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  1. I mean, I get why the striping on the orange sleeves are different, but that doesn't mean it doesn't annoy me. I also feel like the alt. should have orange-white-orange UCLA stripes.
  2. RE: Georgia Woof... and not in a #HowBoutThemDawgs way, but like a #Buzz'sGirlfriend way.
  3. Couldn't see all of the uniform and the combinations, but Rutgers seems like the best/proper improvement. I'm always a sucker for a custom/exclusive/unique font. Fresno State... not so much.
  4. The Seattle Kraken is cool and all, but Seattle Hockey Team wasn't on their radar?
  5. Well, I guess we're ALL in agreement now. The DC Redtails.
  6. Everything with "Washington" seems to be trademarked, but I don't see anything with "DC," which I would prefer. XFL or not, I think it would be a better way to name the team.
  7. If people insist on the Generals, than it should be 4 stars, since a 4 Star General is the highest rank.
  8. That's exactly my point. If you are going to rebrand and rename a team, I would either stick with my traditional colors or come up with a unique color scheme. We have too many teams that recycle the same colors.
  9. Colors are similar to the Jets. I would think 4 stars would make more sense, like a 4 star general.
  10. The orangier orange really makes a massive improvement to these uniforms.
  11. I don't love the thunderbolt. The dream catchers is really nice, especially with the feathers, but for some reason, the thunderbolt just seems forced.
  12. But they recognize the Browns championships?
  13. The most underrated part about this entire series is how well the template matches the concept/idea.
  14. I guess I'm in the minority here, but I don't think this is that much of an improvement over the previous set.
  15. I really dont know how I feel about this. It seems like there are a bunch of really good elements, but not a good uniform set. The light blue jersey is great, the yellow pants are great. The royal blue looks like the Rams, the navy blue is just annoying. I don't know how I feel about the bolt AND numbers on the helmet. I think I like it because it's old school, but the font they chose is super new school. I would have liked to see some more balance, maybe with light blue pants? Also, why do these teams refuse to use a light blue helmet? Is there something in the rules?
  16. Is there a full list of teams that have re-branded or had uniform changes since Nike has taken over?
  17. Man, who ever woulda thought the Browns would make the Patriots look bad? Good: - Blue Jersey - White Jersey - UCLA stripes comes down quite far on the back. I'd be curious to see how it looks with players with longer names. Bad: - No TV numbers - No silver pants - No white pants - The font/numbers is a downgrade and I don't love the outline pattern. Ugly: - Those pants... woof. - The red facemask... there just has to be something better they can do with that
  18. I forget when the font first came out 5-6 years ago, someone made a really great graphic showing how the custom font really wasn't all that custom. The rounded portions and pointed portions basically corresponded to true alphabetical and numerical form. It made me feel better about it.
  19. What is the design reasoning for this being horizontal? Shouldn't it be vertical to mimic the helmet? I believe the official Twitter hashtag has the stripe vertical.
  20. This is a good aid. But do it with white between the orange stripes on the brown pants. Now on each combination, 3 of the 4 congruent between the sets. I still vote white would have been the right move.
  21. I thought the same thing. If you just look at the pants, they make sense. But if you look at the uniform as a whole, it doesnt make sense. The helmet is a white stripe, flanked by 2 brown stripes, and fields of orange. The white pants are a brown stripe, flanked by 2 orange stripes, and fields of white. So the browns pants SHOULD have something between the orange stripes... i.e. white.