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  1. The consistency is great. My only gripe is the shoulder strip thickness doesn't match the pants stripe thickness. "Beavs" is pretty terrible. The wood grain pattern is subtle and therefore not distracting on the numbers. I don't love it, but no need to deduct points for it. Its a bummer that the pants stripe doesn't go all the way to edge, but Nike always has to have some stupid reason why... "It helps the knee bend 0.00001254792 degree farther, thus increasing speed any quickness." I'm going to shock myself here, and its only because these uniforms are so well done witht heir consistency and uniformity... I wish they had a white helmet option.
  2. I just realized, you don't even have the Six God on your mock up.
  3. What if you took the brown Color Rush... and made it white? Make the jersey and pants white, make the stripes, numerals, and letters orange on the jersey, make the stripes on the helmet white? Also, why not use the new custom font from the previous redesign? Not the pointed numbers and letters on the jersey, but the block font used in the logos.
  4. Not great. Not terrible, but not great. Everything seems to be a downgrade except for MAYBE the helmet?
  5. As long as they remove the weird "carbon fiber" pattern on it.
  6. If it's part of the teams heritage, brand, or nickname and color pallet, then go for it. If it's not, subtly is best and less is more. I think the "OMG WE GOTTA DO EVERYTHING!!!!!!!" is disingenuous and ends up having the opposite affect as what was intended. So when a team with purple and white as their main colors all of a sudden goes all R/W/B... it's just a turn off. But if that same purple and white team adds an American Flag patch or an Armed Forces sticker... I think that does far more than the over-the-top approach.
  7. Should be banned from all football and baseball uniforms... basketball as well, with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions.
  8. I know, I know... it's the old traditional style from a million years ago, therefore it must be complete trash. But the garnet helmet actually looks good. It was different that most gaudy, over the top alternates. They actually made it looks nice and fit within the uniform structure and balance.
  9. If they just scaled the pattern on the sleeve caps to match the collar, it wouldn't need an overhaul. The garnet helmet is damn good looking.
  10. For the back of the jersey, mimic the top of "crown" on the backside, bridging the number on back... Just like on the front. Then just make the name on back a contrasting color.
  11. You're not wrong, but that's a lot of if-then statements. In my opinion, uniforms should have uniformity between them. They should be easily identifiable without examination.