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  1. What? I just can't imagine why anyone would think you're a racist
  2. You can't really incorporate a Milwaukee landmark. None of them are relevant, or rather, certainly not as iconic as the Statue of Liberty, Sears Tower, Gateway Arch, Space Needle, Golden Gate, or Liberty Bell. Yes, I know you're reppin' the em-eye-ell till the day you die, and the art museum is impressive, and the clock tower too, but they're just not iconic enough to be effective. Well it'd be pretty damn hard to make a logo out of a bunch of pot-bellied, shirtless tourists from up north drinking Miller Lite out of plastic cups on the Lakefront in the summer... and even if it could be done... would you really want to? Anyway, don't you think it's just a little premature to be holding a 6-year old art museum to the things you named? For all intents and purposes, it's been Milwaukee's since the milennium and could justifiably be used in an alternate logo. As for the clock-tower, it was already made into a logo for Mike Bliss' car for a Busch Series race in 2004 (his sponsor was Allen-Bradley's parent company). And the Brewers play in a stadium which has a facade that includes clocks that were clearly inspired by the Allen-Bradley tower. Either way, it doesn't really matter if "everyone else" gets the references as long as it inspires local support of the team. We all saw what happened when the Isles tried to get rid of their orange blob.
  3. This may be more apporpriate for the request forum, so if it is, feel free to put it there. Anyway, I want to come up with a fantasy concept for the MLS team Milwaukee is trying to get for the 2009 season. I've more/less decided that I'd want the team's identity to be aquatic in nature for a few reasons: -The proposed team's natural rival is called the Fire. -Milwaukee's location on Lake Michigan -So much of Milwaukee's identity over the past ten years has something to do with the lake (the MAM, the lakefront condo boom, Pier Wisconsin, the redveloping lakeside neighborhoods, etc.) Only problem is, aquatic identities don't leave much room for creativity for soccer teams: Vancouver (USL): Milwaukee (MISL): Boston (WUSA): So I guess what I'm asking is, can someone think of a way for a soccer team to have an aquatic identity without looking so "standard-issue?"
  4. A+ on all of them except the Reds and Brewers which I don't particuarly care for. I know their identities don't leave much room for creativity so you probably need to incorporate more original ideas. For example, I don't know about anyone else, but I'd like to see a Brewers logo that incorporates a Milwaukee landmark (the Milw. Art Museum, the Clock Tower, etc). Everything about this team's idenity since it moved to Miller Park has emphasized "Brewers," I want to see one that emphasizes "Milwaukee" for a change.
  5. Brewers ball-in-glove please
  6. Yea, because we all know WV couldn't handle powerhouses like Eastern Kentucky and Central Connecticut State who both made the "real" tournament...
  7. Um, I'm not exactly sure how that phrase applies. It usually means "you established this negative situation and must now deal with its unpleasantness." The only "bed" that the NFL owners made was a very lucrative one, which other people keep trying to exploit without paying. Why shouldn't the NFL protect its investment? They earned it, they did the work. Why should others be able to profit from the success they've earned? How about because they're a bunch of rich bastards who don't NEED the damn money that they're supposedly losing? It just reeks of hypocrisy how the NFL hypes up the Super Bowl to the point that it's considered an unofficial holiday, yet they still want to "own" everything attached to it. Well if it is a holiday, then businesses have a right to base sales around it. The NFL trying to copyright "the big game" is like Wal-Mart trying to copyright "happy holidays"... they can't have it both ways. Besides, am I really supposed to feel sorry for these rich bastards who don't even need the money they're supposedly "losing?" Maybe once I start seeing them pumping some of their billions into our underfunded public school system instead of taking money away from our schools by demanding taxpayer funded stadiums.
  8. So basically, these billionaire NFL executives who already have more money than they could ever spend are upset that they can no longer control who profits from their shameless whoring out of their biggest event. Boo-frickin-hoo... they made their bed, they can lay in it.
  9. I think all arenas have some kind of court, even if no one plays there. The Dane County Coliseum (or whatever it's called now) in Madison has a floor even though the only basketball games that are ever played there are the Wisconsin Girls b-ball championships. I'd think the HP Pavilion, being a much larger, higher-profile arena could afford to keep one too.
  10. I'm not a huge fan of it either. In fact, as a Marquette hoops fan (and a general Big East fan for football), I'm was never exactly thrilled that Washington uses the Motion W. But my school is what it is: an inner city school in one of the most underfunded districts in the U.S. It's the epitome of arrogance when the UW is coming/will come down on a school that can't even afford to buy new textbooks (at least they couldn't when I was there). Especially when it's a high school funded by THE SAME taxpayers who fund the university. Sorry, but I don't see what's so wrong with my taxpayer agrument nor do I see what your point in quoting Carlin was.
  11. Everyone's pretty much said everything I'm thinking (funny clip, very talented, etc.) So when are you gonna do SB 31?
  12. The Bulldogs got permission from the Packers for their logo. I still think that your personal bias might be influencing your opinion juuuuuuust a little bit. My being an alumnus of Washington HS doesn't make me any more biased to the high schools than your being an alumnus of UW makes you towards the university Besides, as I said, UW used taxpayer money to fund that logo, therefore it belongs to the people... so there! That's Milwaukee. I'm talking the Green Bay News-Chronicle, 1972-2005, rest in pieces. (and yes, I'm prejudiced, I was news and sports editor there at various times). Yea... the Shepherd Express is alive and well. Even after the J-S put out their own weekly-alt (which is a decent paper in its own right). But I was sad to hear that the News-Chronicle shut down too. IMO, that was the only example of objective journalism in Green Bay.
  13. I think they can get away with it though since their colors "pop" so well. If you got too artsy-fartsy with them it'd end up looking like a busy mess.
  14. Um, yes. It's called "brand dilution." And it's recognized by every authority on marketing. In short, the more a mark can become associated with other entities, the less it is worth to its originator. The whole point of a logo is for you to see it and think "Oh, it's _________." These types of infringement cases happen all the time. I could see your point if the schools in question were using the similar logos AND color schemes, but no one in their right mind is gonna mistake my schools purple and yellow Motion W for Wisconsin's cardinal & white one. That'd be like someone mistaking a Georgia Bulldogs helmet for a Packers one. Well seing as how the University of Wisconsin is a publicly funded university, it's ultimately the Wisconsin taxpayers who paid for it. But I'm not too upset... I plan to use this opportunity to submit some of my work to my high school so they no longer have to use that lame-ass W.