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  1. So the season is officially over when 2+ pages are dedicated to pronouncing states.
  2. I know a while back people were talking about uniswag on twitter and his credibility, well he just gave Kentucky's chrome/black/black "uni of the year award"
  3. Toledo is wearing this logo on a white helmet Sunday. Arkansas state is wearing Red helmets and I'd guess red jerseys because they wore their black ones to a local hospital and there was no Godaddy patch. Expect red pants too because it was really loved when they wore all red during season.
  4. Saw this earlier, Marcus isn't wearing his usual "808" facemask with the new helmet.
  5. Oregon equipment twitter page just tweeted some photos of their Playoff Helmet. It is the green helmet with the O.
  6. To me they look kinda odd with only FSU having outlines in the numbers. I can't recall the others normal uniforms but don't they all have an outline. Just something that caught my eye.
  7. Can anyone answer some questions about New Mexico State. Their helmet stripe had some kind of marks on the stripe and differmt ones on the back. Wondering if they mean something special to the school. And they also have a shoulder stripe on their white jerseys at least that I've never seen. Almost looks like Lebron's logo.
  8. Probably doesn't mean anything, but HGI posted a picture in Instagram of their phone cases for The a Civil War and Oregon's was a yellow digital camo with the wings. Like I said, probably doesn't mean anything but you never know.
  9. Arkansas astate going with another new helmet Saturday. This time American flag fused with the logo.
  10. Astate went with a all black helmet including decals and stripes. Honestly from the stands it was near impossible to see what it was, even when they were on the sideline. Kinda wished they were outlined in white or something.
  11. I know it's near impossible to see,but Arkansas State might be wearing their teased Stars and Stripes helmet and maybe what looks like a gray strip on the helmet being worked on in the back. Usually a red stripe.
  12. Arkansas state also changed up their black unis. Don't have the picture yet but the red lettering is now white.
  13. The Aggies' equipment twitter page just posted a bunch of close up pictures. They look beautiful and the stripe goes down the the back ridge. Below it is the logo with the helmet
  14. I'm still trying to figure out the stripes. Did the original helmet have one going left to right. And the middle strip stops at the top of the helmet?