looks like they just let some producers kid design it with MS Paint.
  11. Don' the get new uniforms every single week?
  12. Replace the hog with numbers and it's literally 1000% the exact same uniform.
  13. Awesome. Thank you! (F your avatar though... )