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  1. If the family's business is big enough? There's even a place in it for its idiot.
  2. The Arena Football League (or "AFL 2.5," as I call it... AFL 1.0 dying in 2008, AFL 2.0 being upgraded to 2.5 when ownership got whittled down to Jaws and Leonsis) is dead. It's just that no one's yet to turn off the life support system. Leonsis believes that legalized gambling is going to save the league, but he's wrong - as if you can lay a wager down on an AFL game, you're more than likely going to plunk that $20 or $50 or whatever on baseball, basketball, hockey, or some other sport with greater popularity than AFL 2.5 now enjoys. AFL 1.0's mistake was allowing C. David Baker to turn it into a franchise Ponzi scheme. AFL 2.0's was having a guy in charge (Jerry Kurz) with the personality of a wet rug and a willingness to operate on the cheap, permanently diminishing the perceived value of the product. A one-two punch like that is one you don't rebound from except in exceptional circumstances, and not even legalized gambling will provide those circumstances in their case.
  3. I give you my firm assurance that I, for one, will never attack you as a crybaby or an old man. In part because I'm 49 years old myself, and in part because you're well on your way to getting yourself banned from here by the moderators anyway for your general demeanor, so I won't have to.
  4. See, right there, any point you were trying to prove got lost. I'm a parent. I'm not an idiot.
  5. Stop giving people ideas, Goth... next thing you know we'll be back to seeing head coaches smoking Lucky's on the sidelines.
  6. Do you have kids, Ferdinand? I'm guessing, based on that response, that you don't. It depends entirely on the age of who your "newbie" is, and whether they actually want to be exposed to it or are being exposed to it via osmosis. Kids have the attention span of gnats (they did when I was a kid, and it's just as bad today) - so exposing them to any sport via television as you suggest simply doesn't cut it. But get them there, in person, have them put the cell phone away for 3 hours, and immerse them in the overall experience? And you can 'land the hook' so to speak. I can't compel my two daughters to watch a 2-minute highlight package of a sporting event, any sporting event. But I can get them to watch a 4-hour baseball game in person, all the while being peppered with questions that tell me they want to learn about what's going on around them.
  7. There are some things you can't adequately explain; you just know them when you see them. I'm not going to defend the position. If you think differently? That's fine. I just see a lot of similarities historically between the Braves and Indians, particularly where the scripts are concerned. If you don't? That's fine.
  8. "Don't look at the hole in the donut. Look at the whole donut." -- Gabe Paul
  9. Go look at the general uniform histories of the Braves and Indians dating back the past 70 years. If after that you don't see what I'm referring to, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to explain it clearly enough for you to understand it. Suffice to say the Indians and Braves have a history of putting together a similar general look.
  10. That's like saying the difference between my aunt and my uncle is that one has a penis... MONEY is the impetus behind every rebrand during the past 40 years. How can we jump-start revenue? Come up with some bat**** new name for our team, put some bull**** cutesy branding around it, and it'll sell until people tire of it. Then lather... rinse... repeat.
  11. And if it weren't "borrowed" from the Braves? I'd agree with you. But damnit, be at least a little original in your branding.
  12. I actually wish some team had the stones to use "Florida Flamingos." I think done right there's a lot of branding potential there. But it'd have to be just right.
  13. I grew up with the Greek "C" but to be honest was never a huge fan of it either. It's just that save Wahoo, the Indians uniform/logo history is so bland overall that there's little else that has distinguished them, for better or worse. Hold the phone, Chief. The Greek look of the 1970's was overall one of the ugliest, most ridiculously conceived and mismatched looks in the history of Major League Baseball. The only redeeming feature of it was the "C" cap, and even that was only because it wasn't as bland as what came before it, or what came after it. Other than that? It's in the ash heap of history where it belongs. Well, appropriating the look of the Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves for a good bit of your history will cause that. There's a nostalgia for it, again as I posted above, because it was distinctive. Wahoo was beloved. The Greek "C" is liked. If I had but five wishes left that could be fulfilled before I died, one would be that the Cleveland Indians abandon that ****ing Atlanta Braves-like "Indians" script for all time. Ugh.
  14. No offense, but that's painful to look at, even in such a small form. Holy pink pinstripes, Batman!