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  1. It's weird. The oversized ATL is about the only thing I don't hate about this uniform. So is this kind of Nike's thing though? Hey, we're fug your set up for about 5 years. Then we're going to come in and make it mint. Cool? Where to start: Helmet: Matte black shell = AWESOME Logo size = OK How many outlines around the logo? = BAD Chrome facemask = Terrible Jersey: Oversize ATL = I don't hate it... may even give this an OK Red side panel stripes, although consistent = TERRIBLE on football uniforms Side shadow = Really bad Font is OK, i guess? Gradients = Kinda dope... but not for the Falcons... and not for just ONE of the jerseys. Pants: Nothing really here. The stripe is bad. Changes: Helmet: Matte red shell with a black logo, white and gray trim. Gray facemask Jersey: White and Black primary Red alternate Stripes = Clean, 1968 style Font = Whatever Pants: Gray with 1968 stripe White and black alternate pants Combos: R/W/G R/B/G R/W/W R/W/B R/B/B R/B/W R/R/G
  2. After seeing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniforms, it gave me hope as a Browns fan. After seeing the Atlanta Falcons leaked uniforms, it gives me trepidation as a Browns fan.
  3. As a Browns fan, this pleases me. They got rid of the terrible shoulder caps. They put orange back in the pants stripe and stroke around the numerals. The white and red jerseys are balanced. I'll deal with the out of place all pewter look because of how great the white and red look. I love that they reduced the logo size on the helmet. If they only would have put pewter pants with the white jersey, it would have been nearly perfect. The only cons I see are pewter uniforms... and it looks like Nike did some BS with the numbers... almost like a rubber material? Or are my eyes decieving me?
  4. Yes, let's use a "caveman" logo for a team nicknamed the Indians. The feather-C logo is even more lopsided and uneven than Chief Wahoo. Big pass.
  5. I have been curious how the Browns would look if they really went a different direction. Kept the traditional striping on the uniforms, but if they made orange and gray their primary colors with brown being a secondary or tertiary color. The NFL seems to have a log jam of orange and dark colored teams (Browns, Bengals, Bears, Broncos).
  6. Makes sense. I just feel like the 5-year Rule should be voided if a team changes city.
  7. I'm still thrown of why the Rams petitioned to go to Navy and White as their primary colors last year - including changing the helmet colors... but then went with blue and yellow for their brand update.
  8. Oh I didn't mean to question the responses. I just meant the design of it seems like a reach.
  9. Is that true? Is that a reach? I feel like that's a reach.
  10. This may not be the time or place for this, but can someone explain why in their logo, the left side goes from red to navy at a hard line? It doesn't make sense to me. Thanks.
  11. Excellent. Now do the rest of the NBA.
  12. If you insist on doing something non-standard with the stripes, I would try to mimic or mirror the burst around the logo. The squiggly line just is not working.
  13. You think? I would almost think they would love it, that way Nike is associated with the biggest names in football, regardless of personal sponsorships.
  14. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. The outline on the number has to go, IMO. Also, the brown is too dark, making me think Bengals before Browns. Definitely needs TV numbers. But the biggest issue is the NFL needing to fix how the branding logo gets displayed. It SHOULD be moved to the front of the jersey, like in college. The manufacturer logo neutering all the sleeve stripes is really a disaster.