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  1. This link is something I found from the local Oklahoma City newspaper. There are two pictures of Future Thunder logo options. I don't know how long they have been up, for all I know they have been up for over a year. I believe though they this is a new posting. OKC Thunder Future logo options
  2. I actually really like this look. I love the silver pants and green jerseys.
  3. I am now a resident of OKC, I'm glad I get to see some NBA basketball. I was very disappointed with the logo, however I think the colors work. Rumble is a nice addition, I think as a mascot it works really well. Hopefully that can incorporate this buffalo into primary/secondary logos.
  4. Rumble is the new Buffalo/Bison mascot of the OKC Thunder. OKC Mascot "Rumble"
  5. Hey man if you get the time, are the Oakland Raiders possible. Thank you.
  6. I like the new can, it looks smooth. However it does look more like you are drinking a soft drink. I realize that its only Bud Light, but still it doesn't say beer. But I do like the design.
  7. During the Texas A&M vs. Texas game the Aggies wore the 4th ID patch, I was wondering if there were any other military patches, logos, support shown by teams besides the Padres. Heres the story, I don't have any in-game photos, sorry. Texas A&M 4th ID patch
  8. evobost

    Ducati Logo

    I really like the design. Its simple and recognizable.
  9. Overall I love what you have done here. I love the pant striping, I'm not sure that I've ever seen it just like that. Initially I loved the new logo and I still do but, it kinda looks more like a leaping frog than a charging buffalo. I do like the new logo itself though, maybe something a little different with the hind legs. I thought I liked the royal blue better and the navy, but now I'm not so sure, they both look great.
  10. Great win by the Rays, I really like this young team. Rays in 6
  11. I'm very excited for the Rays, what resolve they had to stay and win game 7 and advance to the World Series. I think these teams have the same sort of spunk with the Rays being a slighter younger version of the Phillies. I'm looking forward to a great World Series.
  12. I always thought this was a very unique logo.
  13. I agree, I absolutely love when the Jags use more teal. It was brought up in another topic last weekend but the black pants and white jerseys are atrocious, they are so generic. However, I'm good friends with a diehard Jags couple from J'ville and they hate the teal and love the black pants and white jerseys look.
  14. I live in Las Vegas now, however I lived right outside of Oklahoma City, in Norman, for the last 7 years or so. I am really excited about the Oklahoma City getting an NBA franchise, however I have my doubts about the long term stability of a team in this area. They supported the Hornets very well, for a whole myriad of reasons. I am interested to see if that kind of support can be maintained after 3 or 4 years of futility, my guess is that it won't be horrible but not great. This logo has really turned me off. I mean when that logo was leaked last week sometime I was ready to call everyone an idiot for believing such obvious non-sense crap. My mouth dropped opened and I had a huge sinking feeling in my stomach when I saw that this was really going to be the logo. I am horribly dissappointed for the Oklahoma City area. A team is great and that is awesome, but this is really a travesty. I mean the other NBA owners and NBA officials must be saying WTF, WTF.
  15. MLB - Giants NFL - 49ers NHL - Avalanche NBA - Spurs NCAA - University of Oklahoma