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  1. whitecaps officially reveal new jersey on their website. behind the scenes video also shows all blue back
  2. It could be just me, but it definitely looks like an ocean or water design for the Caps. I like it though
  3. Loving a lot of these. Cant wait for more. Whats the template?
  4. Personally, I think for Columbus on the home you could change the light blue shoulder stripes to the main blue, and below the stripes on the arms change the main blue to light blue to balance it all out.On the away you could change the light blue shoulder stripes to the main blue, change the number colours to red and change the stripes below the stripes to light blue. I really like these and I am definitely gonna stay tuned
  5. I'm not sure if this counts, but I do remember playing the NBA Live 16 demo and seeing that the screen where all of the logos are shown and the Phoenix Suns logo is outdated. Other than that i got nothin but I'm liking this thread so far
  6. Definitely what I had in mind since I saw the first version. No complaints on the update
  7. I want a real life version of that Vancouver hat. Pure genius. Amazing work on all of them as usual coming from you
  8. Definitely gonna keep my eye on this thread. Loving all of them
  9. I'm loving that new scorebug. Especially how it lowers when the play starts. Not a big thing but I like it
  10. I really like the Ducks, my only problem is the little bit of black in the circle of the logo looks out of place with no black on the jersey. Keep it on the mask, but recolour that part of the circle green. Everything else has been great so far, keep it up
  11. Awesome, everything about it is great. Are you doing uniforms?
  12. Man these are really good. Enjoying these a lot- cant wait for the rest- including the Raps
  13. Really like all of them, clean and not busy, try making the stars a bit bigger, though it may be a bit too late