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  1. There is a lot going on with these logos... but none of them give a clear idea of what they are supposed to be.
  2. Strong start, got weaker towards the end.
  3. Changing the NBA logo seems like a pretty strong over-reaction. Not to sound too cold, but that seems to be trends in society now, if we don't do EVERYTHING, then it means NOTHING. A patch for the remainder of the season would be fitting, for all teams. Maybe something at the All-Star Game... instead of East-West or Team LeBron, Team Giannis, maybe Team 8 and Team 24. Maybe Team Kobe and Team Gigi?
  4. Red helmet, black/white jersey, silver pants... one of my all time favorite looks.
  5. Not sure if there is a correlation or even how similar this is, but in the tattoo community, it is believed - and almost mandated - that all faces point in towards the center of the body/heart.
  6. RE: Browns Way, way, way, way, wayyyyy too much orange. Drop shadow is ok, I guess, if it has to be there, if there is really no other option, I guess, maybe... Besides that, probably would want the 3-sided stripe on the pants, to mimic the helmet, for some sort of consistency.
  7. I honestly think the current uniforms was a solid base for what could have been. They obviously turned things up to 11 for no real reason. However, the old set just looked a little washed out. I do like the orangier orange, I think that is something that can be upgraded. I also didnt like how the stripes on the sleeves went W/O/W/O/W on the brown jersey and B/O/B/O/B. Haslem clearly wants more orange in the uniforms, so doing O/B/O or O/W/O would scratch that itch. I think reinforcing the 3-sided stripe was a good idea, especially since the team doesn't have any sort of real logo or identity. I also think taking the custom font from the wordmark and making that the number/NOB font would be huge for consistency. Not only that, the wordmark font is much closer to a traditional block than the nonsense pointed serifs they have currently. Last, putting some sort of matte or satin finish on the helmet, in my opinion, would be a great update.
  8. I don't want their exact previous uniforms to come back, but an upgrade version of them.
  9. Interesting. I think Ohio State's away/white uniform is better than the home/scarlet, both the current AND throwback sets. I would be interested to see how that double stripe works with the current fit and stitching of Nike uniforms. I feel like it could be come too cramped, or neutered, or smooshed.
  10. I think it's a great detail. I like when uniforms are traditional and stick with a uniform presentation (consistent striping, consistent colors, consistent between the various uniforms), but there is nothing better than when a traditional uniform has a small/unique, and as you said it, glorious quirk. The Steelers logo on one side, Illinois with the sublimated stripes on the front of their jerseys, the Browns gray facemask all come to mind.
  11. The white jerseys had black numbers, originally. Nothing better than when uniforms have a subtle/small detail on them that make them unique. The black TV numbers make these so unique.
  12. No, no, no, no, NO! The black numbers are such a great aspect to these. The only problem is that they don't follow the tradition and consistency with the white uniforms. The white jersey has red numbers instead of the historically accurate black. When it comes to the Ohio State uniform set as a whole, I think they do it almost exactly right. Their current primary home/road are still one of the best looks in college football. For ONE - MAYBE two - games per year, they do a black out/gray out/throw back/some sort of special uniform. It keeps the uniform and brand on point, while still catering to marketing and recruiting without diluting the brand. Then come playoff time, they bust out of the best looks in college football history with the gray sleeves and black TV numbers. These uniforms, in my opinion, should be reserved for only New Year's 6 Bowls and MAYBE Michigan... but nothing else... no random week 7 against Michigan State, or a non-conference game in week 3... New Year's 6 and Michigan. That's it. Keep these special. Make it another tradition. Add it to the pageantry that makes college football so incredible.
  13. You started pretty strong with the Phila concept... then I think you lost it a little with the Tampa Bay and Denver one. But this Indy one is pretty good. My only change would be trying to normalize the size/thickness/scale of the stripes on the pants/shoulders/helmet.
  14. Not sure about that faded shade of orange for the Browns. Also, you gave them the same sleeve stripe as the Steelers? Probably not.
  15. Started off real strong with that blue Pistons jersey... declined sharply, shortly thereafter.
  16. Initial thoughts: The roundel logo needs another interior circle, separating the logo from the text. I really like the different shades of blue. The jerseys are just too inconsistent... there is no uniformity to them The cream has 2 thick stripes at the very bottom of the sleeve, with nothing around the collar. The blue jersey has single piping, offset from the bottom of the sleeve, and offset from the collar and down the front. Then they have pinstripes. Then the gray jersey has 3 stripes, offset from the bottom of the sleeve, with no piping around the collar or down the front. I like the new fonts and wordmarks A pet peeve of mine is to always have a CITY and NICKNAME jersey in both the block letters AND a script. I wish the home cream had a Brewers script across the front. Ball in glove logo is a nice update with the baseball stitches. Wisconsin logo is meh, does nothing for me. The baseball with the barley leaves is a perfect interpretation. I love when basketball and baseball teams incorporate the stitching into logos. The brewer logo is fine. Doesn't do much for me. Reminds me of a minor league logo.
  17. I don't hate it. The angled stripes on the shoulder caps is a nice touch. Did you try them on a diagonal, like Boise State's new uniforms?
  18. These uniforms. Serves them right, losing to Illinois. It's especially appalling because their base uniforms are so basic, but man are they beautiful. They are one of the few teams that look incredible in monochrome white. And their basic green matte helmet, one of the best in football.
  19. It just doesn't work. For "Reds" to be readable, the C would have to be massive, it would have to take over 3/4 of the jersey and more than half the hat.
  20. My initial thought was this was a mashup of Oregon State's throwback with Oregon's colors.
  21. *Waits for all the clever/original/hilarious memes of poop and dumpster fires and car accidents.*