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  1. Me personally, I'm all on board with the pilots logo. Tie in to sounders and seahawks are important for the city to me. Also is there any hints of Seattle getting an NHL team?
  2. I love these because they break out of the classic, "we always need a half-assed white alternate jersey" outside of the classic ones built around lighter colors. Thinking that not all of these need to be shirt and pants same color, IMO. Royals looks great and i'm wondering if blue pants with the tan jersey would look even better.
  3. looks beautiful so far, keep up the good work. Oakland looks incredible.
  4. Egypt (A1) vs. Australia (C1) Sweden (F2) vs. Panama (G1) Morocco (B1) vs. France (C2) Mexico (F1) vs. Senegal (H1)
  5. As much as I dislike that flag, that is a really clean set. I'd prefer the main and home to be the red tho. The army green one is dope. For as much as they claim "communist" I feel like they'd put heavy heavy red.
  6. Simply beautiful. Me, I'm preferable to roundels in general, keeping with traditional soccer logos stylistically. That Hamilton one is a beaut and imo what the Columbus Crew should look like. I think the choice for Halifax Castaways is visually stunning but the choice for just a C for castaways seems far-fetched and confusing IMO since it has no reference to Halifax. Again it's your concept and your choice but for the actual CPL, it just doesn't make sense to me. That said, I dig those hoops hard. Great CPL concepts.
  7. BigRed618, thanks you're exactly right! that's exactly what I was going for!
  8. actually that's just ac milan's kit from worldsoccershop. I just made a mockup of my logo over it ahah
  9. Building a city in Cities : Skylines, I came up with a fictional team within a fictional metro with fictional rivals. Here's the logo: And here's the album of the whole team's reasoning and history:
  10. I'm in love with the primary / secondary / home / away . I'm not competely sold on the word mark and the LA lettering. The old font is classic and without any kind of serif on the new wordmark, it feels unfinished / unimpactful IMO. That said, everything is beautiful and I'm in the opinion that most of the NBA is in dire need of an update. Yours is the what the Lakers need.
  11. hey, thanks on the korean ones; Korean myself and while I love repping reds for my country, i also think hard about how there's a missed opportunity in using a white and black scheme. It would be bold and amazing. and did you know which bars design you were using? I looked it up and you chose the one for winter, thought that was cool
  12. as a Florida Gator myself, I can't see the classic font coming off. I think the new script is heaps worse. That said, I prefer option 2.