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  1. My initial thought was this was a mashup of Oregon State's throwback with Oregon's colors.
  2. *Waits for all the clever/original/hilarious memes of poop and dumpster fires and car accidents.*
  3. I can't believe they would be able to stick to the helmet and not move or peal... but not tear out hair. Crazy.
  4. Random question. With the decals going over the ventilation holes, is there still adhesive on the backside of the decals over those areas? Could that end up ripping out hair every time a player takes off his helmet?
  5. You can't compare the Cardinals look to the Browns. The Cardinals have ultra modern uniforms, following some of the worst trends of the 00's. So, naturally, an ultra modern design with a vintage facemask is going to be jarring. When it comes to the 49ers, also not a fair comparison. Their throwbacks with the gray facemasks are gorgeous. Hell, even their current set with the metallic lid and gray facemask looks great because they have a vintage style of uniform. EDIT: I can't think of one example where a white facemask looks better than color/gray, where white isn't a primary color of the uniform team. Miami, KC, Rams are basically 2-color teams that look good with white, due to their lack of dominant 3rd color. You could argue MIA with teal and KC with red would be upgraded looks.
  6. I don't hate it. Now make everything that is brown > white and everything that is white > brown.
  7. Did you just say a white FACEMASK ties the entire uniform together? Gray, by definition, lacks color, dull, lacks boldness, lacks character, gloomy. It's gray. It can't stick out...
  8. OK, now do a version where everything that's brown the pants/shirt are white. And the helmet strip is just the center white, with no flanking brown.
  9. We can have the 2193410928340928345204935th argument about this. The white facemask, visually, doesn't look as pleasing at the gray. Mind you, I'm someone who constantly complains that uniforms aren't uniform enough anymore. But the gray facemask just worked so well with the Browns helmet. The white facemask takes the focus off the orange helmet and the stripe. It's distracting. It sticks out. The gray facemask works with the vintage feel/look of the browns. It blends into the background, putting the focus on the orange helmet. I get gray isn't in the color pallet... but the white makes it looks clowny.
  10. This is nearly a perfect fix. The gray facemask is 100%, definitely the right call. As for the font/numerals, I would go with their new custom font Nike created. The pointed serif just doesnt fit. For a team that doesn't have a logo, sticking with the 3 stripes and reinforcing it and emphasizing it is, again, the right call. That combination would look across all 3 pants and 3 jerseys.
  11. It would be an upgrade from what they currently have. But would still be a big step down of what they COULD have.
  12. I've said that for a while. They could do a white version, as well, where they remove the brown stripes on the helmet. Everything on jersey and pants would turn from brown to white. The symmetry would be outstanding.