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  1. Small suggestion: tilt the name and number on the back to give it consistency. But this is already great. 10/10
  2. You should have submitted this directly to the Warriors instead of posting it here, because if you did, they might have seriously considered employing your design. It's perfect. That partial logo.. on a hat.. take my money now. Try re-branding teams that are dying for a new look. I can't wait how you would do teams like the Thunder, Rockets, Kings, Pacers, etc. Seriously, sir, you need to get a job at Nike or something when they take over the NBA.
  3. The Saints and Ravens look good on leotards. They look silly with white or colored socks.
  4. The current Bills uniforms are perfect the way they are. The Bucs overhaul with the white helmets are better than their current ones.
  5. I think you should italicize everything, man. The numbers look like they're just standing there.
  6. The first one looks too much like the Pistons unis. The base of the second one is out of the box and I actually like it, but I think the numbers and font could use a little more creativity. Also, I don't know about copying rival Golden State's uniforms by putting the primary in the front of the jerseys. And if I could make a suggestion, I feel like the rope should be somewhere in the uniform aside from the primary logo because imo it's the best and most distinctive addition you made. Maybe in the side or in the pipings? Oh and the NBA logo goes to the back and the hip now as mandated by the league.
  7. Maybe do it in Packer green and gold?
  8. Could you maybe do a Bucks concept in Packers green and gold? You know like NY teams use blue and orange and Dallas teams use silver and blue. I think it would be better if you used KINGS in all three.